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Mt. Baker Vapor Review | Cheap E Juice

Named for the mighty (and still active!) volcano that towers over the surrounding Washington landscape, Mt. Baker Vapor comes to the ring claiming the title of “the summit of Northwest Vaping.”

Juicemakers at Mt Baker back up that tall talk with lightning fast shipping, great prices and their famous selection of flavors.

Established back in 2011, Mt. Baker built a name around the state with their high quality juices and outstanding customer service, and the word quickly spread nationwide and even internationally.

A reputation that impressive just begs to be tested, and we’ll all find out how they measure up with other well-known eJuice vendors in this Mt Baker Vapors review. Let the games begin.

Mt Baker Vapor E-Liquids

Mt Baker Vapor’s wide stable of flavors are a large part of what built the big buzz around the company.

Expert palates and vivid imaginations of the minds behind the blends can yield creations other vendors wouldn’t even imagine.

A great example of how thinking outside the box can lead to magic inside your tank can be found in their signature GWAR collection.

Named for the legendary thrash metal band and designed to rock your face clean off your skull with percussive yet melodic waves of flavor.

GWAR Flavors


Mt Baker Vapor’s Bloodbath is an intense tropical fruit blend with a distinctive red hue that shows this eJuice is here to claim your soul.

German Chocolate Beefcake

German Chocolate Beefcake will beat you down mosh pit style with sweet chords of chocolate, coconut and caramel. You’ll take it and like it.


Arnold Palmer

Mt Baker Vapor also has a wide selection of beverage inspired flavors like the Arnold Palmer, the classic combination of tart, tangy lemonade and slow-brewed iced tea.

Ecto Cooler

90s kids will remember this unfortunately defunct Hi-C cocktail of orange, tangerine and childhood memories.

Now you can recapture those juice box memories with this refreshing flavor from Mt Baker Vapor.


Slim Mints

Ex-menthol smoker? Congrats…but have you ever considered trying something that doesn’t taste exactly like a cigarette?

Mt Baker’s Slim Mints flavor is the perfect first step into the flavor landscape, bringing the minty punch together with a familiar dance partner, rich chocolate.

Extreme Mint

Have you ever gotten the sensation you’re skiing down a frozen slope, icy wind whipping at your face as you breathe in a lungful of winter itself? If that’s your idea of a good time, try their Extreme Ice flavor.


Rainbow Roundies

What would a Mt Baker Vapor review be without a sugar rush?

The vendor appeals to your sweet tooth with eJuice treats like Rainbow Roundies, a combination of candy fruit flavors all mixed up and skittled around so you don’t even have to pick out the green ones.

Zebra Stripe

The flavor scientists at Mt Baker Vapor labored long and hard to somehow ensure the fruity zest of this fleetingly delicious gum would last longer than it took to take it out of the pack.

It has definitely succeeded with their Zebra Stripe flavor. Someone get those gum people the memo.

Nut and Spice

Peanut Butter

Another favorite is their creamy peanut butter flavor, which will save you jar-eaters a lot of spoon washing.

Maple Pecan

Mt Baker’s Maple Pecan flavor combines the taste of buttery pecans with the sweetness of a maple glaze to create this amazing flavor sure to satisfy lovers of the dessert (or breakfast).

Mt Baker Vapor Ingredients

Another part of Mt Baker’s philosophy is a commitment to fresh ingredients and individual service.

Every bottle of eJuice ordered from Mt Baker is blended on demand, and the juice is shipped to you so quickly (2-4 days to doorstep average) that they advise you to let the eJuice steep for a bit before using it.

Of course, if you want to know why you should steep your brand new eJuice instead of putting it in the air as soon as you can gnaw open the package.

You can always check out our guide to steeping here at BC, but if you’re staying on this channel for now just take their word for it.

Like most eJuice vendors, Mt Baker Vapor offers both Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) eJuices, including Max VG liquids for those huge, puffy clouds you see in YouTube videos.

However, Mt Baker Vapors notes that even their Max VG blends contain small amounts of PG as well to serve as a base for the featured flavor.

PG or VG, Mt. Baker Vapor is committed to providing the finest quality and freshest ingredients at the lowest prices, and who’s going to argue with that outlook?

Mt Baker Vapor E-liquid Prices

When you choose your new flavor, Mt Baker Vapors gives you three options for bottle size, each with its own price:

  • 15ml- $3.99 for standard, $4.99 for specialty
  • 30ml- $6.49 for standard, $7.49 for specialty
  • 236mL- $33.99 for standard, $34.99 for specialty

GWAR Juices – $10.99

Those are some of the best prices around—we should know, we’re experts—but if those deals weren’t good enough.

Mt Baker Vapors also guarantees at least one 5mL sample with every purchase, regardless of size or total. That’s right, you order a single $5 bottle of eJuice, it gets a cute little sidekick.

That’s how you ensure at least decent reviews, Mt Baker Vapor.

Best of all, you can choose the type of sample you’d like to receive at checkout (Menthol, Fruits, Sweets, Surprise) and your freebie comes to you premixed and steeped.

That should kill some time until the juice you ordered is ready for primetime. All samples contain 0 nicotine and feature a 50/50 blend of PG and VG.

Oh, and did we mention free shipping for domestic orders over $50?

Because Mt Baker Vapors offers free shipping for domestic orders over $50. It almost seems excessive to list all the deals they offer, but we’re just trying to tell the whole story here.

Build Your Own Flavor

Feeling experimental? You and the founders of Mt Baker Vapors would get along just fine.

In fact, a driving force behind the company’s success is co-captain James Thompson’s advice for fellow entrepreneurs to “throw darts* at the wall and see what sticks,” and now you have a chance to channel his vaping wisdom by creating your own totally new combination of up to 5 flavors from the vendor’s extensive collection.

When they say “build,” they mean it. You choose everything about your signature cocktail, the relative proportions of each flavor, the nicotine strength, weakness or absence, even the PG/VG ratio.

Mt Baker Vapor’s Build Your Own Juice service puts you in control, and unlimited power over eJuice only costs a dollar more for a 15ml container. We’d say that’s a good deal.

*That’s obviously not what he said. Nobody says that. You know the real phrase, but this is a family website for vaping and vaping accessories.

Final Thoughts

Mt Baker Vapor is a rising name in the vaping industry, and for good reason.

They have fast shipping nationwide, fresh, domestically sourced ingredients, and a nearly unrivaled selection of flavors.

Combine that with some of the lowest prices around, and its easy to see why there are so many great reviews of Mt Baker Vapor. Add this one to the top of the list.


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