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Sigelei Mini 30w Review

The Sigelei Mini 30w strikes directly at the heart of the vaunted Pioneer4You IPV Mini, featuring a slightly smaller mini box mod form factor with design and internal cues taken from the more established Siglelei 50 watt model.

It seems like the past few months have been riddled with releases of many minis. 

When you consider that the benefit is getting the kind of power you used to only get in mods with a suitcase-style handle to possibly fit into that coin pocket nobody puts coins into on jeans.

By all appearances, the mini box mod profile is here to stay, but can we say the same for this latest offering in the category? We’ll both know by the end of our Sigelei Mini mod review.


  • Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Dimensions: 90.3mm (H) x 36mm (W) x 22mm (D)
  • LED Settings Display
  • Variable Wattage (5-30w)
  • USB charging port
  • Upgraded Internal Chip
  • DC-DC mode
  • PWM mode – Pulse Width Modulation
  • Spring loaded adjustable copper 510 pin connection
  • Low resistance Protection
  • Output Short Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Vented Battery Casing

What’s New?- Sigelei Mini 30w

sigelei_mini_30wThe Sigelei Mini Mod brings the manufacturer’s trusted quality, performance and innovation into a lower weight class.

This mod is boasting an upgraded proprietary chip set with two separate operation modes (which we’ll discuss in more detail later.)

Other additions include an 8-point magnetic battery bay cover, which is quickly and thankfully becoming a standard as well as a brightly lit LED screen.

Sigelei Mini 30w Box Mod Battery Life and Power

The Sigelei Mini 30w Box Mod is powered by a lone 18650-type battery that is removable from the unit for external charging.

The Sigelei Mini box mod feels solid in the hand, with perhaps a bit less weight than some of its close competitors, but a sturdy feel nonetheless.

One area where it stands over its peers is in its 8 points of contact for the battery door, which should really ensure that the thing is there to stay when you replace it.

Battery life is decent with the Sigelei Mini mod, with the 18650 battery providing adequate power on a full day out on a single charge with moderate levels of use.

The option to charge the unit via USB cable is appreciated, but the placement of the port isn’t the great, as it is located bottom of the unit so you have to lay it down while charging.

There’s also no pass-through on this device.

Sigelei Mini 30w – – $39.99

Charge Options

charged batteryUSB charging is supported with the Sigelei Mini 30w through the port located at the side of the unit.

For external charging or a multiple battery rotation, you’ll need a quality wall-mounted charger like the NightCore Intellicharge D4.

This brainy battery booster supports the 18650 and a range of other rechargeable batteries.

It also includes automatic battery detection, individual charging and overcharge shutoff.

If you’re a forgetter and don’t like your batteries ‘sploded, remember to buy this charger.

Variable Wattage

The Sigelei Mini mod allows users to adjust the wattage from 5 to 30 watts, and the internal processor automatically finds the ideal voltage to accompany the chosen settings.

It uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to regulate the power because this device does not sport step-down.

This means that instead of a straight power signal, it very rapidly turns the power on and off to generate the right wattage output.

DC-DC Mode

A common misconception about this mode is that it converts it into an unregulated device.

This is not what happens. Since this device doesn’t have step-down, when it’s in DC-DC mode it can only regulate up, or “boost” the power.

So if you have a freshly charged battery in it at 4.2v, it cannot go down any lower. But if you have a battery that has a charge of 3.9v, it can push 3.9 and up.

This is why if you have it set to DC-DC mode and set the wattage to 5w, you can still get lots of vapor production.

Since the DC-DC mode provides a straight signal, it makes for a smoother vape than PWM mode.

The Mini’s Threading Stats

The Sigelei Mini Box Mod employs a spring loaded adjustable 510 connection at the top of the unit for nearly universal compatibility.

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Best Clearomizer for Sigelei Mini

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Safety Features for the Sigelei Mini

Safety features on the Sigelei Mini Box Mod are second to none, with features including low resistance protection, short circuit protection and reverse battery protection.

The design of the Sigelei Mini Mod also incorporates a vented battery casing to help regulate temperature when the internal control system is disabled.

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Sigelei Mini 30w Box Mod Overview

Our early impressions of the Sigelei Mini mod are overwhelmingly positive.

Sigelei brings its understated yet distinctive design hallmarks to the smallest member of the line, and they’re as handsome as always here.

The finish of the aluminum alloy casing is sharp, and the included silicone case will ensure it stays that way. It’s really a nice touch by Sigelei to include a simple addition that contributes real value.

mini30 2

All things considered, the Sigelei Mini 30w Box Mod is yet another credible contender to the minis division championship.

Solid execution of a basic idea makes this Sigelei offering a success: “it does the pretty much the same thing as our other products, it just takes up less space in so doing.”

Get your Sigelei Mini 30w |  Only $39.99

Share Your Thoughts

The explosion of mini mods in recent months serves to let us know that the company has the right idea, and so any vape enthusiast who respects the Sigelei name can pursue the Mini 30w with confidence.

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