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Nicoticket Coupon Code | Vaping coupon codes

Nicoticket is an online retailer that sells hardware and E Liquid. However, their focus is more on the exciting E Liquids that they sell, so we’ll focus on that as well. Let’s be honest, what vaper doesn’t want to find out more about a new and exciting flavor?

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Nicoticket separates their E Liquid into two groups – White Labels and Black Labels.

White Labels

The White Label E Juices are experimental “Beta” flavors and the special limited edition flavors.

They’re not always in stock since they’re in high demand so be sure to get them while you can. Here are a couple of the yummiest.

  • Butterbeer. It’s a butterscotch sassafras banana vanilla creme thing and sounds totally heavenly to us as Banana Candy and Butterscotch discs dance around Rootbeer Barrels. As it matures, the banana will recede and the butterscotch will come forward – again, rootbeer barrels (candy) throughout. The whole thing melds into an amazing vape.
  • Mah Peeps. This is a seasonal recipe and for good reason but we wish they’d keep it year round. Love Peeps? Chicks Dig ‘Em so Nicoticket brought Mah Peeps marshmallow goodness.
  • Band Camp. Band Camp is a true Apple Pie flavor. Granny Smith Apples with hints of cinnamon all enveloped in a delicious flaky pie crust. The crust emerges more as time goes on, while the cinnamon fades into the background of the apple. If you like more cinnamon, vape it fresh.

Black Labels

These are the E Juices you can always find in stock and while they’re not special limited edition flavors, they’re still pretty darn impressive to us.

  • Absolut Creme Brulee. A legendary vanilla custard base (made with world famous in-house vanilla extract) – and adds a thick layer of caramel in double portions. It is finished with a touch of in-house blended tobacco absolute to make the caramel pop.
  • Wakonda. Wakonda is a word the Native Americans of Omaha applied to describe physical objects or natural phenomena they regarded as sacred or mysterious. Much like the Omaha warriors and wise men, this all-day vape gains strength and character over time. This blend of tobacco, vanilla, and coffee gets your early morning moving with bold dark roast indulgence. Carries you through your day with notes of naturally extracted tobacco, and follows through to the finish as you wrap up the day with smooth, relaxing vanilla undertones.

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