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Max VG vs. PG 60/40 Blend: What’s the Difference?

There is a wide variety of flavors that make vaping one of the most outstanding experiences. Max VG and PG 60/40 are flavors that play a significant role in how any juice vapes.

PG stands for Propylene Glycol whereas VG is for Vegetable Glycerin. These substances are used in a number of substances that we use in our daily life. Examples of substances in which these flavors are included are; medical and pharmaceutical products, chemical additives and other solvents.

PG is an organic glycerol that is made from petroleum by product, propylene oxide. On the other hand, VG is a natural organic glycerol that is made from vegetable oil. Many a times the vegetable oil is extracted from the palm and/or coconut oil.

The Difference between PG and VG

The PG e juice is tasteless and clearer. This makes it suitable in presenting the added flavor so well. Additionally, it is added with some sweeteners in order to make it more palatable. On the other hand, VG has a slightly sweet taste. Its inclusion makes fruit liquids taste sweeter. Therefore, VG is more efficient because it does not involve sweeteners that are mostly man-made chemicals. The chemicals may be approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) but may also be having some side effects.

The vapor of the VG e juice is thicker and milkier. This is a characteristic that makes it to give a better hit as compared to PG. It leaves behind a nice sensation in the mouth back to the throat and does not dissipate quickly. On the contrary, PG has a thinner vapor and it tastes too flat and thin. Hence it is less satisfying as compared to VG.

PG has a higher frequency of causing allergic reactions to its users. It can lead to irritations on the throat and breathing difficulties. This is the reason why it is mixed with VG for its dilution. On the other hand, VG is a natural e juice that cannot give you any allergic reactions.

Vapor Production Variation

VG is well known for the huge production of clouds when smoking. This looks adventurous and impressing among friends involved in the hobby. However, PG is also well suited for those that are not interested in huge clouds. This also makes PG suitable for those who wish to smoke in public without attracting any attention with the huge clouds.

Pros and Cons between PG and VG

a) VG is more preferably used because it produces more clouds of vapor than PG. Hence VG is thought to elicit a more pleasurable vaping experience.

b) VG does not cause allergic reactions to its users. The users are advised to take note of the ratios of the e juices whenever they engage in vaping. This reduces the chances of getting affected.

c) VG has a natural and sweet taste, unlike PG that requires man-made sweeteners to make it palatable.

d) PG is more of chemical in nature although FDA has considered its safe for human use. On the other hand, VG is natural and it has been made from vegetables.

e) PG has a lesser throat hit as compared to VG.

It is important to note that vaping has a big impact in the society. Tobacco is harmful to the user and his/her environment. Vaping is outshining tobacco use because it does not smell, does not stain teeth, neither is it offensive to non-smokers. Additionally, vaping involves many flavors that a consumer can easily select from.

However, vaping has not been regulated by the government. A number of e juices also are being produced, some of which are imitations that can be harmful to human beings. It therefore requires one to be very cautious so as to avoid consumption of harmful matter.


There are a good number of e juice flavors. Both PG and VG are always in contest but the preference of the consumer carries the day. Different people come with different preferences, therefore, you ought to have that which best suits you. In order to have that assurance on the best choice, you may have to taste many of the bases until you get the one with the utmost satisfying experience.

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