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Mt Baker Vapor Lowers 2015 E Juice Prices

Mt Baker Vapor has announced their 2015 New Years resolution; lower prices for their e juice. A standard 15ml bottle of e juice was $4.99 and will now be $3.99.

Mt Baker is making the change to help make their juice more accessible to vapers on any budget.

From Mt Baker Vapor’s blog,

“We all know that with every new year comes reflection, confirmation of personal goals, and resolutions to obtain those goals. As a company we found there are really two things that we truly want to accomplish for our vaping community. First, we want to make vaping more accessible to everyone (of legal age of course) who wants to transition from smoking to vaping, regardless of their income. Second, we want to show our appreciation to all of you that have supported us, allowing us to grow into the company we are today. So, we have reduced our prices throughout our site!”

They go on the assure customers that there will not be a decrease in product quality or customer service as a result of the price decrease.

But wait, there’s MORE……

Mt Baker Vapor has also released 5 brand new flavors including; Slim Mints, Firecider, Arctic Heat, French Toast and Happy Rancher.

Slim Mints E JuiceSlim Mints E Juice: The perfect balance of flavors, combining the taste of rich chocolate cookies with undertones of delicious creamy mint filling, making this flavor a refreshing yet decadent treat.

Firecider E Liquid
Firecider E Juice: Pull on your comfy sweater, sit next to your freshly lit fire, and enjoy a spiced apple cider vape that will make any chilly day a comfy, cozy, and relaxing one. Firecider tastes just like farm fresh apple cider with a hint of cinnamon.

Arctic Heat Vape JuiceArctic Heat E Juice: A deliciously balanced vape, with an invigorating blend of spicy cinnamon and cool menthol, creating a refreshing mixture of hot and cold.


French Toast E JuiceFrench Toast E Juice: This really packs in the flavor! With the delicious combination of sweet battered bread, rich cinnamon spice, and fresh maple syrup, get ready to prepare your mouth for an explosion of flavor!

Happy Rancher E LiquidHappy Rancher E Juice: Reminiscent of a familiar tart, and slightly sour, berry candy that will remind you of a simpler time.


A full release of Mt Baker Vapor’s announcement can be found on their blog here. All price changes and new flavors are live and available.

Excited about the new Mt Baker Vapor flavors? Tell us which one you want to try most in the comments below!

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