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SMOK M80 Review

The SMOK M80 is the next generation of vaping. Do you want the newest experience to be at your fingertips? It is going to help propel you into the future of vaping. 

SMOK has been around for a long time and is a company that continues to produce some of the most innovative and unique vaping products that are available.

SMOK actually got its start making tanks and cartomizers.  Later they started manufacturing and producing mods. 

We are so glad that they did because the SMOK M80 is one of the best mods for your money and a mod that really blows many other mods out of the water.

The SMOK M80 is really the mod that is going to change the way that you think about vaping with  is ease of use and amazing performance ability. 

Since it is a small mod and will easily fit in your hands, you will really have everything that you want available for you at your fingertips.

This device was made for unique performance that is able to be used in almost any fashion you like.  The M80 really seeks to improve upon the M65 that has been raved about previously.


  • Dimensions — 85 mm (H) x 55 mm (W) x 22 mm (D)
  • Weight — 174 g
  • Made from aluminum alloy and zinc alloy
  • Flush 510 Threaded
  • 4 Colors to Choose From (gold, gray, black, silver)
  • Adjustable Spring Loaded 510 Connector
  • CE Safety Certification
  • Large Battery Capacity of 4400 mAh
  • Variable Wattage Output up to 80W and as low as 6W
  • 510 to eGo Adapter Included
  • 2 Built in 18650 Li-polymer batteries (batteries can not be removed!!)
  • 0.1 ohm Minimum Resistance
  • VW Mode and Mech Mode Settings
  • Rapid Recharging with Micro USB


  1. Install tank into the top of the unit.  You can either install a 510 threaded tank or you can use the included adapter to use an eGo tank.
  2. Quickly press the firing button five times to activate the mod.
  3. Now press the firing button to release the vapor.
  4. You can easily adjust settings with the + and – buttons that are on the mod.  You can easily read the level that it is at with the screen that clearly shows them to you.
  5. When you are finished quickly press the firing button five time to deactivate the mod.

What’s New with the SMOK M80? 

SMOK m80One of the most exciting new features with the SMOK M80 is that you can actually use it to vape while it is charging. 

This was one of the biggest complaints about the SMOK M65 which was the precursor model to this one. 

Plus there is a puff counter and the mod will display the date and time. 

All of these are improvements that former users had asked for with the former model. 

You will be able to have a longer and stronger vaping experience with the M80 than you could have had before. 

The battery system has also changed and there is no longer a need to unscrew and remove a cover in order to change the batteries. 

This was something else that had previously been noted as an inconvenience on the previous model.

Another great new feature with the SMOK M80 is that it is actually temperature controlled.  This means that you can choose what temperature you would like the mod to be set at between 100 and 600. 

The mod is able to regulate the temperature the entire time that you are vaping which prevents you from vaping on something that is too hot for you.

Regulating temperature also allows you to avoid dry hits. Cotton will auto-ignite at around 760 degrees F, but will begin to put off burnt flavor much lower at around 450 degrees.

Setting the temperature control at 400 degrees will only vaporize the ejuice that you have left on your wick instead of burning it, resulting in no dry hits.

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What Type of Battery Does It Take?

Another great feature that has been raved about in everyone’s SMOK M80 review has been that it does not require you to unscrew the battery cover to get the batteries out. 

In fact the unit contains two 18650 Li-polymer batteries that are built in. 

It is important to note that you should not attempt to take these out of the unit.  Again, you will never have to take off the cover and change the batteries since they are built in.

Thanks to short circuit protection and additional protection from overheating you will be able to use this mod safely while it is charging. 

You never have to worry about vaping being dangerous while you are using your mod.

A Big Surprise in a Stunning Little Package?

SMOK m80 (3)The size of the SMOK M80 is considerably smaller than many other mods on the market with the same output and performance. 

You will love how this mod looks too.  It has a clean and sleek design and since it is small it is easy to take with you anywhere. 

The unit is lightweight too but still has a decent heft to it which feels sturdy. 

This is a strategic point made by the designers that helps to make sure that your mod is not easily misplaced or lost.

Best of all is that you can purchase this mod in one of four different colors that you will be able to enjoy.  The unit is sleek and the light up display is fun while being functional.

It Offers the Variable Wattage That You Are Looking For!

One of the best things about the SMOK M80 is that it offers such a wide range of variable wattage.  You can actually have the wattage as low as 6W and as high as 80W. 

Most mods do not go to 80W and generally stop at around 65W so this is an improvement on those. 

While some mods have wattage as low as 5W they generally do not have such an expansive choice for you.

The ability to really change the wattage between these two different ranges can allow for you to have the vaping experience that you are looking for. 

You can have a nice soft and gentle pull or you can have a hit that is strong and forceful.

Quality of Build and Threading

The SMOK M80 is made from aluminum alloy and zinc alloy and is built to last.  It is made with the highest quality standards. 

The build quality is great so it’s sure to last you if you take care of it. It’s got loads of safety features to keep you safe.

The spring loaded 510 pin is something that has been popping up a lot lately on many mods. 

This is a feature that makes it considerably easier to change tanks and try out new tanks on the mod without having to fiddle with adjusting the 510 pin yourself.

In addition to the 510 pin there is a great 510-eGo adapter that allows you to use the product eGo threaded tanks. 

The main button is larger in size which makes it easier for you to use.  In addition the buttons are high quality and solid.

Best Clearomizers for SMOK M80

SMOK Mini Trophy Tank

Smoktech-Mini-Trophy-Tank_1-630x552The SMOK Mini Trophy Tank uses the included eGo adapter to make it possible for use.  This tank is a great choice because of its small size. 

This tank actually allows you to have a little fun with your choice since you get to pick from seven different exciting and vibrant colors. 

It is a bottom heating clearomizer and features a coil that is replaceable.  The tank is made from pyrex glass and has a removable drip tip.

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Kanger Subtank Mini

Subtank Mini ReviewThe Kanger Subtank Mini is a revolutionary choice that is now available for you to have the best mini subtank to meet your vaping needs.  The greatest advantage of this tank is that packs a great punch.  It has a small size but actually holds more e juice than most of the tanks that are larger on the market.

Since the SMOK M80 is small in size, it is nice to be able to find a small tank that is going to fit it without being too bulky or large for it.

>>Check out our full review on the Kanger Subtank Mini<<


SMOK micro GDCThe SMOK Micro GDC tank is one that has a smaller e juice capacity as opposed to some of the others on this list.  It is very small in size which is why it does not allow for much e juice to be held. 

It is made with stainless steel and high quality pyrex glass.  You can even adjust the amount of air that you get from the draw which can allow for you to change the temperature some.  It allows for a warm vapor and the best taste.

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A Smarter Way to Vape

The SMOK M80 offers you a smarter way to vape.  You can set your SMOK M80 to actually count the number of vapes that you use in a day. 

Then it can monitor you and help you to stick to a set vaping plan.  This is a smarter way for you to vape with a smarter mod.

Multiple Special Safety Features

The SMOK M80 also offers you a nice selection of safety features. 

It has the CE Safety Certification (this is a worldwide marking that allows you to know that this is considered to be safe by EC safety standards). 

The device has a special temperature control.  This temperature control will help to keep you from being burned. 

The SMOK M80 also has a special safety feature that is going to keep it from overheating and an additional safety feature that will protect it from short circuiting. 

These features actually make it safe for you to vape while it is charging.

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Final Thoughts

xpro_m80_by_smok-2Overall, the SMOK M80 box mod is a great vape to have. It offers different modes to try so you can see if you like temperature control or unregulated modes.

I believe it is an excellent choice either to begin your foray into higher powered devices or to add to your already growing collection.

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