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Smok xCube II Review | Temp Control Mod

If you read our review of the original Smok xCube BT 50w and find that not having one is keeping you up at night, don’t feel so bad.

Yes, as of the typing of this sentence, the xCube is arguably the single most advanced—and downright awesome—pieces of vaping equipment available.

However, upgrades are the eternal curse of the tech-savvy, and as if the spring 2015 offering weren’t incredible enough, Smok is set to launch some fireworks of its own on 4th of July weekend with the mass distribution of the Smok xCube II.

The xCube II is more than a new, more unified form factor and sharp brushed metallic finish.

It was built as the next generation of xCube, bringing its most popular features like Bluetooth connectivity and integration with a Smok-created smartphone app together with new additions such as a larger OLED screen for easy reading as well as a removable battery for easy extended life.

Anyone who has long coveted the base model xPro is sure to be mesmerized by the promise of this newest iteration, and this Smok xCube II review aims to discover just how much it improves on the original.

xCube II Specs

Stainless Steel Body
Dimensions:100mm (H) x 60mm (W) x 24.5mm (D)
Weight: 238.6grams
Wattage Range:6W-160W
Voltage Output:0.35V-8V
Resistance Range: 0.08Ω– 3.0ohms
Intelligent OLED Display Screen: battery capacity, wattage, resistance
Bluetooth 4.0 technology
Optional Temperature Control Technology: 200°F – 600°F
Output Mode: Temp Mode/Watt Mode/Memory Mode
Magnet Assisted battery cover
Short Circuit Protection
Anti-Discharge Protection
16 Wattage Memory Profiles
Spring loaded 510 connector
Customizable LED display color (up to 16 million colors)

What’s New- Smok xCube BT 50w

The xCube II is designed as a total upgrade from its already ambitious predecessor, bringing a whopping 160 watt maximum output to go along with its host of high-tech features.

One of these is Bluetooth 4.0 technology for faster, more stable connections with the latest Internet enabled mobile devices.

The Smok xCube II also accentuates its distinctive firing bar with an LED strip that can be customized to one of 16 million colors to match your mood or favorite football team.

Another major difference between the xCube BT 50w and the xCube II is the introduction of removable batteries for quick power supply swapping with no charging downtime, and the battery door features magnetic assist for secure placement as well as easy removal.

Best Clearomizer

Kanger Subtank Plus

You might end up going through a lot of juice just playing around with the xCube II, so you might as well have the tank capacity to keep up.

The Kanger Subtank Plus has all the incredible performance of the Kanger Subtank line, but with a massive 5mL capacity that’ll keep you blowing clouds all day long.

We took an extended look at the Kanger Subtank Plus here on BC, so give it a read to get more familiar with this titan of tanks.

Aspire Triton

The Aspire Triton might be the most advanced tank on the market, so it makes a natural pairing for this high-tech mod.

The Triton not only features a 3.5mL capacity and a heat dissipating design to keep things cool at higher power levels, but it also features dual adjustable airflow with points of control at the top and base of the unit.

The Triton is another device we deemed worthy of the BC spotlight, so check out our full review for more on one of 2015’s hottest accessories.


Where the xCube BT50w was powered by a single 2000mAh internal battery, the xCube II’s design opts for dual 18650-type batteries housed under a magnetic-assist battery bay door.

While the dual battery profile increases the size of the unit, the battery life is much more robust and the option to keep multiple batteries charged and at the ready is always a welcome feature.


Of course, you’ll need a quality charger to maintain your stable of portable power packs, and if you’re going to tote around a finely crafted personal vaping device such as the Smok xCube II, the batteries that keep it from being a shiny paperweight deserve to be treated with a measure of regard.

That’s why we often suggest the NiteCore Intellicharger for use with multiple battery setups.

The Intellicharger features four independently operated charging slots that constantly monitor the health and power level of each cell installed, shutting off the power to a slot when a battery reaches a full charge and alerting the user to any irregularities in charging.

If you’re trying to keep your batteries in good condition, you can’t just slap them on any old wall charger and leave them to fate, so if you’re going to keep multiple batteries around for your xCube II investing in the NiteCore Intellicharger is a good idea.

Variable Wattage + Voltage

Improving dramatically over the 50 watts offered by the original xCube, the xCube II delivers up to 160 watts of power from a base level of watts, and output levels on the unit can be adjusted from the smartphone app. The xCube II also introduces precision voltage control from 0.35 to 8.0v through the app.

Temperature Control

Another new feature of the xCube II is the optional temperature control power output setting, which is often used for exotic custom builds and even to unlock specific flavors in eJuice blends.

The temperature control feature allows adjustment anywhere from 200 to 600 degrees, and although the functionality is not available right out of the box, access to it can be unlocked though the app for an additional fee or via a USB firmware update.


Smok was always well aware that a line of Bluetooth-enabled vaping equipment is nothing more than an absurdist punchline without some serious performance chops to back it up, and as with the xPro and xCube BT 50W, the xCube II goes out of its way to deliver on this front.

Vapor production and flavor was very high at a range of power levels, and the responsiveness of the firing bar has been improved from the original xCube, with which there was a near-immeasurable delay that wasn’t quite enough to justify complaining about.

The xCube II is as much a joy to use as it is to talk about to your friends, and we haven’t even gotten to the new high-tech features they’ve somehow crammed in there.

Build Quality

Build quality is another positive for the xCube II, where the exterior is essentially a re-imagining of the smooth, metallic original.

A seamless aesthetic dominates most of the profile with the exception of the space between the main body and firing bar, which is highlighted by an LED strip running the length of the unit.

The color of this strip can be adjusted to nearly any you’ve ever seen through the RGB controls in the app, and between the soft yet vibrant glow of the LED and the slick polish of the shell, the xCube might be the single best looking box mod ever to arrive in our offices. Relish the envious stares.


One of the minor issues with the xCube BT 50w was its fixed pin, which caused a less than 100% flush fit with a limited number of tanks and builds.

In an excellent show of consumer awareness, the manufacturer harkened to even the most insignificant sigh of mild disappointment, addressing the issue with a spring loaded 510 pin on this edition.


It may be less thrilling than an customizable color-changing LED, but mod safety is also pretty important to those who enjoy the number of fingers they currently own.

Particularly with higher-output devices like the ones continually rolling to market this year. Smok spent what seems like years carefully building a device that defies the idiocy of the most clueless user.

It’s outfitted with advanced safety features like an automatic 12 second cutoff, short circuit protection, low resistance protection and a heat management system.

Any device as pretty as this one is bound to attract plenty of inexperienced curiosity, and thankfully Smok had the foresight to take a focus on protecting these wide-eyed and impulsive adults from themselves.

We Would Have Liked to See…

There’s not a whole bevy of complaining material when it comes to a device as thoughtfully engineered as the xCube II, but there are suggestions that can be made to improve the direction of box mod development as a whole.

For instance, the mobile power source feature of devices like the MVP 3.0 is one of our favorite non-essential features of any box mod, and we wonder if it would be a total impossibility to see it implemented on advanced mods like the xCube II.

Hey, if you’re going to interact with a smartphone, why not do it all the way?

Another thing is the fact that Smok charges an extra $2.99 via the app to unlock the temperature control function.

This just seems like a greedy move on their part. A person shouldn’t be expected to pay for vape DLC and it should be enabled from the get-go.


All told, the xCube II might just be the most impressive mod we’ve ever tested. Sure, we just said that about the xCube BT 50w, but that was then, right?

From performance to features to upgrades, if you’re looking for an overall better package for the tech-savvy vape enthusiast, there might not be one…at least, until there is.

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