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Smok Xcube BT50w Review | Vape Mod Review

Hot on the heels of the futuristic xPro BT-50, which took an audacious step forward in vaping technology by introducing Bluetooth connectivity and enabling control via a specially designed smartphone app, comes this even more high-tech mod – the Smok xCube BT 50w.

This limited edition model from Smok has been even further integrated with the app, giving users the most advanced control possible over their devices in exchange for most of the buttons on the unit.

That’s right, you won’t find a firing button on the xCube. Instead, the mod is designed with a firing bar that makes up the entire left side of the unit, and a firm squeeze fires the xCube up.

Clearly, this mod is far from your ordinary device.

Of course, such products tend to trend dramatically in one direction or the other. So today’s Smok xCube BT50w review will uncover if this ambitious new offering is a spectacular success or an equal failure.

Smok xCube BT 50w Specs

  • Steel and Zinc Alloy Construction
  • Compatible with 0.2ohm-4.0ohm atomizers
  • Spring Loaded 510 Threaded Contact Pin
  • Built-in Bluetooth Module
  • Firmware Upgrading through USB Cable Available
  • Over 16 million RGB LED display colors to choose
  • Pass-through Technology
  • Daily Puff Tracker
  • Built in Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Smartphone App Compatible with iOS 6.0+ and Android 4.3+
  • Up to 50 watts Maximum Power
  • Adjustable Bluetooth Connection Timer (preserves battery)
  • Internal Memory Enabled
  • Dual Built-in batteries

What’s New- Smok xCube BT50w

While small tweaks such as the side firing bar and the upgraded display capable of showing time and date along with common mod settings and status alerts, the newest version of the Smok smartphone app is the most important feature.

This app allows easy access to a range of advanced functions and settings, and is compatible with iPhones running OS version 6.0 or later as well as Android versions 4.3 and later.

Best Clearomizer

Aspire Triton

A mod this advanced deserves to be paired with a top of the line tank, and the Aspire Triton is definitely a product worthy of the name.

Not only does it have a larger tank capacity than its predecessors in the Atlantis line, but it also introduces an all-new airflow control system with two points of adjustment.

We took a long look at the Aspire Triton recently here on BC, so if you think this is the tank for you, check it out to know for sure.

Arctic Tank

The Arctic vape tank is another product that blends the convenience of a tank with the bold flavor of an RDA device.

It features four wide intake holes at the base of the unit and dual bottom coils for efficient vaporization, and organic cotton delivers vapor quality once thought impossible with a standard tank.

If you want to learn more about this evolution of conventional clearomizers, we also have a full review of the Arctic Tank here on BC.

Smok xCube BT50w Battery

The dynamic functions of the xCube are made possible through its 2000mAh battery, which is built into the unit.

We’ve found that with moderate use you can forget to charge this thing for something approaching a week before it finally taps out.

What a great time to be a lazy, forgetful vape enthusiast. Sometimes going all the way into the other room to retrieve a USB cable is just too much to ask.

Variable Wattage

The Smoke xCube BT50w brings you fully adjustable output with a maximum power level of 50 watts. Like other major settings, the output level is most easily adjusted with the associated smartphone app.


As far as performance goes, it would be kinda unfair to put out a mod this advanced and then have it be lackluster when it’s time to take the field, and luckily we don’t have to suffer through that disappointment with the Smok xCube BT50w.

The device just vapes well period, providing excellent vapor quality as well as accurate power and ohm readouts for a stable and enjoyable overall experience.

We tested every standard tank in the office as well as manual builds ranging down to 0.2ohm, so you can fire pretty much anything safe with the xCube, including those incredible sub-ohming tanks that are populating the market this year.

Also, the display of the xCube BT50w is highly informative, and can show multiple types of information at the same time without sacrificing critical data, making it another well considered update.

Build Quality

Build quality on the Smok xCube BT50w can best be described as “extremely solid”. Without much in the way of buttons to rattle or excess design elements to degrade most annoyingly with time, the xCube is about as close to a block of solid metal as you’re likely to find in your vape shop.

The firing bar feels firmly rooted into place and is very comfortable to operate, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see this form factor suddenly make its way onto many more box mods not necessarily made by Smok.

However, don’t think the industrial and utilitarian language that does justice to the build quality of the xCube means it sacrifices heavily on style. The xCube is a model of sleek, streamlined design, showing off a clean aesthetic and a polished metallic finish.

The xCube is also somewhat smaller than might be expected, although it does manage to remain quite substantial thanks to the added weight lent to it by its stainless steel casing. As minimalistic mods go, the xCube BT50 is a true beauty.

xCube BT50 Threading

The Smok xCube BT-50 w features standard 510 threading for compatibility with a wide variety of tanks, clearomizers and other accessories.

Upgraded Bluetooth Connectivity

Having your vaping equipment be compatible with your smartphone is a nice option (how much sense did that sentence make 5 years ago?), but let’s be honest…nobody’s going to use it if it’s in any way difficult to set up.

That was a bit of the problem with the xPro, a less than intuitive interface meant that getting everything connected was a more difficult ordeal than it absolutely had to be. Luckily, setting up the xCube’s Bluetooth connectivity couldn’t be simpler.

Just turn on the Bluetooth feature of your smartphone while your xCube is powered on, then press the firing bar 3 times to activate the mod’s Bluetooth.

The smartphone app will automatically search for the xCube, and once connected you can use the password 000000 to pair the two devices together (be sure to change your password in the Settings menu so other people can’t troll you by firing your vape from across the room or changing your daily puff limit to 3).

Once you’re in, comprehensive control of the xCube BT-50 is yours. Adjust the wattage, toggle mechanical mode on and off, or even change the color of the LED display to match your pocket square with over 16 million possible hues to choose from.

For technophile vape enthusiast, there may be no better vape on the market (until next week, obviously).

We would Have Liked to See…

As impressive as the package of features offered by the Smok xCube BT 50w are, we are obligated to quibble slightly with each device so no one gets the impression that we’re running some kind of pay-for-play advertorial vape review cartel.

The nit we’ve picked this week is the fixed pin of the xCube, which didn’t stop it from firing any tank we had, but might not work on that weird one you picked up on your trip to Singapore, so it could be better.

Some people might also prefer a greater degree of access to the central controls of the unit without having to use the app, but we wonder if these people have listened to themselves when they say they don’t want to use the thing that they use for pretty much every other purpose in everyday life for this one added purpose.

Either way, it’s a lot tougher to really use without the app, but who would buy something like this and then demand to use it like a caveman would most of the time? Ah well, we mentioned it.


Overall, the Smok xCube BT 50w is one of the most exciting mods to come to market this year, and any lover of gadgets (aka, all of vapedom) is sure to at least take a fascinated look at the xCube.

Fortunately, the xCube backs up the bells and whistles with top flight performance, so those who get mesmerized by its fancy tricks and buy on an impulse won’t be disappointed—at least, this time around.

An adjustable contact pin would have been a nice touch, and if you’re going to use it without the app most of the time it might be best not to bother, but for most cloud-blowing citizens of 2015, the Smok xCube BT 50w is a choice that rewards the tech-lovers among us.

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