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Sigelei 50W VR2 Box Mod Review

The Sigelei 50w VR2 takes a similar path to the Sigelei 100w. Plus, adding a few upgrades to the existing model platform as in the case of the original Sigelei 100w.

Hot on the heels of its extremely popular 50 watt box mod, Sigelei is apparently taking requests with this newest version of the device.

Sure, Sigelei is one of the most trusted names in vaping equipment however in Canada it is not widely regulated therefor, we cannot speak on there behalf.

Having a premium edition is always nice, but is this better looking cousin to the base model more than just a pretty faceplate? Whats the best E juice for it? These answers await you!


  • Dimensions: 43mm (W) x 23mm (D) x 95 mm (H)
  • YiHi SX330 internal processor
  • Variable Wattage (7- 50w)
  • Voltage Range: (1.2 – 8.5V, automatic adjustment)
  • 510 Threading w/ Self-Adjusting Copper Pin
  • OLED Screen
  • Powered by a single 18650 battery
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Input High Voltage Warning
  • Output Short Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Temperature Protection
  • Chargeable via Micro USB Cable
  • Removable Battery Replacement

What’s New?- Sigelei 50W VR2

sigelei 50w vr2

Along with the sleek new exterior of the VR2, Sigelei’s upgraded 50 watt box mod comes with a larger OLED display than the previous model.

This happened to make for easier reading as well as a double magnet closure that replaces the old screw back to the battery bay.

Another significant upgrade to the device comes in the form of the floating contact pin. This is one of many 50w Box Mods that have received an upgrade.

It self-adjusts to accommodate peripherals with different pin lengths at the connection point.

Check out the Sigelei 50w VR2 | Under $80.00

Sony VTC4 18650 Battery

sigelei 50w vtc battery picture

The Sigelei 50w VR2 houses a single 18650-type battery, which can be charged internally via the USB port on the unit or removed for external charging. 

Removable batteries that also support internal charging used to be a feature limited to some of the most expensive devices on the market.

The magnetic battery bay door stands as even more proof that Sigelei had its ear to the streets when designing the VR2, as those tiny screws that held the battery door of older units in place were a common source of complaints.

We’re glad to see this nifty feature making it down into lower price points. We recommend the VTC4 18650 battery for the Sigelei 50w VR2, it’s a popular battery that holds it quality down very well.

Nitecore I2 Charger

intellicharger i2The USB charging point of the Sigelei 50w V2 mod does not support passthrough charging.

This allows you to charge and use your device at the same time.

While you can charge the battery via USB, it’s better to charge your batteries outside your mods in an external charger

If you have many batteries, might we suggest the NiteCore IntelliCharge.

This advanced power station not only charges each of the four batteries that make up its charging capacity individually.

It automatically detects their charge levels and cuts power to any battery that has reached a full charge to prevent battery overheating and damage.

Unless one of your favorite hobbies is buying new batteries, the guaranteed battery stability is worth the small premium over a cheap charger.

Nitecore I2 Charger  | – Under $20.00

Variable Wattage

The Sigelei 50w VR2 features variable user-controlled wattage adjustable from 7 to 50 watts in increments of 0.1.

It also has internally regulated voltage that automatically finds the ideal voltage level between 1.2 and 8.5V based on the current resistance level, supporting atomizers rated for 0.2-3.0ohm.


The newly upgraded connection point features a self-adjustable copper pin for compatibility with a wider range of accessories.

It retains the standard 510 connection that has brought most of the vaping community together in an inspiring show of solidarity.

Build Quality and Features

Build quality on the Sigelei 50w VR2 is improved from the already high level established by the original 50w model, with an overall more solid-feeling device resulting from the various upgrades.

The unit itself has a solid, comfortable feel in the hand as well as a reassuring heft, remaining a well-balanced device.

Ups and Downs

Minor issues with the Sigelei 50W V2 box mod include an oddly positioned LCD screen that is substantially recessed from the surface of the unit, making for difficult reading at some angles in lower light.

Another mild complaint is that the release of the up-tweaked VR2 so soon after the original 50 watt model makes the older version seem like something of a beta tester.

Umbrage with release practices aside, the VR2 is a respectable upgrade to the original Sigelei 50w box mod.

A few key upgrades make for a superior unit overall, and a better looking exterior never hurt anybody…in fact, it’s made several careers.

Best Clearomizers for Sigelei 50w VR2

Aspire Atlantis

aspire atlantis review headerThe Aspire Atlantis tank has become one of the standbys of the vaping community.

Some of these features include adjustable airflow and Sub Ohm coils that deliver the flavor punch and vapor quality that people go to the trouble of rebuilding atomizers for.

It’s easy to fill, easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to love, so it wasn’t too hard to find good things to say about it in our full review of the Aspire Atlantis.

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Kanger Subtank Mini

Subtank Mini ReviewPretty much everybody who goes with the Kanger Subtank Mini falls in love relatively quickly.

It’s one of the most outstanding conventional tanks on the market featuring Organic Cotton Coils.

>>>Click here for our full review of the Kanger Subtank Mini<<<


Thanks to its advanced internal processing chip, the Sigelei 50W VR2 Box Mod has a number of stability measures such as temperature protection, voltage management, and short circuit protection.

Reverse polarity protection ensures the unit will not be damaged if the battery is incorrectly inserted, and the unit also has a locking feature to prevent undesired operation.

Locking your device is great if you are carrying it in your pocket or purse. 

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Final Thoughts

Sigelei 50w VR2 (2)At the end of the day, the Sigelei 50w VR2 is a dressed-up version of the original 50 watt model from the manufacturer.

However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as its newest designs feature bold graphics and intricate detailing that really catch the eye and should be a hit with vapers who like to stand out.

We’re not sure how well the fancy designs will hold up, however, a protective silicone sleeve is included with stock purchases of the unit.

The Sigelei 50W V2 mod retains the stellar performance of the previous edition, turning out vapor with good density and flavor paired with a selection of our favorite tanks.

Vapers already happy with their base model 50w or similar devices can probably skip the mad dash down to the local vape shop to get their hands on one of the last in stock.

Check out the Sigelei 50w VR2 | Under $80.00

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