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RTS Vapes Coupon Code | Save 20% DIY Juice!

RTS VapesRTS Vapes Coupon Code is a company that strives to offer the purest nicotine liquid, USP Kosher Certified Propylene Glycol and USP Kosher Certified Vegetable Glycerin on the market at the lowest possible prices.

Speaking of low prices, we have an RTS Vapes coupon code so you can save even more money while shopping.

RTS is pretty much going to be for stores that sell E Liquids since you can buy liters of liquid nicotine and concentrated flavors.

Liquid Nicotine

RTS Vapes has liquid nicotine so you can create your own flavors and here are a couple of the options.

16 Liters of 48mg Flavorless Liquid Nicotine, 4.8% nicotine or 48MG, Mixed with the highest quality USP Kosher Certified Propylene Glycol or USP Kosher Certified Vegetable Glycerin.

One US Gallon of 100mg Flavorless Liquid Nicotine. 10.0% nicotine or 100MG. Mixed with the highest quality USP Kosher Certified Propylene Glycol or USP Kosher Certified Vegetable Glycerin.

Store in freezer at -10 degrees F if you want nicotine to remain clear and last.

Concentrated Flavors

RTS Vapes also has concentrated flavor choices so you can mix up your own sweet (as in awesome, not the dessert kind) concoctions.

There are over 1000 choices from brands such as LorAnn Oils, The Flavor Apprentice, Flavour Art, Capella, Hangsen, Chinese Tobacco, Flavor Jungle, Flavor West, and Inawera.

Here are a couple of examples of what you can find.

10ml Fig Flavor

Fig Water Soluble Flavoring. Ingredients are natural and artificial flavoring and Propylene Glycol as well as USP Kosher Grade Flavoring. Usage Rate 15-20% for E-use. Color Level is clear and independently laboratory tested to be Diacetyl free. This one comes from Flavor West.

120ml of Boysenberry Flavor

From the Flavor Jungle brand comes a water soluble boysenberry flavor. It is 100% flavor with no nicotine and must be diluted before use.

RTS Vapes also has DIY kits and samplers, laboratory safety equipment, E Juice glass and plastic bottles, laboratory glassware, disposable transfer pipettes, filling syringes and needles, and just about everything you need for your own store.

If it has to do with making E Juice then RTS Vapes is the place go shop.

Are These Savings Not Enough?

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These are going to help you save big on your complete vaping experience.


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