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Smok xPro BT 50 Review | xPro BT 50 Breakdown

The vapeware experts at Smoktech are well-respected in the community for their high quality tanks, RDAs and other accessories.

The Smok xPro BT-50w Mod represents the manufacturer’s first venture into the contentious box mod marketplace. 

The xPro BT-50 comes to the arena with no shortage of bells and whistles, packing in 50 watts of power managed by an advanced internal processing chip as well as a mobile app for Android and iOS!

It’s an ambitious new direction for an established name in vaping, and this Smok xPro BT-50 review aims to find out if the device is a vision of the future or destined for failure.


  • Anodized Aluminum Body
  • 510 Threaded
  • Powered by Single 18650 Battery (not included)
  • Variable Wattage: (6- 50W)
  • Voltage Range: (3 – 12V)
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Short Circuit protection
  • Bluetooth Connectivity with Integrated Smartphone App
  • Dedicated System Reset
  • Heat Dissipation Vent at Bottom of Unit

Smok xPro BT-50w Instructions

Many users will likely choose to operate the xPro BT-50 with the smartphone app, but for those who like to keep things simple, the analog control scheme is simple to use as well.

  • Click firing button 5 times quickly to activate or lock unit.
  • Press + or – button at side of unit to increase or decrease output wattage.
  • Click Fire button 3 times to enter menu. Each subsequent click directs you to the next menu option.
  • When an option is highlighted, wait 2 seconds to enter sub-menu.
  • Option #1 enables or disables Bluetooth.
  • Option #2 allows toggling between Wattage Mode and Mech Mode.
  • Option #3 turns the device off.
  • Return to main screen by waiting 3 seconds.

What’s New- Smok xPro BT50w

The star of the xPro BT-50’s feature setSmok xPro BT 50 is an integrated smartphone app that lets users control and configure their unit from their Android or iOS devices.

Its’ high output 50w chipset gives it excellent operational stability, and the USB charging port is built to deliver system updates as well as power to the mod.


The Smok xPro BT 50w is powered by a single 18650 battery, and the battery supports both internal charging via the USB port as well as external charging.


Along with the USB charging port at the bottom of the unit, the 18650 batteries compatible with the Smok xPro BT-50w mod can also be charged outside the unit for faster charging or battery swap setups.

We recommend the TrustCore TR-003 external charger for use with the xPro BT-50 and its batteries.

It presents an outstanding value option for vapers looking to keep a collection of batteries charged up and ready to go.

Variable Wattage

Wattage levels on the Smok xPro BT-50w can be adjusted from 6 to 50 watts in increments of one-tenth of a watt using either the analog controls or the smartphone app over a Bluetooth connection.

There are also rumbles about a system update that will increase the maximum wattage level to 65w, so if you do decide on the xPro BT-50, look out for more details on that.


xPro bt50wThis generous wattage range gives the xPro BT-50 significant operational capabilities, with the mod exhibiting good vapor production and quality in a variety of configurations.

This mod isn’t particularly picky about which builds it will fire, and our tests indicate anything down to 0.2 ohms is good to go with the xPro BT-50.

That means sub-ohming is a specialty with this device, and vapers seeking a new steed on which to chase clouds would do well to mount up this unit.

Build Quality

The brushed aluminum body of the xPro BT-50 is a popular choice for mods of this type because they give these devices a feeling of quality and polish, and it serves to achieve this effect here.

The display screen is crisp and highly visible, and buttons are rooted into the unit solidly, providing a satisfying click with operation.

We also liked the extra-large firing button, which allowed us to trigger the xPro BT-50 in a number of positions.


The Smok xPro BT-50 has a spring-loaded 510 connection that is adjustable to accommodate accessories with different pin lengths.

Best Clearomizer

Aspire Atlantis

Aspire Atlantis Review - Sub Ohming Cloud ChasingThe Aspire tank from Atlantis has become a standby in the vaping industry for its sleek design as well as its elite-level performance.

Not only does it have an adjustable airflow ring at the bottom of the unit, it features Bottom Vertical Coil construction for unbeatable flavor and is compatible with a variety of coils to allow vapers to experiment with custom builds.

For vape enthusiasts in the market for RDA performance in a high-capacity tank, the Atlantis Aspire is what you’re looking for. You can learn more about this top-tier tank in our full review here at BC.

Great Responsibility

To help keep all the powerful features of this mod in check, the xPro BT-50 needed an equally advanced safety system, and Smoktech went out of their way to deliver on this front.

Besides standard safety features like short circuit protection, this mod also features a specially designed vent hole at the bottom of the unit to prevent overheating.

Smoktech also included a dedicated system reset pinhole button directly on the unit in recognition of the fact that high-tech things do go off the rails every now and again, and the solution is often to just turn it off and give it a second to find itself.

Bluetooth Enabled

This is the first Bluetooth-enabled mod that we can recall reviewing, but we’re pretty sure it won’t be the last.

The Bluetooth connectivity of the xPro BT-50 enables the user to connect the device to a Android or iOS smartphone using a special app.

The “BT-50 xPRo” app allows you to adjust critical features of your device, get status reports such as low battery alerts, toggle between wattage-adjustable and mechanical mod modes, or even track and record usage information such as the number of puffs you take each day as well as when each of them was taken.

The app is designed to be compatible with any device running Android 4.3 or iOS 6.0 along with later versions of both, so users of current generation smartphones and tablets will find yet another purpose for their favorite devices.

Perhaps best of all, the apps for both mobile operating systems are approved for use in their respective app stores, so looking like you’re from the near future at the bar by controlling your electric cigarette with your smartphone won’t cost you your warranty.

We Would Have Liked to See…

Honestly, the comprehensive package presented by the Smok xPro BT-50 leaves very little to be desired, but sometimes it’s the tiniest of details that can hold a product short of perfection.

In the case of the xPro BT-50, the minor flaw is the location of the USB charging port, which really should be on the side of the device so the unit can stand on end.

However, we realize that it’s something not every vaper would even think about, so we do acknowledge that this is more nitpick than deal-breaker.

We’re not in love with having to use a hexagonal screwdeiver to access the battery bay, but at least they were nice enough to include one, so that almost cancels that con out.

Magnets would have been the best choice, though. The Bluetooth connectivity can also be a little shaky depending on your signal strength and devices used, but where can’t that be said?


Smok xPro BT 50Overall, we see the Smok xPro BT-50 Mod as not only the first from the manufacturer, but the first of its kind.

Expect to see a deluge of connected mods as 2015 continues to roll along, especially if this one gains steam, and realize it’s more than just a gimmick.

Buttons are so 2005, wouldn’t you agree? Futurephilia aside, the Smok xPro BT-50 is a quality device for more than its tech tricks.

Its durable construction, ease of use and removable battery are sure to make it a popular option for intermediate vapers, with the advanced applications serving as a welcome bonus.

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