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Project Sub Ohm CloudSonic RDA Review

There are plenty of RDAs out there and many of them work great, as we’ve reviewed in the past, and here is another one you’ll want to hear more about.

The Project Sub Ohm CloudSonic RDA just launched at the end of May, 2015 and is a quality device that has a lot to offer.

This RDA uses the Centerfold RDA platform which has a cool dual slotted side airflow feature paired with a perfectly situated auxiliary vertical airflow.

The combination of these two features gives you an enhanced vaping experience that you’ll love.

In this Project Sub Ohm CloudSonic RDA review, we’ll look at everything it has to offer and why you should check it out for yourself.

Product Features

  • Fully Adjustable Auxiliary Center Airflow
  • Staggered Dual Horizontal Side Slot Pattern
  • Airflow Can Be Run Independently or in Conjunction
  • 5mm Juice Well
  • Split Positive Post with Deck milled Negatives
  • Delrin Competition Drip Top
  • 303 Stainless Steel and High Grade PEEK Insulation
  • Rhodium Plated Base and Deck
  • Silver Plated Contact
  • Engraved with the iconic Project Sub-Ohm™ Logo

Product Specifications

  • 22mm Diameter
  • 10mm Delrin Competition Drip Top
  • Black Knurled 510 Adapter Ring
  • Side Airflow Measures 8mm by 1mm
  • 2mm Side to Vertical Airflow
  • 5mm Deep Juice Well
  • 2mm Negative Post Holes
  • 2mm Positive Post Holes (each)
  • 303 Stainless Steel Construction
  • High Grade PEEK Insulators
  • Rhodium Plated Deck and Base
  • Silver Plated Contact
  • Engraved with the Iconic Project Sub-Ohm™ Logo

What’s So Special About the CloudSonic?

Project Sub Ohm CloudSonic RDA ReviewFirst of all, Project Sub Ohm has set out to improve this RDA into something innovative and with absolute perfection. What was a starting point with the Centerfold RDA, everything has been enhanced and improved. The first thing that was integrated is the center airflow.

It is located on a raised platform and delivers a twofold enhancement – it eliminates leakage and delivers a vertical airflow.

Adjusting the seated airflow: this is done using the triple adjustable air hole configuration.

This allows the user to use their preferred coil configuration in conjunction with the vertical and side airflow as efficiently as possible.

The side airflow is innovative as well, featuring a staggered dual horizontal slot pattern.

That sounds like a mouthful, but what this does is allow airflow entry at various points and heights, making the interplay of air within the chamber more versatile and thus, enhancing the experience.

To further fine tune the experience, this design allows for adjustment at the top cap so the user can close different portions of the bottom or top slots.

This is perfect for those who want to adjust and essentially “dial in” their vaping experience.

The Rhodium plated deck is built with a single positive post.

The two negative posts are actually part of the deck so you can count on excellent conductivity and performance.

The juice well is 5mm for those who like to drip, but less frequently.

How Does the Project Sub Ohm CloudSonic Look?

Project Sub Ohm CloudSonic RDAMachined out 303 Stainless Steel, the CloudSonic has some amazing aesthetic features such as a quad post design.

Each post hole has a clearance of 2mm, easily accommodating demanding coil configurations.

Extremely high grade PEEK insulation is used, allowing the CloudSonic to stand up to high amounts of heat while maintaining structural integrity.

The base without the center post, features full Rhodium Plating, creating a visually stunning effect.

The Delrin Competition Drip Top measures at 10mm, slightly tapered for a comfortable fit and a knurled 510 adapter ring allows for the use of standard 510 drip tip fittings.

The Cloudsonic RDA comes with a uniquely designed, wide bore (10mm) drip tip and the drip tip comes in either white or black delrin.

The RDA also comes with a black knurled 510 adapter if you’d rather use your own drip tip.

What Comes in the Box?

  • (1) Project Sub Ohm CloudSonic RDA (with 510 adapter)

Similar RDAs

While the Project Sub Ohm CloudSonic is certainly innovative and unique, here are a few similar rebuildable devices you might be familiar with or interested in as well.

  • Enigma V3 RDA Rebuildable Atomizer by MK Vapes. This RDA features a 510 connection, 24K gold plated center post, removable cap, and a huge built in 12mm drip bore so you have a direct drip without having to open the cap.
  • 454 Big Block RDA by Kryptonite Vapor. This RDA features a single, dual, or quad coil build, a unique and innovative design with no negative posts (the entire outside of the atomizer is the negative post).
  • Patriot v. 1.2 by Innovape Mods. The Patriot Rebuildable Atomizer is made with precision machined components from the highest grade 303 stainless steel to ensure exact fits for consistent, even current draw to coils.

Best Mods to Use with the Project Sub Ohm CloudSonic

You probably have your favorite mod that you use but if you’re shopping around, here are a few that will pair perfectly with the Project Sub Ohm CloudSonic RDA.

  • iPV Mini 2 70 Watts Mod by Pioneer4you. The iPV Mini 2 70 Watts Mod by Pioneer4you features authentic YiHi SX330V2C chip that allows the device to regulate, and push out as much as 70 Watts of power. 
  • KBOX Mod by Kangertech. Introducing the KBOX Mod, the first box mod by Kangertech, offering 40 watts of power in a simple, elegant, and extremely affordable package! 

Final Thoughts

CloudSonic RDA ReviewThe CloudSonic is not only an innovative RDA but it looks pretty awesome too.

However, whether you care about aesthetics or not, you’ll definitely love the innovation that this rebuildable brings to the table, or your mod rather.

Throw in some organic cotton and Kanthal (or your favorite) wire and you’re all set for chasing major clouds and getting flavor that is pretty darn sweet. Just remember that safety comes first.

Always check your coil builds on an ohm reader to ensure you don’t have any shorts and are at your target resistance, and make sure your battery can accommodate the build you put in it.

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