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Smok TCT Review | Vape Tank

With mod power levels approaching 300 watts on the open marketplace, there’s been a pretty significant shortage of heavy-duty clearomizers built to stand up to that kind of heavy artillery, well, at least until now.

The Smok TCT is the first sub ohm clearomizer designed specifically for use in high powered temperature control mods, built with dual Ni200 nickel coils for extra hardiness.

The Smok TCT tank is the newest clearomizer from Smok, supplanting the popular VCT while retaining its sharp looks and amazing airflow and the . We put this clearomizer through its paces in our Smok TCT review, so check it out if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to safely vape at 200+ watts.


  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction
  • Dimensions: 71.5 mm (H) x 22 mm (D)
  • Capacity: 5.5 ml
  • Pure Ni-200 0.15 ohm Dual Sub-Ohm Coil Standard
  • 510 Threading
  • Wide Bore Drip Tip with Adjustable Airflow
  • Interchangeable Color O-rings (Green, Red, Black)

What’s New- Smok TCT

The Smok TCT is designed as the next generation of sub-ohm vaping equipment, featuring pure nickel coils with wide vents for outstanding wicking performance and stable operation with one of the highest-powered temperature control mod on the market.

This dual coil clearomizer also features an innovative new tank design that extends the center post to deliver a large 5.5mL juice capacity.

Smok TCT Performance

The Smok TCT tank was built as a true cloud chasing tank, and it delivers incredible vapor density and quality thanks to its premium nickel coils.

Juice flavor is excellent at 100w, but we were able to take our test mod all the way up to 220w before the vapor got uncomfortably warm, although to its credit the flavor was fairly clean even at this level.

The TCT’s wicking is flawless, and even those thick high VG juices that can render a standard tank useless within 3 days are no problem for this tank.

We didn’t experience any leaking or dry hits during testing, and by all measures, the TCT belongs in the discussion of the highest performing tank to come through our offices.

As for its compatibility with temperature control mods, you can crank yours all the way up to 600 degrees (the highest setting on most devices) without killing yourself or the TCT. We don’t know why you would, but you can.

Airflow on the TCT is massively adjustable, and we definitely appreciate the nice sized 5.5mL capacity. It’s nice not to have to refill your tank through an entire round of testing. You’ll understand one day when you become a reviewer of vaping equipment.

Build Quality

Build quality on the Smok TCT is decent, with good machining on the metal components and no scratches on the glass upon unboxing. It’s a polished-looking tank, with chromed aluminum accenting its sharp profile.

The glass drip tip is another great-looking piece, although unscrewing the TCT for refilling can get a bit tight. The TCT also comes with a variety of colored o-rings for pure customization purposes, which is a nice little touch.

Compatible Mods


The iPV3 from Pioneer4You is a temperature control mod with an advanced internal processor that delivers precision control over power and temperature.

Its brightly lit OLED screen includes a battery meter, and its 150 watts of power give you the means to watch its dual 18650 cells slowly deplete under the strain of long runs at max power.

We did a full review of the iPV3 here on BC, so check it out to learn more about this powerful mod.

Smok M80

If you have a more strongly developed sense of brand loyalty, the M80 mod from Smok is a perfect match for the TCT. Features include a mechanical mod mode as well as passthrough functionality to permit charging while vaping.

The M80 is also available in four great looking metallic colors. We also shone the BC spotlight in the direction of the Smok M80 mod in the past few months, so head on over there to read up if you’re looking for a partner for your new TCT.


The Smok TCT clearomizer features standard 510 threading for compatibility with the majority of mods on the marketplace.

Be sure to check if the coils on the TCT are appropriate for use on a non-temperature controlled mod.

Compare With…

Kanger Subtank Mini

For some time, the Kanger Subtank Mini was the king of pure clearomizers, but this newest release has given it the strongest run for its money yet.

The TCT has a larger capacity than the Subtank at 5.5mL compared to 4.5mL.

It is also specifically designed for temperature controlled mods, giving it an added advantage for some users.

Arctic Tank

The Arctic Tank is another name that is frequently mentioned when speaking of the best clearomizers on the market.

The Arctic Tank can keep pace with the TCT in flavor and performance thanks to its organic cotton coils along with its quad intake ports for maximum airflow, but its 3.5mL maximum capacity is a glaring weakness.

Still, it’s a pretty great tank for what it is, and we said as much in our full review of the Arctic Tank.

We Would Have Liked to See…

While it’s tough to complain about the performance of the Smok TCT, comparing with the best of the best significantly raises the standard for build quality.

The TCT is by no means cheap, but the use of a lower grade aluminum than other premium units warrants mention.

Also, the tank is made of glass instead of the Pyrex vessels on tanks like the Subtank series and Aspire Nautilus. We’re not saying it’ll turn to dust in your pocket, but all bets are probably off if gravity wants to try your new tank too.

We also mentioned the difficulty we had in disassembling and reassembling the TCT during testing, and we don’t imagine that issue gets better over time.

The coil can also occasionally come loose from the base during refilling. Still, you can’t take too much away from a unit that does its job as well as the Smok TCT tank, especially at its under-$30 price point.


Overall, the SMOK TCT is a great look at the next generation of clearomizers if not a perfect unit in and of itself.

It’s a really nice looking tank and its performance is extremely impressive, but we see some fair potential for issues as time goes on and we can’t go around giving perfect marks to flawed units.

The TCT has its’ quirks to be sure, but when it’s doing its thing properly, there may not be a better tank in the business.

Something to remember is safety. Don’t use nickel coil heads on anything other than a temperature controlled device.

You should also make sure that the mod you are using it on is capable of firing down to the resistance of the coils you are using.

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