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Royal Hunter RDA Review | RDA Vape Review

The Royal Hunter comes from the vapesmiths at Council of Vapor as an ultra-premium RDA, showing off a handsome matte black and gold profile intended to do its internal engineering justice.

This RDA is built for the experienced vaper, allowing custom coil builds with its 4 over sized posts and pumping out the good stuff in spades thanks to its high-flow wide bore drip tip.

Yes, the Royal Hunter lives up to its regal billing in appearance and pedigree, but does the function live up to its finely crafted form? Read our Royal Hunter RDA Review to find out.


  • Brass / Stainless Steel Construction
  • Dimensions: 24mm (H) x 22mm (D)
  • Weight: 31 grams
  • Compatible with 20 gauge+ wire
  • Limited Edition Model Engraved with 4 Digit Serial Number

What’s New- Royal Hunter RDA

The Council of Vapor brings the limited edition Royal Hunter to market as a highly polished take on what can be a basic piece of equipment, showcasing elegant design and detail from the time of unboxing. The uniqueness of its design is more than skin deep as well, incorporating a specially made grille just above the posts that helps generate airflow as well as preventing juice spit-back during draws. The Royal Hunter also features adjustable airflow adaptable to single or multi-coil builds, providing wide customization potential for the chronic tinkerer.


The Royal Hunter is built to throw huge clouds, and does so very convincingly, but where we were really impressed is the amount of flavor it delivers. In fact, the flavor is so strong with some setups that one staffer thought the juice was getting into his mouth, but as the Royal Hunter is specifically designed to prevent spit-back with an integrated grille, the only other explanation is that this thing kicks out a load of flavor.

Building on the Royal Hunter’s deck is an enjoyable experience for veteran coil charmers. The deck features negative posts milled directly to the deck as well as a T-shaped positive post. The post holes are rated to take 20+ gauge wire, so the options for building are fairly extensive. Another positive note was the extra-long silver plated contact pin, which offers excellent conductivity even in direct battery contact configurations.

Build Quality

Build quality on the Royal Hunter RDA is another strong point, with its sharp exterior serving as an accurate indication of the care that went into its construction. The Royal Hunter has a decent, substantial weight in the hand, and came to us with very clean machining and no residual oil. The engraving at the bottom of the unit was a nice touch, although it isn’t very deep and may or may not fade with time. Overall, the Royal Hunter is one of the classiest looking models to ever refer to itself as a “cloud chaser”…not that there’s anything wrong with that.


The standard 510 connector pin of the Royal Hunter is silver plated for the best possible conductivity with variable wattage, temperature control, and mechanical mods.

Compatible Mods

Sigelei 150w TC

The high-powered Sigelei 150w TC not only features variable wattage that can be adjusted from 10 to 150 watts, it also features a temperature control mode for added versatility. Temperature control provides access to temperatures from 212 to 572F, making the Sigelei 150w an excellent choice for dry herb cartridges and other accessories as well as the Royal Hunter. We took a long look at the Sigelei 150 watt mod here on BC, and you can see what we saw in our full review.

VaporShark rDNA 40

The VaporShark rDNA 40 is another mod featuring temperature control capability, but its advanced internal chip takes this functionality to a whole new level. Its Evolv 40D circuit board is the only model in existence to accurately measure the temperature of the coils during use, delivering precision control and consistent flavor as well as enhanced safety by limiting coil temperature. We loved the Vapor Shark rDNA 40 when we tested it, and you can see just how much in our review of the unit.

Compare With…

Freakshow Mini

Designed by the vaping specialists at Project Sub-Ohm, the Freakshow Mini RDA delivers full size performance in a streamlined form factor.  The Freakshow features an optimized airflow system as well as the option to employ single or dual coil builds, enabling a perfectly customized draw every time. The Freakshow stood out in our review for being one of the top performing mini RDAs we’ve tested this year, and you can learn more about it in our full review.

Turbo V2 RDA

The Turbo V2 RDA may be no match for the Royal Hunter when it comes to princely bearing, but what it lacks in nobility it more than makes up in uniqueness. The Turbo is one of the only RDA models on the market to use an internal turbine to create the elevated airflow that delivers huge flavor…and since the other model is the first Turbo, that pretty much makes the Turbo V2 one of a kind. We put the Turbo V2 through its paces in a review here on BC, so if you’re the type that likes your function with extra fun, check it out.

We Would Have Liked to See…

The Royal Hunter RDA is almost perfect in what it does, but a couple of minor quirks keep this review from raving further. The first minor issue is the depth of the juice well, as while 4mm is adequate, other models deliver a greater capacity with comparable performance. The Royal Hunter also can get a tad warm with extended use in some setups, but this was a limited issue and just goes with the territory of high wattage vaping to a large extent.


All told, the Royal Hunter was designed as Council of Vapors’ signature model, and in that purpose it certainly succeeds. Warm, dense flavor fog is going to earn you plenty of points around here just about every time, and looking like a million bucks certainly doesn’t hurt. It could be improved slightly with a couple of tweaks, but overall the Royal Hunter RDA is simply in a separate class than most other units.

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