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MyFreedomSmokes E Juice Review | Vape Vendor Review

MyFreedomSmokes has quickly worked its way up the ranks as one of the premier online retailers for everything vaping related.

The website offers you a wide range of options available including that you can choose from different mods, e-cigarettes, and a wide range of their own e-liquids. In addition they are the perfect shop for both beginners and veteran vapers as well.

They even offer great starter kits that will help you get started on your road to vaping.

What’s New – MyFreedomSmokes Ejuice

There are three different types of e-juice that are available from MyFreedomSmokes.

I feel like any MyFreedomSmokes E juice review should go through all of these options and explain a little bit of information to you about them as well as sharing with you a few favorites from their line of flavors.

MyFreedomSmokes SubJuice

MyFreedomSmokes SubJuice are the high level choices for e-liquid flavors. 

These e-juices are delicious and offer you combinations that you might not be able to see anywhere else.

Mellow Mallow

The delicious flavor combination of Mellow Mallow is something that I might not have tried before but was definitely something that I want to keep using. I really appreciate this eliquid and have been a huge fan since I first used it to vape with. The flavor combines hints of coconut and Bavarian cream with the flavors of marshmallow and pear. It is a relaxing flavor that will leave you dreaming of beautiful summer afternoons.

Pink Mint Mooshake

I love that Pink Mint Mooshake was a flavor that was unlike anything that I had tried before but it still offered me the familiarities of summer. This flavor combination pairs together strawberries and cream and tops it off with the flavors of delicious mint chocolate chip sprinkles.


One of my favorite summer treats was always slushies from my local gas station. If this was a favorite of yours, then you will love how Slushie takes you back to those simple and innocent days of childhood. This e-liquid offers you a delicious combination of berries with a nice cool after taste.

Cream Custard

Cream Custard is one of the richest ejuices that I have ever used. This ejuice combines the delicious flavor of frozen vanilla custard and rich Bavarian cream. This is a very indulgent flavor that is delicious and will keep you vaping.

Looty Fruits

Looty Fruits offers you a nice delicious flavor that will take you back in time. While you are vaping you might even be able to close your eyes and transport yourself back in time to your favorite places to eat breakfast.


CocoStrawMelon offers you a delicious choice to take you back to summer days. This delicious ejuice combines coconut, strawberry, and watermelon. It will whisk you away to those tropical destinations of your dreams.

Breakfast Berries

While I am not a fan of cereal and milk I will admit that this eliquid is pretty delicious. Breakfast Berries combines the popular combination of milk with berry cereal. This is one flavor that many of my friends and a lot of reviewers seem to favor.

Toasty Cinnamon

Toasty Cinnamon is a blend of flavors that when combined will make you think that you are really eating a piece of cinnamon and sugar toast. This flavor is delicious and surprising because it offers you so many different layers of flavor.

Arctic Guava

Few e-liquid companies could create a delicious and intense flavor of e-liquid like MyFreedomSmokes Arctic Guava. Arctic Guava is a delicious blend of guava and menthol that leaves you with a cool and icy flavor.

Carnival Apple

Everyone loves taking a big bite of a nice juicy caramel apple. This delicious ejuice blends the tart crispness of an apple with the sweet sugary, buttery, and rich flavors of caramel. When blended together this e-liquid is one that you are sure to fall in love with. I know this because it is one ejuice that I can not seem to get enough of.

Lemonberry Cheesecake

We all love cheesecake and I would love to be able to have my cheesecake without ruining my diet. Thanks to Lemonberry Cheesecake I can. This cheesecake combines the richness of cream cheese and a buttery graham cracker crust with tangy blueberries and a very light lemon drizzle. This combination is delicious sand will leave you wanting more.

MyFreedomSmokes Premium PG

MyFreedoomSmokes Premium PG line is a line of premium standard level e-liquids. 

These delicious flavors will offer you a chance to enjoy the different flavors that you can enjoy at any time of day. 

There are the perfect choices for when you wake up, when you are enjoying a day at the beach, when you need an escape in your office, or even when you are unwinding at night.

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit offers you the delicious and distinct flavors of passion fruit. This unique flavor is instantly noticeable and delicious, while being light and not too much.

Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry combines the sweet and tart flavors that you taste in fresh black raspberries. This combination of flavors is delicious without being overly sweet. It is one of the flavor combinations that is going to be delicious and you are really going to enjoy, even if you are not typically a fan of sweet e-liquids. This is something that I was quite surprised about because you can tell that it is sweet but it is definitely not overly sweet like others.


Beer is another one of the flavors that I enjoy. I like beer and think that this is a delicious flavor combination that really reminds you of beer.


Chocolate is one of the delicious choices for an eliquid that you are really going to enjoy. I love the delicious chocolate flavor of this eliquid because it is something different from other chocolate flavors that I have tasted in the past.


Apricot offers you bright and sweet flavors that you will really enjoy. This eliquid is like the taste of summer all year long.

Maple Bacon

Maple Bacon is everything that delicious breakfasts are made out of. If you have ever dipped your bacon on maple syrup then you know exactly what this delicious blend of flavors tastes like.

Vanilla Cream

I love delicious vanilla ice cream in the summer. I particularly love homemade ice cream and I think that Vanilla Cream tastes like homemade vanilla ice cream. This eliquid allows me to get the flavors that I crave all summer long in a delicious combination.

Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry really reminded me of a blue slushie. It was sweet and delicious but still light enough that it was not overwhelming or overpowering. This made it a perfect combination choice for me.

Blackberry Brandy

Blackberry Brandy combines the flavors of brandy and blackberries. This delicious flavor combination is something that you are going to appreciate and is a delicious way to enjoy your vaping experience.

Candy Cane

Candy Cane offers you the delicious flavors of peppermint. It is one of my personal favorite eliquids because I have always loved a great peppermint flavor. This one is a delicious combination that is really going to taste great and offer you what you are looking for.

Energy Cow

Energy Cow is a blend of flavors that are going to remind you of your favorite energy drink. It is really a delicious choice if you have been a fan of energy drinks in the past.

Caramel Macchiato

A delicious caramel macchiato is one of my favorite ways to wake up in the morning. I love that Caramel Macchiato offers you the chance to have all of these delicious flavor profiles while you wake up and without any of the wasted calories.

Gin with Lime

Gin with Lime is the perfect eliquid to enjoy at the end of the day. This eliquid offers you the chance to enjoy the delicious flavors of gin with the light and refreshing flavor of lime. It is delicious eliquid that really pairs perfectly with that time when you are unwinding at the end of the day.


I was hesitant to taste Plum. I will admit that these are not my favorite fruits but the eliquid is actually quite delicious. It did taste like plums but the flavor was a little lighter than some so it was not overpowering or overwhelming.

Honeydew Lemon

Honeydew Lemon offers you a combination of both honeydew and lemon flavors. The delicious combination is bright and light so that you can imagine yourself having enjoy your favorite fruits or a delicious smoothie on a summer day.


My Freedom Smokes offers you all of the delicious flavors of a margarita in a carefully crafted e-liquid. Margarita has a hint of salt, a little splash of tequila, some simple syrup, and a little bit of lime. This flavor combination is well developed and offers you more.

Blood Orange

Blood Orange offers you the unique and intricate flavor of blood oranges. This eliquid gives you the pleasure of citrus flavors that are unlike most that are on the market from other companies.


Blueberry offers you the delicious flavor of blueberries. It offers you the flavor profiles and notes that you want.

Mint Mojito

I love a good mojito and it seems that the Mint Mojito flavor is perfect. This flavor of e-juice offers you the flavor combination of muddled mint with rum, lemon lime soda, and a hint of fresh squeezed lime.

Pink Lemonade

The MyFreedomSmokes Pink Lemonade ejuice is one of the most refreshing e-juices that I have ever tasted. It is delicious and offers you a bright punch of flavor while helping you to relax.


I love cookies and if you do too then you are going to need to check out Snickerdoodle. This delicious cookie flavored e-juice offers you the flavors of a warm fresh baked sugar cookie with cinnamon that you find in a Snickerdoodle.

Sweet Cherry

The sweet and tart flavor of delicious cherries is all yours when you use the wonderfully crafted Sweet Cherry. This e-liquid is delicious and one of my personal favorites from the basic ejuice line from MyFreedomSmokes.

Final Thoughts – MyFreedomSmokes Ejuice

My Freedom Smokes e-juice is available to you in a variety of flavors.

Each one of the premium flavors is available in a 30 ml bottle but the regular flavors are available in a variety of sizes.

Some flavors are available to you in sample packs so that you can test them out on your own.

If you are particularly fond of one flavor there are even some options available in bulk which might be worth it to check out.

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