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Sigelei Elite Sub Ohm Tank Review | Vape Tank Reviews

The Sigelei Elite sub ohm tank is the newest tank from the popular Sigelei brand. This is the first sub ohm tank for the brand and one that will leave users happy and satisfied with the choice that they made.

Sigelei has not been in this market before but has been manufacturing and reproducing tanks so it was a natural transition for the brand to start offering something new.

Composed of stainless steel and pyrex glass, the Sigelei Elite sub ohm tank is one tank that is sure to be gaining some major attention in coming months.

What’s better is that the tank offers you the chance to have amazing flavor profiles with high quality Japanese organic cotton in the coils. All of these things combined mean that Sigelei really knocked the ball out of the park with their first attempt.

What’s New – Sigelei Elite sub ohm tank

Most major vaping brands have had at least one sub ohm tank on the market for a while. This has not been the case for Sigelei and is something that needs to be mentioned in a Sigelei Elite sub ohm tank review.

One thing is for certain all of the wait was not disappointing when I checked this out. In fact this is something that I enjoyed thoroughly and it really made my day.

To understand just how the Sigelei Elite is different you would have to start by looking at the high quality construction of the tank. If you are like me, tanks are something that you go through pretty often.

I am always dropping a tank, knocking it off of the counter, or any number of things that lead to their demise. This means that a tank that can take a beating and not break is one that is going to be great for my busy and active lifestyle.

The Sigelei Elite sub ohm tank has made it through my abuse and is still going strong. The has been constructed 100% from high quality stainless steel. The actual tank part is constructed from nearly indestructible Pyrex glass.

I say nearly indestructible because I have broken a few tanks that are made from Pyrex glass in the past.

The next thing that I feel needs mentioned is the fact that the Sigelei sub ohm tank has superior airflow quality than other Sigelei tanks have had. This tank actually has three airflow holes.

The hole are strategically placed so that you have airflow from both sides. In the past Sigelei tanks have not had the greatest airflow because of the holes being located primarily on one side.

Thankfully this is not the case with this tank. We all know that better airflow leads to better clouds which is something that many vapers are looking for.

If you are a cloud chaser then you are in luck. That’s right the Sigelei Elite sub ohm tank is one of the best cloud chasing sub ohm tanks that I have owned. It is capable of producing some huge clouds.

This is because you can adjust all three of the airflow holes so that you can get the perfect amount of air that you need to produce your favorite sized clouds.

Along with superior clouds comes superior flavor which is something that many vapers feel like they need.

I will admit that I really did not fully grasp the concept of superior flavor until more recently. In fact I struggled with finding a tank that was able to really offer me the flavor profiles that I now am looking for.

The problem was that with the tanks that I had been using the flavors were there and sometimes they were great, but overall they were not what they could have been.

If you have not been using a great sub ohm tank you could really be missing out. In fact you might not even realize that you are missing out because until you have a great tank you will never know how truly delicious your e-liquids were meant to be.

The Sigelei Elite sub ohm tank will offer you a full 4.5 ml capacity. This is great for anyone who has ever wanted more vaping and felt like they needed something more.

I have found that this has made a world of difference, for me personally, with being able to enhance my own vaping experiences.

Having a tank that allows you to have more e-liquid means that you have a tank that will let you vape longer without having to add any additional e-liquid.

This is great for those who travel or are not always in a position where they can be filling their tanks. Plus this tank offers you a unique anti-spill technology.

If you have been a sub ohm vaper for a while and have ever had the embarrassing problem of a tank leaking all over something, then you will really appreciate this.

Plus it is great for those like me who hate to waste their e-liquid.


  • 510 Threading
  • 68 mm x 22 mm
  • Air Hole Size 2.5 mm

A Quick Lesson on Sub Ohm Vaping

If you have not owned a sub ohm tank before then you might need to understand a few things about the sub ohm vaping experience.

The first thing that you must realize is that all e-cigarettes, mechanical mods and VV or VW regulated mods, are powered by batteries.

This means that they are an electronic item. The sub ohm vaping processes uses the basic principles of ohms and joules of electricity.

For instance a non-variable battery source (in this case, your mod’s battery) will increase the power (wattage) when you decrease the resistance (ohms) of the coils.

One thing is for certain when you are sub ohm vaping with the Sigelei Elite sub ohm tank or any other sub ohm tank that you must be doing it safely.

There is a potential for injury since it is an electronic device. So make sure that you fully understand the responsibility and that you are taking the time to read directions completely before you start using the product.


  1. Ego Compatible
  2. Pyrex Glass
  3. Resistance .2 ohm – 1.2 ohm
  4. Wattage 10W-70W
  5. 3 Adjustable Air Holes
  6. 4.5 ml Tank Capacity

A Superior Vaping Experience

Not all vaping experiences are created equal. If you have had a bad vaping experience then it can quickly turn you off to vaping.

In my own personal experience I have used tanks that produced less than stellar flavor profiles. One tank that I checked out actually made my e-liquids all taste so different that I did not like them.

At first I thought that it was me and that suddenly I could not stomach the things that I had been enjoying for years.

Thankfully I was smart enough to switch tanks and try one more time.

The Sigelei Elite sub ohm tank is not a tank that is going to do this for you. In fact my vaping experience has only been enhanced and made better since I started using this tank.

I love that the tank helps me to get the huge clouds that I want from time to time.

Do not worry though, because when you want smaller clouds you are going to find that you can still get them as well.

One thing that makes a vaping experience more satisfying to me personally is when I can get everything that I want.

I want a vaping experience that is more custom and offers me the chance to switch things up a bit from time to time.

With the Sigelei Elite that is possible.

You are going to be able to have small clouds or large clouds. You can vape with higher resistance and lower wattage or you can have lower resistance and higher wattage.

What’s Included?

1 x Sigelei Elite sub ohm tank
1 x OCC Coil .5 ohm (15W-30W Range)
1 x OCC Coil 1.2 ohm (12W-25W Range)
1 x OCC Coil .2 ohm (30W-70W Range)
1 x Pyrex Glass Tank
2 x Seal Rings
2 x Small Seal Rings
1 x Manual

Safety First

When vaping at sub ohm levels, safety should be the first priority. Make sure that the device you plan to use it on is capable of firing sub ohm resistances.

Check your batteries’ continuous discharge levels to be sure they will be safe. Never use a sub ohm tank on a mechanical mod with a hybrid top cap.

Final Thoughts

With so many great options and being able to customize your vaping experience to the fullest extent, you might just find that the Sigelei Elite sub ohm tank is just what you have been looking for.

In fact it might go along with the old adage that good things come to those who wait.

Since I have been a fan of Sigelei’s other tanks I was hoping that they would release a sub ohm tank for a while now. I am not disappointed that I had to wait so long for this one.

It really makes you feel like all of the wait was worth it when you are vaping with a superior tank.

Plus I love that the tank has varying levels of resistance, a wide range of wattage, and comes with the spare parts that you need to really have the custom vaping experience that you have been looking for.

It is one high quality tank that I believe is going to take the vaping world by storm as people start to realize just how great it really is.


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