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Puf Cigs Coupon Code | Get 15% off

Puf Cigs Coupon CodePuf Cigs is a company that has an incredibly interesting story of how it got started.

The founder was a heavy smoker and so were some of his employees.

Taking a cigarette break meant a 30 story ride to the bottom so it wasn’t convenient.

After seeing E Cigarettes at a flea market, the rest is history and the company was later created.

Puf Cigs sells E Cigarette starter kits, E Liquid, and Accessories. If you’re looking for a Puf Cigs coupon code, we’ve got the goods.

E Cigarette Starter Kits

Puf Cigs has a few different Starter Kits such as:

The Basic

The Basic Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit from Puf Cigs has nearly everything you need, and it’s only the basic!

The Basic Starter Kit comes with a wall adapter, a removable USB charger cord, two rechargeable batteries and 12 flavor cartridges. Choose two of your favorite Puf Cigs Cartridge flavors (you’ll get six of each).

The Extra

The Extra Electronic Cigarette from Puf Cigs. For the dedicated electronic cigarette fan.

This particular starter kit comes with 2 rechargeable batteries and 18 long lasting flavor cartridges (choose up to 3 different cartridge flavors), a high speed USB Charger, a wall adapter, a car charger, and a carrying case.

The Partners

The Partners Electronic Starter Kit from Puf Cigs. Everything you and your significant need to start enjoying electronic cigarettes.

The Partners Starter Kit comes with four rechargeable batteries, two wall chargers, two USB charging cords and 24 flavor packed cartridges.

E Liquid As Well

Puf Cigs also sells E Liquid and here are just a couple of the coolest sounding E Liquids around.

Midnight Munchies

Banana peanut butter e-liquid from Liquid Puf. Banana and peanut butter sandwiches were allegedly a favorite of the late Mr. Presley.

The White Girl

Just in time for the fall, The White Girl E-Liquid. A delicious blend of pumpkin spices sure to compliment your pumpkin latte. Don’t worry, The White Girl isn’t a seasonal flavor.

Hansel and Regretal

Why aren’t we making gingerbread houses all year? Why limit these culinary masterpieces to just holiday time.

Let’s break the mold and start making President’s Day Gingerbread homes. Teacher appreciation gingerbread condos. Obviously, it’s gingerbread.

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