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Smaug v2 150w Box Mod Review

The Luxyoun Smaug v2 150 Watt Box Mod is a gorgeous mod that has all of the features you’re used to but with more bang for your buck. The Vaping field is getting competitive

There is plenty to talk about with this new update and you’ll love what this mod has to offer. What tank best fits this mod? What kind of E Juice should I use? These questions will be found below!

In this Smaug 150 watt box mod review we’ll look at everything this mod has to offer compared to the previous version.

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What’s New with the Smaug v2 150w?

Smaug v2 150W Box Mod 3There are plenty of new features on the Smaug v2 150W that are really impressive.

First of all, is how it looks.

There are three color options – black, blue, and silver – and each one has the awesome dragon insignia that looks absolutely spectacular.

There is not an ounce of a cheap or chintzy look to it and it’s perfect for guys or girls who vape.

The buttons are updated too and while previous release pictures showed that they match the color you choose, the actual release has silver updated buttons on all of the colors.

It’s a simple thing with the buttons but it really looks sensational on this mod, even in the silver.

It has a scratch resistant coating and it will get fingerprints, but it looks elegant and you can always just wipe it off if it gets smudged.

Next, you have the magnetic battery door that makes it easier to open and close and stays put when you need it.

It also has the latest SX1500 updates so everything runs as optimal as possible. Unlike the iPv3, the back feels very solid and has a lip that holds it inside so it fits flush and not loose.

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Features of the Smaug v2 150w Box Mod

  • Attractive Metal Box
  • New Dual Battery 150 watt design
  • Latest SX1500 Chip
  • Fires down to 0.3 ohms
  • LCD Display shows the puffs, battery level, resistance, voltage, wattage, and settled vaping time
  • SX1500 Chip
  • Variable wattage from 7 watts to 150 watts in one watt increments
  • Features two operation modes – Manual and G Sensor
  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Low voltage warning
  • Magnetic back cover
  • Supports 0.3 – 5 ohm atomizers
  • Has a lock and unlock feature where you simply click three times to do either function
  • Single battery input at 3.2 – 4.2 V
  • Takes dual (2) 18650 batteries (sold separately) and batteries are interchangeable 65mm battery length

How well does is Vape?

For vaping, it gives a good, constant stream without any popping and the flavor comes out smooth and flavorful. The breather holes at the bottom and by the buttons for optimum vaping ability.

There is a 10 second feature so you cannot puff more than 10 seconds at a time, just in case there is anyone who does that and the clouds are amazing.

Safety Features

This is also a great safeguard if you happen to have it in your pocket without the device being locked. Safety is always important when Vaping.

Tapping the buttons five times puts you into the sensor mode and allows you to set up everything, including locking the buttons.

Looking Good

smaug-v2-150w-box-modThe display of this vape box mod is nice and pleasant looking and has the watts and automatically adjusts the volts, which you can watch change.

It has how many volts your battery is putting out, your ohms, and a puff counter at the top.

Memory Chip

A nice thing is the memory chip holds in your information so when you change the batteries.

You don’t lose your puff count like some do just in case that is something you enjoy keeping up with. Nor do you have to set your settings each time like with others.

Battery/Charger Stats

Battery life is displayed as well so you know when it gets time to think about changing the batteries.

They run parallel with the plus signs side by side which can lead to more power and greater current capacity.

The charger is a pass through USB and takes around nine hours to get a full charge from 3.5 to 4.2 and it does have a protective mode that will cause it to stop firing if the charge gets below the 3.5, which comes in handy.

It has really good battery life and all of the bells and whistles that give it a lot of power.

This short circuit protection really works well to protect your unit and even though this is an advanced device, it has so many safety features that someone new to mods can most likely use this one more easily.

Extra Features

The Smaug is bit different than a few other mods where it is not self-adjusting or spring loading but instead has a flat head adjusting screw for you to be able to adjust it for the atomizer you use.

It has a copper contact that allows great contact with your atomizer. It has huge 510 adapter with breathers that is very well made.

This has the latest firmware so that you can upgrade if the manufacturer decides to release a new upgrade. Most people don’t go above 150 watts anyway but that option is there just in case.

Thread and Build Quality

The Smaug v2 150 Watt Box Mod has a recessed 510 connection with adjustable center pin and fits a variety of atomizers which fit flush to the base of the unit.

The threads are reversed so that the atomizers fits well and locks into place.

Best Clearomizers for Smaug V2 150w

Aspire Nautilus

Aspire's new Nautilus ClearomizerThe Aspire Nautilus is setting the new standard for tanks with an adjustable airflow design that is blowing away its’ competitors.

Seasoned vapers and newbies alike are both already enjoying this new option.

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Aspire Atlantis

aspire atlantis review headerThe Aspire Atlantis is a definite game changer in the vaping scene.

It is a sub ohming, cloud chasing, flavor bursting machine without all the coil wrapping and and experience needed to use an RBA/RDA.

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Similar Mods

Check out your favorite 150 watt Mods here! These guys surely separate themselves from the rest of the field, but don’t let me spoil it for you!

IPV3 150w

IPV3 150w mod review headerThe IPV3 is an extremely solid unit.

A pressed aluminum body, and vapor production takes advantage of every watt of power to deliver big flavor and density with good warmth.

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Cloupor T8

cloupor t8 100 watt box modThis powerhouse box mod is touted as delivering up to 150 watts of vaporizing force in every draw.

If you’re in the market for juice, no doubt you’ve taken a look at the Cloupor T8.

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Vista Vapor

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Final Thoughts

Luxyoun Smaug V2 150 Watt Box ModThe Smaug v2 150W Box Mod is really impressive.

Not only is the design attractive and classy looking but the functionality is very user friendly.

It has a very smooth hit when using it for clouds that are puffy and full-bodied. Even with the attractive design, the box feels solid when using it.

It’s attractive, has a lot of benefits, and it has a clean hit and the ability to upgrade. It has all of the features that make it a hit for both experienced vapers as well as those who may be new to the mod world.

It also has a sturdy build and while it is certainly not indestructible, it can be dropped by accident without much damage.

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