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Minion Vape Mod Kit Review | Best Vape

Minion Vape Mod Kit ReviewIf you want the best vape, then Minion Vape Mod Kit is the best option.

The vape provides power and it is not complicated, thus it is easy to use for vaping anytime.

It is popular among many people because of its simplicity and smallness. 

In addition to this, it is durable, elegant and provides a great vaping experience.

It has several accessories to ensure that you have a unique vaping experience.

In addition to the mod, it has other accessories such as a micro USB charger, user manual for tank and battery and tow sub-ohm coils.

To help you gain more understanding, here is Minion vape mod kit review.

Common features

Minion vape mod kit comes with five parts that should be connected to each other.

These parts include the atomizer coil, atomizer base, drip tip, battery and the atomizer tube.

There is a single raindrop shaped button found on the base of the battery that changes to green when it is ready.

It is made for its simplicity and it is a constant voltage output kit.

It is controlled by an optimized PCB and works at 3.5V when the battery is above 3.5V.

The tank has ability to produce a lot of heat, but the chance of it breaking down is reduced because of the temperature control system in its battery.

Design and build

The mod kit has a warm, smooth and minimalist design.

It offers you instant vape instead of having to tinker with a lot of buttons and different settings.

It is extremely attractive and offers high level durability.

This is made possible because it has a stainless steel finish.

Its mouthpiece is made of stainless steel; this means that you do not have to worry about breaking your drip tip in case the mod drops accidentally.

Battery life and Performance

One of the greatest things you should look in a vape mod kit is high level performance.

Minion vape mode kit does a good job in terms of performance.

Its battery will last for many hours of chain vaping.

If you are an intermittent vaper, the 3000mAh battery will last for several days.

Another great thing is that in addition to sub-ohm 0.05 coils, it also works effectively with 0.5.ohm gold plated coils found at the bottom.

This means that you can be assured of getting a smooth and a great flavor every time you vape because of the great contact.

With high power, the atomizer and battery can produce a lot of heat, so it is good to note this when vaping.

To ensure safe functioning of this mod, you should use a temperature control mechanism that shuts it off when the temperature rises beyond 170F.

It has a power button that is easy to press meaning that you can turn the mod off by pressing the bottom five times consecutively when it is just in your pocket.

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