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Sigelei Mini Book Mod Review | Vape Box Mod Review

There are a ton of different mods out there. The Sigelei Mini Book Mod is one of the newest box mods to be introduced to the market as it is being released later in November.

This box mod has a ton of features and a full 40 watts of power which is going to offer you the exact vaping experience that you are looking for.

What’s New – Sigelei Mini Book Mod?

The Sigelei Mini Book Mod is one of the newest mods to be on the market.

This exciting box mod offers you a lot of features that will keep you happy while you are vaping.

It also helps to address some of the problems that you might have faced with other box mods in the past.

The mod offers you temperature control with the use of nickel coils. At this time only nickel coils are available but in the future there might be other options available to you.

The mod can fire down to .05 ohms which is pretty good for those who are interested in sub ohm vaping.

You will find that this allows you to get bigger clouds, greater overall airflow with any tank, and more.

You will be able to have the vaping experience that you have been dreaming of when you are using the Sigelei Mini Book.

The Sigelei Mini Book is just an addition to Sigelei’s line of high performance box mods. This mod is one that is going to be easy to hold and fire up thanks to its small size.

It has simple performance that you are going to find refreshing since you have been looking for the mod of the future.

It also has easy to use additional findings and is a mod that you can be certain is going to take you into the future.

It is not one of those mods that is going to be awkward or uncomfortable to hold even over time.

You will find you can easily and comfortably use it even if you are vaping for extended periods of time.

You can also use this mod anywhere between 5 W and 40 W so it is great for vapers who want to use a mod for lower wattages too.

I find that when I am vaping I am usually using a mod between 20 W and 30 W regardless of the type of vaping that I am doing.

I have done a little research on this and this is the most used range of power for vaping. Some people think that they need more power, pay a lot more for a mod capable of higher wattage’s, and end up with a mod that they are just not that happy with.

If you are like most vapers, you will find that this mod has plenty of power for you and does not waste what power it does have.

Another thing that I really like is the temperature range of the Sigelei Mini Book.

This mod can fire between 100 degrees and 300 degrees C. This is nice to know for those of you like a hot vaping experience because it certainly can be hot enough for you.

In addition, it is going to offer you a nice cool vaping experience if that is what you desire.

For me personally, I like to have a cool vaping experience and I found the option to vape at 100 degrees to be just what I like.

It was never so hot that I got warm or burning throat hits! (This is something that I have found with other mods and something that I personally try to avoid at all costs!)

Of course, you are probably wondering what my vaping experiences were like. Overall I would say that this is a good mod. Have I used better mods? Yes. Have I used worse mods?

Yes. I feel like it would be a really great temperature control mod to start with if you have not ever used sub ohm vaping before.

I believe this because: 1) It is temperature controlled so you do not have to worry about it getting too hot. And 2) I believe that it was really simple to use when compared to some of the other mods on the market.

With those two things combined, I really believe that beginners could benefit from this type of experience.

A Few Notes About Sigelei

I think that learning about a company that produces products that I use is important. There are a few things that I think that you might be interested to learn about Sigelei if you have been checking out the Mini Book Mod.

One of the things that I think is so cool about this company is that they are constantly trying to improve and find the newest things for vapers to enjoy.

Their dedication to high level products and passion for development make them a leader in the industry.

They do not only want to give you the best products that are perfectly tailored to your vaping needs, but they also aim to be leaders of innovation in the vaping community.

Plus they are dedicated to offering you the highest quality products at the best prices so that everyone can find the vaping choices that are going to really matter the most to them.

Features of the Sigelei Mini Book Mod

  • Maximum Power of 40W
  • Temperature Control Mode Available
  • Wattage Mode Available (please read up on safety info before choosing this mode!)
  • Protection from Low Voltage
  • Protection from Low Resistance
  • Warning for High Voltage Input
  • Protection from Short Circuit Output
  • Protection from Reverse Batteries
  • Prevention from Overheating

Reasons You Want Protections Built In To Your Mod

With so many horror stories out there about things that have gone wrong with mods, it is no wonder that you cannot get by any longer without finding some type of protection.  

There are a lot of reasons that you should make sure that you are using these protections and vaping in the right mode, especially if you are using sub ohm vaping.

Even though it can be tempting to use other modes, it can be dangerous. There have been mods that have exploded and caught on fire when they have become too hot!

Specifications – Sigelei Mini Book Mod

  • 5 W – 40 W – Variable Wattage Range
  • .5 V – 7 V – Variable Output Voltage
  • 3.2 V – 4.2 V – Variable Battery Voltage Range
  • 18650 (high drain version) Batteries
  • 25 A – Maximum Current for the Mod
  • 100 degrees C – 300 degrees C – Temperature Control Range
  • Supports Nickel Wires
  • Should Be Able to Support Kanthal Wires Soon
  • .05 ohm – 2.5 ohm – Variable Atomizer ohm Range
  • 118 grams – Product Weight
  • 85 mm x 22 mm x 39.5 mm – Product Dimensions

Final Thoughts – Sigelei Mini Book Mod

In any Sigelei Mini Book Mod Review there are a few things that you should think about and have knowledge of. Of course you can expect the same thing out this mod that you have probably come to expect from the Sigelei name and that is high quality.

You know that this is going to be a mod that you will have for a long time and that you are going to be able to use without having problems.

The company is dedicated to doing a great job with their products and this dedication is clear when you own anything made by them.

There are a few things that I really liked about the Mini Book Mod. One of these is that the Mini Book is comfortable for me to hold.

If you’ve been reading my reviews, you will know that I admit to having small hands which can make vaping quite uncomfortable with a lot of the larger sized mods. One thing that I truly appreciated with this mod is that it fit comfortably in my hands even though they are small.

Another thing that I was really happy with is the way that this mod works. You can easily use the buttons and the functions of the mod were simple to understand. Plus the OLED screen was clear and easy to read which might not always be the case with mods, so it is worth mentioning.

The mod’s performance was also great. I liked that I could vape at different wattage settings and at the temperature that I like best. I also liked that my husband could vape with this mod at wattage settings that he enjoys and the warmer temperatures that he prefers.

I love that it has a temperature control function that performs well. It is important for me to make sure that I have a mod that is safe and I felt like this one really was.

Finally, I appreciated that this mod would be perfect for beginners. There are a few people who might not be as happy as I was with the Mini Book. In fact, many different more experienced vapers do prefer to vape at higher wattage settings.

While this does not include the vast majority, it does include a slim minority who would not be happy.

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