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Pi 2 RDA Review | RDA Vape

The Pi 2 RDA is the world’s first post-less flat deck atomizer.

The World’s First Post-less Flat Deck RDA features a two piece top which creates an ample well and is heat resistant up to 350 degrees with its FDA approved insulators.

In this Pi 2 RDA review, we’ll check out this awesome piece of technology and you can see for yourself what makes it unique and worth getting.

What Makes it Special?

While postless flat deck atomizers are now being created (much to Haus of Zombi’s chagrin), this is the first, making it truly innovative and new.

It also uses a simple flat head screwdriver for you to tighten your coil, so you can put aside the tiny hex drivers, which is much more convenient.

It also has a positive tab and a T-shaped positive pin. There are no positive or negative blocks, just terminals.

This RDA is a unique design machined in California, USA with various high end conductivity features.

The only RDA designed with this much thought is the Haus of Zombi Pi².

Features and Benefits

  • Comes with non-posts and bottom airflow design
  • Extension tubes to prevent leaking
  • High quality insulator which is able to endure high temperatures
  • Comes with 510 connector
  • High quality 316 stainless steel
  • RDA base is completely flat

How to Install Coils in This Device

Leads insert into the deck, terminals to trap are beneath, adjusted with allen wrenches from the side

Similar Tanks

Here’s the issue – Haus of Zombie is claiming that Ivogo stole their idea.

While we have no plans to address that claim, obviously the Ivogo Evil Monk Atomizer is one that is definitely going to be similar.

The others will be similar tanks but not post-less.

  • Ivogo Evil Monk – The Evil Monk RDA is a stainless steel atomizer that follows suit with the Rose atomizer from Eden Mods. It sports non-post holes that trap your leads, clearing out space on the deck and making it suitable for any build that you so desire to put on it. In addition to the no-post design, the Evil Monk RDA from IVOGO also sports bottom-hole airflow. In order to keep it from being like the Freakshow RDA and spilling juice out the bottom, however, the designers at IVOGO created small extension tubes that keep juice inside the well.
  • Mutation X V4 by Indulgence – The Mutation X V4 is the fourth generation Mutation X by Indulgence. Indulgence is a subsidiary of Unicig. This is not a clone. This authentic RDA has an innovative design. It features serrated edges to adjust the airflow holes like the V3. Version 4 includes airflow routed underneath the coils and through the barrel. These are all adjustable. A redesigned top cap and drip tip are also new features.
  • Aeolus V2 Pro RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer by Syntheticloud – The Aeolus V2 Pro RDA by Syntheticloud builds upon the extremely popular platform of the original Aeolus, bringing forth a huge array of improvements, such as a larger range of airflow configurations, a shortened overall height, a new reverse threaded deck system, an anti-spin square center post, and 18k Gold for contact plating for high conductivity. Known for the integration of the Vertical Airflow System, the Aeolus V2 Pro RDA improves upon this by introducing a range that allows for three times the amount of airflow of the Aeolus V1 while also integrating smaller air hole sizes to throttle airflow for maximum flavor. The natural orientation and design of the vertical top airflow minimizes leaking and spit-back due to airflow position and downward air pressure. The Aeolus V2 Pro RDA now features a new reverse threaded two-piece deck, preventing accidental sleeve removal from the deck while also minimizing thread locking. Manufactured out of highly conductive Naval Brass, then 18K Gold Plated for user protection, the Aeolus V2 Pro also utilizes stainless steel thread points for durability, combining the best of both materials strengths while minimizing their weaknesses. The evolution of one of the most beloved top airflow RDAs, the Aeolus V2 Pro RDA by Syntheticloud.
  • S.O.D. 5K Cloud Chaser Edition RDA by Science of Vaping – Introducing the newly designed S.O.D 5k Cloud Chaser Edition, combining the innovation and quality known from Science of Vaping with a redesigned platform for cloud chasing fanatics! Made out of high grade 304 Stainless Steel, they added an upgraded gold center post to allow for better conductivity. The center post is insulated by PEEK insulators to handle the heat comfortably. The base also has its negative posts milled into the deck, making this atomizer one solid piece. The base also has a deep juice well measuring 4mm deep, allowing for easy wicking and holding enough juice to avoid those dreaded dry hits. The top cap is impressively designed, standing at 30mm tall from top to bottom. It is also milled out of a solid piece of steel allowing for a pleasant aesthetic. The top cap has dual airflow holes measuring at 9mm wide, but they were slotted in at an angle to redirect the air flow to the coils. The inside of the top cap is also conically designed which reduces the chamber to add tons of flavor to your clouds. No drip tip is needed due to the integration of a 13mm wide bore drip top cap which also gives it a “slammed” look. This atomizer is completely interchangeable with it’s “big brother,” the original S.O.D 5k allowing for different variations of this atomizer. It is also available in four beautiful colors like stainless steel, baby blue, black, and white. A must have for any cloud chasing vaper as well as a must have upgrade to the original S.O.D 5k.

Mods You Might Want to Pair With the Pi 2 RDA

Most likely, you already have a mod that is your favorite but if you’re new to the vaping world and want to get the whole shebang up front, here are some mods that you’ll enjoy.

  • Vapor Shark rDNA – Introducing the Vapor Shark rDNA 40, an evolution of Vapor Shark’s continued efforts to combine a form friendly size and state of the art features! Utilizing Evolv’s newest 40D board, the rDNA can now be run in discrete and dynamic temperature controlled mode when used in conjunction with appropriate wire composition and coil configurations! Matte black and constructed out of a combination of high grades metals finished with a rubberized, scratch resistant finish, the rDNA is one of the smallest mods to use Evolv’s DNA 40! Included with a LG 2500mAh 35A 18650 Battery, the rDNA features an incredibly easy to maneuver magnetic battery door and ejection ribbon system, allowing on the fly battery swaps. Featuring Vapor Shark’s new Zip high speed charging system, the rDNA can now be charged using 2A USB ports in less than 1 hour and 40 minutes! Integrated Wireless Charging allows for the use of wireless charging sources (not included) for hassle-free charging. This new version features more user orientated design implementations, from a larger, high visibility screen, a reverse polarity buzzer, and a gold plated, spring loaded center positive ensuring flush mounting. The Vapor Shark rDNA, the absolute cutting edge in usability and feature set.
  • Eleaf iStick 40W TC Temperature Control Mod – The iStick TC 40W is Eleaf’s first temperature control based mod, combining a highly accurate temperature control module, a 2600mAh battery, and a small compact form factor. Using Eleaf’s new TC (temperature control) module, the iStick TC40W has the capability to fire Ni200 Nickel Coils within a range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, greatly fine tuning the user experience. The iStick TC40W has a resistance range of 0.05 to 1.0 ohms in TC mode. A traditional wattage based output is also included, with a range of 1 to 40W, with a minimum atomizer resistance of 0.15 ohms. This gives the TC40W fantastic versatility, and with the easy to read OLED screen and menu navigation, making the iStick TC40W a premier entry level device with an advanced feature set. A 2600mAh battery gives the mod great range, and with it’s diminutive size, makes the TC40W portable and powerful. Building upon the legacy of the iStick platform, Eleaf has again created an extremely competitive device in the iStick TC40W.
  • Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0. – The iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro has been upgraded from top to bottom with impressive specifications making the iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro the perfect starter device for new vapers, but also a worthy addition to the seasoned vaper’s rotation. The variable voltage feature can be adjusted from 3.0v to 9.0v in increments of .1 volts, while the variable wattage feature can be adjusted from 6.0 to 60 watts, doubling the power of its predecessor, and with an ohm cutoff of .2 ohms can run the most popular Sub-Ohm Tanks in the industry! Utilizing vRMS DC current, power deviation is held within .1 watts for an incredibly accurate and consistent vape every time. The rich OLED screen is now integrated to accompany the new chipset, providing full readouts for battery life, output and ohm reading. The battery life has been substantially increased to a 4500 mAh integrated battery to ensure all day vape potential, a significant upgrade from the MVP 3.0. The 510 how has a spring loaded, brass positive contact ensuring easy and constant contact with all standard atomizers, with an included Ego adapter for use with compatible tanks. The construction of the MVP 3.0 Pro has durability and a 22mm flush fitting bezel in mind all while encased in a sturdy aluminum case. An integrated Micro USB cable at the base gives the MVP 3.0 Pro ultimate usability as a portable power source, charging your favorite devices from massive battery bank without the need to carry any additional cables. Passthrough capability allows for simultaneous charging and vaping, with a speedy 1A charge current for low downtime. The iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro Express Kit comes in seven great finishes: Silver, Fuchsia, Black, Blue, White, Baby Blue, and Gold.

Final Thoughts

This is a really unique post-less flat deck atomizer that is the first of its kind.

Along with the various high end conductivity features, this should be an atomizer that really showcase what technology can do for you and your vaping habits.

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