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SMOK H-Priv Kit Review | Vape Kit

SMOKTECH-H-PRIV-220W-TC-Starter-Kit-4SMOKTECH H PRIV is the latest addition to the e-cigarette segment.

It is not only a classy-looking piece but with this product SMOKTECH has solved many problems of the previous vapes.

The kit features a maximum power of 220w couples with superior design, great taste, and excellent cloud.

SMOKTECH H PRIV 220W TC Starter Kit Features

  • 1 H PRIV TC Box Mod(220 w) 1 Micro TFV4 Tank(22mm/ 2.5 ml,3 ml)
  • 1 replacement XL glass tube
  • 1 USB upgrading cable Pre-installed 0.3ohm Micro Fused Clapton Core
  • 0.25ohm Micro Stainless Steel Dual Core
  • Tank Extension Adapter
  • Red Smok Vape Band
  • User manual and spare parts


  1. The H-priv mod box has a 220 w power which is the highest power in the SMOK brand.
  2. It is powered by two batteries of 18650.
  3. The smok mod allows resistance of 0.06 ohm in the temperature control mode, in a range of 200 F to 600F.
  4. It is compatible with all atomizers and RTA’s in this series.

Body and Finish

The H- priv has an up market look, with an impeccable finish that has seen tremendous improvement since the last model.

The body of the Smok control box is made up of zinc and is available in colors of black, silver and white.

The new painted finish is superior in quality than the oxidized versions.

Battery Cover

The new SMOK H- priv has been engineered to provide safe vaping.

It has 8 venting holes and uses the injection molding technique for the replacement of batteries.

The positive and negative terminals have high electrical conductivity and are 24K gold plated.

The directions to place the batteries in their slots are clearly given and carry an insulation layer protection feature.

Note- Incorrect placement of batteries, or sub-standard batteries could lead to the damage of the product

The Fire Key

The fire key in the H-priv is interestingly blended with the body of the SMOK box.

It is similar to the design of X CUBE and has done away with the customized LED buttons.

SMOKTECH H PRIV 220W TC Starter Kit Body and Look

The first look of the SMOK box leaves an impressive impact.

With rounded edges, a sleek body finish, and eye- catching color contrasts, this piece is perfect for those who exude an elegant and classy lifestyle.

The firing button is a red triangle design that covers the length on one side of the box.

Display Screen and Buttons

The display of the SMOK has been precisely improvised from the last model.

The values and alerts on the display are all visible once the user lights up the vape.

The display screen and the buttons are top-mounting in the SMOK mod box and make the accessibility easy for the user.

The buttons are conspicuous and neatly displayed.

The screen illumination time and OLED screen contrast can all be adjusted as per the user’s preference.

The only underside here would be the screen brightness that lags slightly in sunlight.

The screen also seems to fog up at times on release of vapor.

The top display bar has few cracks through which dust and juice could penetrate inside causing functional issues.

Temperature Control and Performance

The wattage and temperature have modes like Max, Min, Hard, and Soft.

There are 16 power settings M1-16, which could be a pain to remember.

The 220 watts power makes the SMOK H-priv a powerful device.

It works in variable watt and temperature control settings seamlessly to make maximum use of the TFV4 feature.

The Mini TFV4 can be refilled from the top with no hassle to remove the tank.

The battery door seems to be a little messed up as it does not glide back very smoothly after fitting the batteries.

The firing delay in this mod is an issue that has not been improved since the X Cube 2.

Though it takes just a second of a delay, it could be a big wait for those eager to vape.

Final Thought

With improved features and a better look, it is evident that Smoktech has strived to improve its performance from the last models.

The SMOK H-Priv has borrowed the best features of the last two models, X Cube 2 and the R200, and come up with a superior quality product.

The firing delay issue of the mod is being fixed by the company, and we can safely say that the Smok H –Priv is a high powered sturdy device which should be checked out by the vape enthusiasts.

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