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Mr. Good Vape E Juice Review | Cheap E Liquid

With so many choices in flavors and brands, sometimes it’s hard to find that one favorite that you love above all of the rest.

Mr. Good Vape is one of the many and while they may only have a few flavors available at, you’ll find that the juices are pretty special.

In this Mr. Good Vape review, we’ll look at what makes this E Juice different from some of the others.

Mr. Good Vape is a company out of California that wants to be a cut above the rest. Their state of the art facility and unique mixture of flavors means that you get a vaping experience that is cutting edge and full of delicious dessert flavor.

Their production uses state of the art equipment and follows all safety and health regulations which includes ISO9001, a regulatory and compliance standard operation to track and maintain records on all batches and sub-assemblies used.

In addition, Mr. Good Vape follows an OSHA standard operation that was adopted for employee safety and compliance.

To further the sterilization process, Mr. Good Vape has a state of the art class 10,000 clean room, an environment that allows only a low level of ventilated pollutants.

This is an environment safe enough for medical implants to be manufactured.

Just as important, the flavor pairings are sublime and you’ll love the taste. The reviews are positive with most of them stating just how much they love this brand and we tend to agree.

Where Can I Find Mr. Good Vape?

Mr. Good Vape E Juice is available at in 15ml bottles at $11.99 each. You can choose your nicotine level which includes 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.

What are the Flavors?

There are five flavors to choose from on and these include:

  • Moon Sugar. Moon Sugar delivers a space atmosphere that registers a sweet delicacy to your palate. The high concentration of sugar cookie makes a savory blend that includes two additional flavors, butterscotch and graham cracker pie crust. Moon Sugar is 80vg/20pg.
  • Melon Head. A well blended combination of Cantaloupe, Mango, and Papaya create a tasteful melon aroma. This is a favorite among connoisseurs of the Mr. Good Vape brand. Melon Head is 50vg/50pg.
  • Honey Baby. A combination of honeyed fruit flavors. Mr. Good Vape’s Honey Baby, derived from Honey dew, Honey Dew Melon, sweet Honeysuckle with a tasteful extract of mango and guava. Honey Baby is 60vg/40pg.
  • Dabble Dooyah. Try yourself towards our blend of dutch apple pie with two types of vanillas and cinnamon mixed caramel. – Dabble Dooyah, the dessert connoisseurs dream. Dabble Dooyah is 50vg/50pg.
  • Karma Cream. Karma Cream is another one of Mr. Good Vapes dessert mixtures, consisting of sweet peaches, vanilla bean ice cream and two types of creams. Karma Cream is 70vg/30pg.

What Other Flavors are There?

Mr. Good Vape has a total of 12 flavor profiles of E Juice and in addition to the five that have already been mentioned, here are the others.

  • Bahama Mama. A summertime blend comprised of Banana, Pineapple, Coconut Candy, Colada and a sensual cream. A tropical yet refreshing taste making the perfect summer flavor. Bahama Mama is 70vg/30pg.
  • Dreamsicle. A perfect replica of the nostalgic 50/50 bars. Dreamsicle unfolds the taste of Tangerines and Bavarian Cream. The perfect treat for the ice cream lovers palate. Dreamsicle is 60vg/40pg.
  • Heaven’s Candy. A luscious blend of Apple Candy, Sweet Plums, two types of sugary grapes with a subtle tinge of cotton candy. Heavens Candy, a sweet delectable truly stemmed from above. Heavens Candy is 40vg/60pg.
  • Pistachio Man. Pistachio Man is a delightful combination of Chocolate Mint Pistachio with a mixture of french vanilla ice cream and a slight taste of dark burly Tobacco. Pistachio Man is 50vg/50pg.
  • Sundae Fundae. Sundae Fundae is a confection lovers delight. Consisting of a sensual blend of Caramel Candy, Brown Sugar, French Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Cookies and Cream with a dash of butterscotch. Sundae Fundae is 50vg/50pg.
  • Sunshine Daydream. Sunshine Daydream is the rich blend of Pineapple, Banana, Orange and two other excellent extracts. The fruit taste registers as a quality juice-bar blend. Sunshine Daydream is 70vg/30pg.
  • Sweet Lovin. A tasteful combination that alleviates the sweet tooth. Sweet Lovin is a mixture of strawberries, watermelon and a candied bubblegum. Sweet Lovin is 50vg/50pg.

For those who just aren’t sure about which flavor they want to try, there are three sample packs that you can choose from.

Each set contains five 5ml bottles and costs $20 on the Mr. Good Vape site.

  • Set One. Includes Moon Sugar, Pistachio Man, Dabble Dooyah, Sundae Fundae, and Dreamsicle.
  • Set Two. Includes Karma Cream, Sweet Lovin, Heaven’s Candy, Dreamsicle, and Sunshine Daydream.
  • Set Three. Includes Melon Head, Bahama Mama, Heaven’s Candy, Sunshine Daydream, and Honey Baby.

The bottle sizes on Mr. Good Vape’s site are: 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml so you can get a variety of sizes – from the smaller size up to a huge bottle of your most loved blend.

The nicotine levels are from 0mg up to 24mg and the bottles cost from $12 and up to $65 for the largest.

What Does it Really Taste Like?

Admittedly, I’m a huge fan of dessert flavors and sweet/tart concoctions so this brand is right up my alley, so to speak.

One of my favorites is the Moon Sugar. This is the one that tastes sort of like a sugar cookie pie but some people say that it tastes more like the cereal Golden Grahams, with a sugar cookie base.

No matter what you think it actually tastes like, there is no doubt that it’s delicious and full of smooth, creamy flavor.

Another awesome blend if you don’t want something quite so sweet but still want a clean, smooth vape is the Melon Head or even the Honey Baby.

One has all kinds of delectable melon flavors and the other has honey melons and honeysuckle. Neither one is too sweet for obvious reasons but they’re also not too tart or sharp in taste.

For another sweet favorite that isn’t overly sweet, Karma Cream is a perfect choice. This blend of peaches, vanilla ice cream, and two creams is intoxicatingly delicious.

Final Verdict on Mr. Good Vape

I can’t say enough about Mr. Good Vape. The flavors are an excellent blend, the manufacturing is top notch, and the prices are comparable and competitive.

For obvious reasons, if you’re not a fan of dessert flavors then this may not be your favorite E Juice brand but if you love fruit blends, creams, or desserts that remind you of an after meal treat, then Mr. Good Vape is definitely the brand to try.

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