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Millenium Potion E Juice Review | Vape Juice

Millenium E Juice is a price conscious brand sold exclusively from and in this Millenium E Juice review, we’ll look at all of the choices and share our favorites to vape.

There are thousands and thousands of E Juice flavors and almost as many brands so it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to finding something that is perfect for what you’re looking for.

With Millenium juices, you get a wide range of flavors and profiles and the great thing is that they are reasonably priced. All of the flavors are 40% PG and 60% VG.

Millenium E Juices come in six flavor sub-categories that include:

Millenium Potion Tobacco Flavors, Millenium Potion Mint Flavors, Millenium Potion Sweet Flavors, Millenium Potion Beverage Flavors, Millenium Potion Fruit Flavors, and Millenium Potion Food Flavors.

Each juice comes in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg nicotine levels.

Hot Deals on Cool Juices

You can get the Millenium E Juice in any flavor for $4.99, which is a 10ml size but if you want to really save money you can choose to buy three at once for the price of $12, which makes these E Juices a real steal for such exciting flavors.

Find Your Favorite Flavor

Since there are so many choices in flavor profiles with Millenium Potion, you can easily find something that you enjoy.

Tobacco Flavors

There are two tobacco flavors available, RY4 Tobacco and USA Tobacco.

RY4 Tobacco is a sweet tobacco flavor with hints of vanilla and caramel undertones.

USA Tobacco is also a sweet tobacco flavor but doesn’t have any specific sweet undertones, just a smooth and sweet flavor.

Mint Flavors

There is just one mint flavor available, Menthol. However, one is all you need when you find the one you really love.


This flavor is a sensation of cool vaping that feels like a fresh piece of gum with every single puff.

Sweet Flavors

There are six sweet flavor profiles available which include, Cheesecake, Vanilla Custard, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Gummy Bear, and RY4 Tobacco.


Who doesn’t love a tasty cheesecake but is cheesecake really authentic without the rich pie crust?

Well, don’t worry because this E Juice has both.

You get the cheesecake and the crust and it will satisfy your craving for a taste of one of the most favorite desserts around.

Vanilla Custard

Want a sweet flavor that is smooth and not to overwhelmingly sweet?

The Vanilla Custard from Millenium Potion has just a hint of vanilla so it won’t make you think you’re going to get a cavity just by vaping alone and guess what – zero calories.


If you’re like many of us, butterscotch takes us back to the days of Grandma’s favorite candy and now you can have it as your favorite juice.

This flavor has a blend of butter, vanilla, and yummy brown sugar.

Cotton Candy

Remember going to the fair or circus and getting cotton candy? Now you can relive your favorite memories with the sweet concoction.

Gummy Bear

Love Gummy Bear Candy? Then you’ll choose this E Juice as your favorite.

It has the same gummy taste you love except you won’t have to find it in the candy store.

RY4 Tobacco

As mention previously, this one has a tobacco taste that is reminiscent of a regular smoke but has the caramel and vanilla undertones.

Beverage Flavors

Coffee, tea, or….? If you love the brisk taste of your favorite beverage, look no further than these E Juice flavors.

The beverage flavors come in coffee, cola, mocha, energy drink, and green tea.


If you need a little early morning pick-me-up, then the coffee flavored juice from Millenium is the perfect score.

It packs a punch with its smooth coffee flavor.


For a thirst quencher that reminds you of your favorite cola drink (Are you a Pepsi or Coke fan?) the Cola flavored juice soothes your craving on a hot summer day.


Not everyone loves a chocolate juice but it is personally one of my favorite flavors.

This one is more of a chocolate coffee rather than just a hot cocoa taste.

It’s rich, creamy, and full of mocha goodness.

Energy Drink

The Energy Drink juice from Millenium is a powerful punch of your favorite energy drink’s taste.

It’s perfect for a vape that will open up your mind and open your eyes when you’re feeling sluggish.

It may not be the same as actually drinking an energy drink but you’ll love the taste.

Green Tea

Some say that green tea is an acquired taste but there is one thing that is for sure, it’s refreshing and healthy tasting.

This E Juice isn’t too bitter and it’s not too sweet – instead, it’s a refreshing blend that is clean and pure tasting.

Fruit Flavors

Millenium offers up seven juicy fruit flavors that are tantalizing and delightful.

Pick your favorite fruit and enjoy a clean taste that is sometimes sweet, and sometimes tart.

The choices are Strawberry, Strawberry Mint, Peach, Watermelon, Lychee, Orange, and Grape.


Fresh and juicy strawberry is always a favorite flavor and this one has a savory taste that isn’t too tart and definitely not too sweet.

Strawberry Mint

This E Juice flavor has the strawberry taste with a fresh and cooling mint exhale. It’s like getting more bang out of your vape’s main flavor.


The peach flavored juice allows you to close your eyes and imagine biting into a fresh, juicy peach – and without the fuzz! A little tart and a little sweet – just the right blend.


Another refreshing E Juice in the fruit flavored offerings is watermelon.

It’s like having an Independence Day picnic with your favorite fruit dessert except you won’t have juices running down your arms with this vape flavor – just the delectable and light flavor that’s subtle and refreshing.


If you’re not familiar with Lychee, it’s a subtropical and tropical fruit that has a flavor combination of grapes, watermelon, and strawberry.

It’s like getting a juice bar drink into one little fruit and now you can vape with it too.


The orange flavored juice is a revitalizing way to trick your mind into thinking you’re getting your daily dose of vitamin C.

Okay, so you’re not really getting any vitamins from it but the taste is brisk and succulent.


Love sweet and juicy grapes?

Then this is the vaping juice for you. It’s not too tart and it won’t taste too sweet – just invigorating and fresh.

Food Flavors

Oddly, there are no individual food flavors listed on the website although there is a place listed.

This can mean that either it was an oversight or that there are food flavors to come.

For now, we don’t have any to share with you but one can only hope they come up with something yummy like Waffle Cone, Pancakes, or Pumpkin Pie.

Final Thoughts

The Millenium Potion brand of vape juice is the perfect way to get a lot of flavor for very little cost.

They’re not premium juices but considering the fact that you’re not paying premium prices – it’s an excellent option for those wanting to try different flavors.

$4.99 for 10ml is great in itself but if you buy three and get them for a total of $12 then you really can’t beat the deal.

A typical premium juice will cost you more and these normally list at $6.99 each so you’re saving quite a bit.

The flavors are many and we’re hoping they come out with the food flavors or that they are simply not listed for some reason.

Either way, you still get around 25 or so blends in five different flavor profile choices. With this many flavors you’re bound to love some of them!

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