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Kanger Mini Protank 3 Review

The best eGo threaded clearomizer has just came to town. Do you have one? The mini Protank 3 clearomizer is just starting to make it’s splash onto the vaping scene in the past month and a half. We have seen nothing but great reviews on the latest Kanger clearo.

We didn’t know Kanger had the Mini Protank 3 up their sleeves, but we are glad they decided to go that route. Let’s find out why the mPT3 is the best eGo threaded clearomizer on the market!

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What does It Come With?

Bottom Dual Coil Headsmini protank 3 coil heads

Rapidly becoming the standard across the industry; the Mini Protank 3 features the popular bottom dual coil design. This new design allows a stronger, more flavorful hit while also allowing more vapor production with less of a draw.

Keeping the coils at the bottom of the tank allows you to vape on thicker, VG rated e liquids without the worry of getting any dry hits. The coil heads come with a standard ohm rating of 1.5 ohms.

Sometimes the head and wick can become loose when the threaded cap is unscrewed. Just double check it is screwed on properly before you replace the threaded end cap. This is the most likely issue if you are finding that your new clearomizer is leaking.

The lifespan of the coil heads vary, and following the careful instructions that come with the clearomizers can help you keep the life of your coils longer. The Mini Protank 3 does come with replaceable coil heads; and the best part is, they are also compatible with the Kanger Aerotank coil heads AND the Protank 3 replacement heads 5-packs.

*Update* Kanger has released new replacement coil heads for the Mini Protank 3. These new coil heads enclose the wicks in order to control the amount of e juice more. Even though they only have a resistance of 2.0, the new coils are compatible not only with the MPT3, but also the Kanger Aerotank, Protank 3, Evod 2, and the Kanger T3D.

Recommended Voltage for varying resistance levels

  • 1.7-1.9ohm  –  3.1-3.3V
  • 2.0-2.3ohm  –  3.4-3.7V
  • 2.4-2.6ohm  –  3.8-4.1V
  • 2.6-3.0ohm  –  4.2-4.5V

Pyrex Tank All The Way

Kanger Replacement Tanks
Yet another great quality of the Kanger Mini Protank 3; the pyrex tank. We recently covered how well the pyrex tank handles “tank crackers” in the iClear X.1 review; but we’ll go over again why the pyrex tank is one of the things you want to be looking for in a clearomizer. If you do need a replacement tank, remember that the Mini Protank 3 uses the same pyrex tank as the Mini Protank 2.

If you are looking for different colored tanks for your Mini Protank 3, look no further than the good selection over at MyFreedomSmokes. One hiccup about the mPT3, is that you can’t fill it to the maximum 1.5 ml, or you will risk gurgling.

Likewise, you NEVER want to vape on your tank when it below the “general rule of thumb” of ⅓ full. This is when you want to re-fill with e liquid. Speaking of properly filling your mPT3, the following steps should be taken to properly ensure no leaking or gurgling:

  1. Turn tank upside down & remove the threaded cap
  2. Fill outer portion of tank (*Do not fill into the airflow tube in the center)
  3. Tighten the head/wick assembly onto the threaded end cap
  4. Turn it rightside up and check for leaks
  5. Properly check and  double check all connections to ensure no leaking

Gotta Have That eGo Threading

The Mini Protank 3 comes eGo threaded and can fit on any eGo threaded battery. It is however, not recommended to be used with any mini e-cig sized 510 batteries.

No beauty ring is needed and it fits very nicely on most batteries. If you want the Mini Protank 3 but only have 510 threaded batteries, you can find the 510/eGo adapters right here.

Removable Drip Tip

The best mini tank available comes with a great drip tip that is removable/replaceable.

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Final Thoughts

After finding out all that the mini Protank 3 entails; you can easily see why it is the BEST mini clearomizer tank on the market. Some people have argued if it had airflow control, it would give the Aspire Nautilus a run for it’s money.

With eGo threading and the dual bottom coil design, even new vapers can have superior clouds and you can even try all the crazy flavors that are “tank crackers” because this Mini Protank 3 isn’t playing around. The pyrex tank is setting the standard. It looks like Kangertech finally knows what works, and we like it!

Share Your Thoughts

Let us know some of your experiences with the Mini Protank 3 or share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, and vape on!

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