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Motley Brew E-Juice Review

There’s a new kid on the block on the e-juice world, and their not afraid of being too loud. Motley Brew has the rock n’ roll mantra we all know and love; and they want to share it with everyone with their own line of craft e-juice.

So this is our FIRST LOOK review at the vape juice that everyone is rockin’ about.

Motley Brew E Juices

Motley Brew is a new company that holds true to the American values they were raised with.

Being revolutionary in their mindset and understanding that they have the power to create.

We have gotten an exclusive look (and taste) for every flavor they have, and we wanted to share it with you.

Here’s the list of their six rock inspired flavors:

  • Froot Fighters
  • Brew’s Brothers
  • Paradise City
  • Almost Famous
  • Grateful Red
  • Old Fashioned R&R

Users agree about many exciting aspects of these premium e juices that you are sure to enjoy.  Just keep reading so that you can determine which flavor choice is going to be right for you or if you should go ahead and just try them all.

Froot Fighters

motley brew froot fighters


“A delectably sweet and juicy candied melon medley including chilled watermelon, vine-ripened cantaloupe and honeydew plus a few undisclosed recipe treats! Delectable and mouthwatering, this melon felon will leave you breathless in its delicious wake.“


This fruity blend is definitely worthy of it’s namesake.

There are prominent notes of sweet honeydew melon right off the bat, with lingering cantaloupe and watermelon.

I’m not normally a fan of melon flavored juices, but this one isn’t too shabby.

Motley Brew Froot Fighters | $21.99 (30 ML)

Brew’s Brothers

motley brew brews brothers


“Your newest addiction, this one’s on a mission from God! When the finest darkly roasted European Espresso is blended with luscious undertones of Madagascar vanilla bean cream, further enhanced by a perfect blend of mildly sweet tobacco and notes of delicately rich butterscotch, you’ll be taken for a ride with the most indulgent of flavors.”

Brew’s Brothers is a strong coffee flavor. It’s described as being darkly roasted espresso, but it kind of just tastes like burnt coffee.

It’s hard to tell if there are any of flavors in there (like the vanilla bean cream, tobacco, and butterscotch) as the coffee is a bit overwhelming.

If you drink coffee religiously and can’t without it, you’d probably enjoy this juice. It just wasn’t for me.

Motley Brew Brew’s Brothers | $21.99 (30 ML)

Paradise City

motley brew pearadise city



“This boldly sweet treat will take you down to paradise city with the essence of exotic lychee, coupled with the juiciest pears on earth, and then blended perfectly in silky French vanilla bean cream. A sprig of fresh mint finishes this ambrosius brew for a cooling, yet contrasting delight.“

This is a light, fruity, delightful concoction. It’s very pleasant and refreshing. The vanilla bean cream really blends all these flavors together extremely well.

Plus, the hint of mint adds a lovely cooling effect without giving it an overpowering menthol flavor. I highly recommend it if you enjoy fruity flavors.

Motley Brew Pearadise City | $21.99 (30 ML)


Almost Famous

motley brew almost famous


“A recipe from our European tour that always made our hearts sing. Delicious freshly-baked cakes engulfed with warm, wild blueberries and rich praline pecans makes for an exceptional flavor that’s sure to prove unlike any other. A dusting of powdered sugar completes this seductive dessert, one to enjoy on every vape.“

This one sounds like it would be amazing and I was really excited to get to this one, as I love dessert flavors like this.

But I’m really only getting a sweetness from it with no real particular flavor.

I can’t distinguish any cake, blueberries, or pecans in it. It’s really just sweet.

Motley Brew Almost Famous | $21.99 (30 ML)


 Grateful Red

motley brew grateful red


“A mélange of tart granny smith and ripe red delicious apples bathed in a brown sugar glaze, then luxuriously layered with rich, Tahitian vanilla custard. This masterpiece is then crowned with caramelized cane sugar and lightly salted caramel drizzled on top. Behold this decadent pleasure!”

This one has a lovely fresh apple taste that is surrounded all things that go good with apples.

The brown sugar and caramel are great with it. Who doesn’t like caramel apples?

The custard kind of brings it all together. It’s almost like an apple pie, but with custard instead of crust. It’s really pretty darn tasty.

Motley Brew Grateful Dead | $21.99 (30 ML)


Old Fashioned R&R

motley brew old fashioned


“The finest premium whiskey, a dash of spicy bitters, aromatic citrus notes, and a touch of raw sugarcane highlight this remixed rendition of the classic Old Fashioned. Old school soul; remastered for absolute pleasure.”

I may not be the best person to review this particular juice flavor since I don’t drink and have no idea what an Old Fashioned tastes like. What I can tell you is that it has very earthy tones that have been sweetened up slightly. There are a myriad of flavors going on in this juice and it’s difficult to pinpoint any one.

It’s sweet but also a tad bitter at the same time. There’s also like some orange going on in it. It’s a pretty complex blend of flavors. If you like juice flavors that take after drinks, you might really enjoy this one. It just wasn’t for me.

Motley Brew Old Fashioned | $21.99 (30 ML)


Final Thoughts

I want to reiterate that taste is subjective when it comes to eliquids. You will have to try them yourselves to really know what you enjoy.

Now most of these juices were pretty good. The ones I received all came in a 50pg/50vg blend at 3mg nicotine.

The prices on the Motley Brew website are $21.99 per 30ml bottle of jucie. While some of the juices were good, do I think they are worth $22 per bottle of your hard earned money? I gotta say no. I’ve had better juices that didn’t cost as much as these.

They might be more worth it at around $15 – $17 per bottle. I just don’t want to recommend them at $22 per bottle. You are free to go ahead and try them, though. You may find your ADV in these flavors.

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