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SauceCode Review | Vape Tank Review

Project Sub-Ohm is the manufacture of the newly popular SauceCode BXDC tank.

This tank was designed, developed, and engineered to be the tank that you are going to fall in love with.

The tank answers so many complaints of previous tanks that you might have owned with top quality designed.

What’s New – SauceCode BXDC??

The SauceCode BXDC offers you so many features that you have been looking for. With the SauceCode BXDC tank review I have to mention these features.

One of the best features that this tank offers you is the chance to have a leak resistant top fill design. This is one of my favorite recently discovered features for a number of reasons.

The biggest one is that I like to save money and since I am not spilling my e-liquid I am able to save quite a bit of money. I also love that I do not have that gross feeling of spilled e-juice on my mod or tank.

All in all this design is something that I am going to continue to make sure that my tanks have as I find that I am only using tanks that offer this feature.

Another thing that I really love about the BXDC is that it is so user friendly. The tank offers you an adjustable juice control that is a unique and fun design for everyone to use.

I love that it is not too difficult to use and that it is something that everyone can use. This is something that I do not always see with adjustable juice controls on tanks.

Sometimes these can be quite difficult to use even for those us that are more experienced vapers.

The features keep coming with the SauceCode BXDC tank. This tank features so many additional things that you should know about like the adjustable quad airflow.

This special airflow makes it possible for you to have the experience that you are looking for. This means that you can allow for more air to have a cooler vaping experience and to allow for more frequent vaping.

Plus you can get bigger clouds of vapor and have an overall ability to have more when it is left wide open. You can adjust this to a number of different settings as well.

This can make it possible for you to actually have a setting where the airflow is much tighter so that you can get smaller hits or a warmer experience if that is what you are seeking out.

Anyway you look at it with this feature you are going to be able to have the experience that you have been looking for.

You are going to be impressed and fall in love with the exciting bottom cross dual coil, which is what BXDC stands for. This is an industry first and something that is completely different.

One of the most exciting things about this new coil design is that it allows for more airflow. This means that you are going to get better flavor. In addition the coils are completely unique in the type of wicking material that is used.

These coils actually use a combination of organic cotton and cellulose which is different than the standard organic cotton only that other tanks use.

Vapor DNA’s Project Sub-Ohm brand is the force behind the SauceCode Sub-Ohm Tank. Vapor DNA is one of the most successful vaping companies and you can be sure that this trusted brand is going to offer you all that you have been looking for.

This new sub-ohm tank is going to take your vaping to a new level that you might not have been able to experience before.

Another thing that I want to mention is that this tank is very affordable. It is priced with the competition in mind. So you are not going to pay more for this great tank because they have priced it to be competitive for you.

Just remember to purchase this online so that you can be sure that you are getting the real thing. At this time it is only available through the Vapor DNA website.


  • Pyrex Glass Tank
  • 304 Stainless Steel Body
  • Top Fill Leak Resistant Design
  • User Friendly Juice Control System (Dual Action)
  • Quad Airflow that is Fully Adjustable
  • Special BXDC Sub-Ohm Coil Structure
  • Two Different Wicking Materials – Cellulose and Japanese Organic Cotton
  • RBA Head
  • 510 Connection Made from Copper
  • PEEK Insulator
  • 4.5 ml Tank Capacity
  • 304 Stainless Steel Short Widebore Drip Tip
  • Cross Compatibility with Other Vapor DNA Branded Heads (Eleaf Melo and Aspire Atlantis)
  • Serial Number Engraved on Project Sub-Ohm
  • Designed in the USA
  • Engineered in the USA
  • Developed in the USA

Sold Out? There Will Be More

One thing that is a bit disappointing with the SauceCode BXDC tank is that it is sold out all over.

This can be frustrating but Vapor DNA is thanking customers for being patient and asking them to hold out for when they have more in stock. Vapor DNA is promising that they are trying to fill orders of this tank as quickly as possible.

Right now it is a number one seller on their website and the initial response after the release was far more than what the company had expected.

A Closer Look at the Top Fill Leak Resistant Design

This tank introduces you to the most advanced top filling technology that you can find. The special design is truly spill resistant and allows you to fill from the top. This doubles as a dual action juice control system so that is something that you can easily learn about.

The system is called the dual action adjustable chimney system or the DAAC system. This is a special design that has the intent of advancing the vaping world into something completely new.

You are going to get to have a completely new experience with this sub-ohm tank that has become one of the fastest selling tanks ever.

One of the most important features of this design is that it fills from the top. This makes it easier to fill the tank than what you have come to expect with traditional tanks.

It also makes it something that you are going to be able to enjoy. Now the system is special because it actually allows for the chimney to be raised and lowered with ease.

It does alter the wicking elements of the coils as well, which is something that is different. With all of this technology it really makes it possible for you to never deal with a leak or spill again which is a huge bonus in my eyes.

Spills and leaks are my absolute least favorite thing about vaping.

Exploring the All New BXDC Coil System

The other really exiting feature of the SauceCode BXDC tank is the BXDC coil system. This tank offers you something that has never been seen before. This special technology is a design that you are not likely going to see on other tanks for a long time.

BXDC stands for bottom cross dual coil. This design features a quad 4 mm diameter airflow intake that pair with the quad exterior airflow directly.

This actually means that they are using all of the space efficiently with the available airflow space.

Final Thoughts – SauceCode BXDC Tank

The SauceCode BXDC Tank might be my new favorite tank. I have had tanks before that I thought would always be my favorite but I honestly believe that this is the only tank that I am ever going to need.

I love so many great features of this tank. This tank offers you something new that you are not going to find with another tank. In fact it actually offers you two things that are completely new so you can easily see how this is going to affect how things are.

The two special features that are most important for this tank are the BXDC coil system and the top fill, spill resistant feature. Both of these are really great features but they are features that I did not know that I wanted until I saw them with this tank.

In the future I know that I am going to be looking for tanks that have a spill proof top fill design because this is something that I now feel that I can not live without.

I also feel like I am going to be keeping a close eye on the BXDC coil design as this is something that I can’t wait to see where Vapor DNA takes it.

I also really appreciate that you can use pieces from other tanks that are interchangeable and will make it easier for me to use this exciting tank and all of its features.

With so many exciting features and excellent top quality performance I would highly recommend that you check out this amazing tank.

I do not often like to stand behind something new because I feel like tanks sometimes have a few kinks that might need to be worked out but it appears that this tank had all of its T’s crossed from the start.

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