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Mini Cherry Bomber Review | Mini Vape Mod

The Mini Cherry Bomber mod is a one of the newest mini mods to be on the market. This mod is great for those who want something small that they can take anywhere with them.

One thing that is instantly noticeable about this mod is its beautiful yet sleek design. It has so many unique features that you are going to want to read on to learn more about them.

What’s New – Mini Cherry Bomber Mod

One of the things that I have to note in a Mini Cherry Bomber Mod review is that this mod can be used with one 18650 battery.

Do keep in mind though that the mod does not come with the battery included so you are going to want to have at least one on hand when you pick up this mod.

The Mini Cherry Bomber Mod’s body is made from aluminum. This is a great thing to note. It has been my experience that aluminum mods seem to hold up longer and last longer than other mods on the market.

Of course, this could be because I lead an active lifestyle and am hard on mods.

Another unique thing about the Mini Cherry Bomber mod is that it is a fully mechanical device. There are actually no wires inside of this mod. Plus there is only one spring in the entire mod.

The one spring is found in the firing pin. This makes it easier to use. If you do not want the spring in the firing pin you can have this modified so that you can have magnets instead.

You will notice when you first hold the Cherry Bomb in your hands that it has beautiful etchings on it. These are gorgeous and going to look great when you are using the mod.

I personally think that it is one of the prettiest mods that I have ever seen. I do not often think that a mod is pretty but this one is really nice. I also love that this is one of the easiest mods to clean.

If you have ever tried to clean a mod before you will understand that having an easier time makes it better. I love that I can easily clean the mod and have it working and looking like new in no time.

The firing switch on the mod is made from brass. You actually do not have to worry about misfires thanks to the twist lock system. This is really nice if you are a traveler or someone who is on the go.

I have had many mods misfire in my pocket or in a bag so I love that this one can be thrown into my bag without fear of misfiring. It can be a scary situation when your mod misfires and something starts to feel hot.

So I really like that the twist lock mechanism prevents this from happening.

Another thing that I specifically like about the mod is that it uses all copper battery connections. This means that things are going to work better since the copper battery connections are better for conducting electricity.

In addition the bottom contact is completely adjustable making it easy to work with.

The Mini Cherry Bomber mod is priced very low too. I believe that this mod is soon going to be a best seller and that you might even have a hard time getting your hands on one.

If you have not used a mod that is under $40 before that you have liked, then this is the mod that is going to change that. Even though I have a lot of mods that cost a considerable amount more than this one, I still find that this one gets used.

The simple answer as to why is that it works well so you enjoy using it.


  • Locking Battery Door
  • Aluminum Bod
  • Aluminum Sliding Battery Door
  • Full Mechanical Mod
  • 1 18650 Battery
  • Adjustable and Floating Copper Contacts
  • 510 Connection Made of Brass
  • Firing Pin Made of Brass
  • Twist Lock on Firing Pin
  • Adjustable Battery Contact (No Springs!)
  • No Wire Usage
  • Minimal Voltage Drop
  • 53 mm x 26 mm x 100 mm

A Few Design Issues to Consider

While these have not stopped me from using or enjoying my own Mini Cherry Bomber, I did feel that it was only right to mention a few issues that have come up.

One thing that I was a bit overwhelmed with is that the battery area does not feature markings for your batteries. This means that you have to actually read the instructions to know which way to install the batteries.

A less patient person might find this annoying and might even try to install the battery on their own. You have to make sure that the battery is in positive side up, but if that is confusing you can look at the manual for the instructions and diagrams of the battery installation process.

This is something that I do every single time to ensure that I am installing the battery correctly.

The other issue that I noticed is that the Mini Cherry Bomber mod seems to need more ventilation. I am not an all day long vaper or I would probably not enjoy this mod. I have not noticed mine getting too hot but I did notice it getting a little warm.

This means that it would likely get too hot with someone who chooses to vape all day long. My suggestion for this is that if you are an avid vaper I would be careful with this mod and test it out to see what it can handle.

It does have a ventilation hole, but in my opinion it would need a few more to ensure safety in case of catastrophic battery failure.

Wire Free Makes Everything Better

One of the things that is unique about the Mini Cherry Bomber mod is that it features a no wire design. This mod is completely mechanical so there are things that you are not going to have to worry about.

When a mod is fully mechanical it is different than most of the other mods that you see. A fully mechanical mod features a tube/box that has space for a battery. When you push the button there is a full circuit.

This circuit delivers a full battery current to the atomizer. This mod does not have wiring or soldering. There are also no additional electronics in the mod either.

One of the best things about mechanical mods is that they are more durable than other types of mods. One of the things that happens with common vaporizers is that they have electronics.

So if there are any components that fail in the electronics then most users are not able to repair them. If you do repair yours then you are taking a chance that could potentially be dangerous if you are not testing and trying out the mod in the proper way.

It is important to note that most electronic mods have safety features in place that make them safer than mechanical mods.

Mechanical mods are not generally recommended for someone who does not have at least some previous vaping experience.

Something to remember is that safety comes first. Make sure you are using batteries with a high discharge rate.

When you are using an RBA/RDA use Ohm’s law to check that you are within proper safe limits of the batteries’ output.

Always check your builds on an ohm reader before you fire them to make sure they are correct.

Final Thoughts – Mini Cherry Bomber Mod

The Mini Cherry Bomber Mod is one great mod that you are going to love using. It works well and has so many features that it is enjoyable to use. There are so many things that make this one of the best mods on the market.

The aluminum body is not just tough but it also is nice and lightweight. It also features a sliding door which is a unique design that makes changing batteries and using the mod easier.

I love this feature and really find that sliding doors are a favorite of mine. The mod is also fully mechanical. This means that it works without an excess of springs and other parts that can easily break.

In theory this mod should last longer than other mods and really work well.

In addition it has a number of brass and copper connections which make it better for you if you are interested in having a high quality vaping experience. This mod features the popular 510 connection.

This is nice to know so that you can determine if your favorite tank is going to be adaptable with the mod or not.

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