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NicQuid Coupon Code | Save 10% Off Now

NicQuid Coupon CodeNicQuid is a company that specializes in E Liquids of the highest standards. They are one of the only E Liquid companies that completely manufactures all of their E Liquid in an ISO Class 6 / FED STD 209E Class 1000 Clean Room.

They have created a four collection line of E Liquid that is high quality and has plenty of flavor.

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Blast Fruits

The Blast Fruits are one of the four types of E Liquid that NicQuid creates. Here are a few of the blends that have a blast of sweet, refreshing fruit.

Maraschino Blast

NicQuid Maraschino Blast is just like sweet red candy with undertones of cherry.


Maui will take your mind right to the beach with a load of ripe pineapple and sweet mango.

Burst Menthols

Burst Menthols are obviously the menthol blends that you love. Here are a few you might like with a burst of crisp icy menthol in each flavor.

Apple Breeze

NicQuid Apple Breeze is a cool tart green apple with a hint of menthol burst.

Orange Dreamsicle

Better than the classic treat from the ice cream man, NicQuid Dreamsicle will be sure to keep you cool and refreshed

Bliss Desserts

Bliss Desserts are blissfully sweet and decadent desserts and here are some really yummy flavors.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Just like the ice cream, NicQuid Mint Chocolate Chip is sweet and refreshing.

Banana Nut Bread

Just like warm homemade banana nut bread straight out of the oven.

Blend Tobaccos

Blend Tobaccos are the perfect blends of rich smoky tobaccos. Check out a few we paid special attention to.


Sweet, fresh, roasted, slightly nutty and creamy taste with a hint of french vanilla which is sure to be a good addition to your normal break in the day.

Gen 7

A fresh and vibrant cocoa leaf blend with a hint of raisin and vanilla, providing a nice and full tobacco taste and even better vape.

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