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Smoktech VCT Review

The Smoktech VCT Tank is a sub ohm tank system that has a new design and combines affordability with performance for even the most serious of vapers.

This Smoktech tank review will focus on the innovative features of the device and what is new and different from the rest.

What’s New – Smoktech VCT

Smoktech VCT This Smoktech VCT review has a lot to cover on what is new with this formidable device.

One thing that is noticeable right from the start is the awesome ALF (adjustable liquid feed) that lets vapers choose the juice flow that is perfect for them.

The stainless steel wide bore tip you get increases vapor production, as well as smooth lung inhales.

There are a variety of different coils Smoktech released for this product.

There are vertical coils and horizontal coils, and all come in a variety of resistances so you can use your favorite. Of course, these are made out of Japanese organic cotton and 100% authentic.

The drip tip is available in stainless steel wide bore and muffler cut wide bore glass.

The o-rings are available in red and black, if you have a preference.

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Here are the coil options


Single vertical coil with special adjustable e-liquid flow design for use with all different PG/VG ratios.

Available in 0.5Ω and 1.2Ω resistances.

These coils also include a stainless steel mesh ring at the top to keep the cotton in place, and to reduce any possible spit back while inhaling.

A1-S core

Identical to the A1-core coil, but using stainless steel wire for corrosion resistance, and more surface area contacting wick for a warmer, denser vape.

Available in 0.33 and 0.5Ω resistances.

These coils also include a stainless steel mesh ring at the top to keep the cotton in place, and to reduce any possible spit back while inhaling.


Single horizontal coil with air laid paper for a more stable liquid feed.

Available in 0.5Ω and 1.2Ω resistances.

X1-S core

Identical to the X1-core coil, but using stainless steel wire for corrosion resistance, and more surface area contacting wick for a warmer, denser vape.

Available in 0.33 and 0.5Ω resistances.


Dual horizontal coils. Lower resistance and longer lifespan than the X1-core

Rebuildable DIY core

RBA coil design with dual air channels and greater airflow.


Pure nickel non-resistance wire for use with temperature-controlled devices and in a vertical coil design.


There are many features that make you take notice of the Smoktech VCT but one in particular is the spectacular airflow.

There are two air holes located on each side and you can adjust them by sliding the device.

It features a preventative stopper that ensures you don’t twist it all the way around.

The coils allow enough room at the bottom so that the air flow is smooth and allowed to go all the way through.

You’re going to find a better air flow with the vertical coils simply because they allow more air to flow through them.

Juice Flow

Vape meme (Juice Flow)Another feature is that the juice flow holes are incredibly large.

In fact, they’re quite a bit bigger than on most other sub ohm tanks. 

This means that you won’t have problems with wicking even if you use 80% VG liquids.

Even if you use a higher PG, you can simply adjust the juice flow to reduce it some to prevent flooding on the A1 coil.

The tank itself is easily refillable and there is room on the sides to easily put your E Juice inside without spillage.

Of course the 510 connection is pretty standard so it easily fits most mods. You also get some extra o-rings just in case you need them.

Features of the Smoktech VCT

  • Extra durable and tough stainless steel and Pyrex glass construction Innovative coil design with an organic Japanese cotton coil made that is more environmentally friendly and provides a much cleaner taste
  • New adjustable airflow control for superior airflow delivery
  • Smoktech VCT Sub-Ohm Tank is capable of holding 3.8ml of juice
  • Smoktech VCT A1 uses single vertical coil with revolutionary ALF (Adjustable Liquid Feed)
  • Comes with two 0.5 ohm coils510 connector
  • Made out of 304 Stainless Steel
    One SS Wide Bore drip tip or Glass drip tip is included (Also compatible with all standard 510 drip tip)
  • Diameter: 22mm

Threading on the Smoktech Tank

It comes as no surprise that the threading on the Smoktech Vapor Chaser Tank come as a 510 connection.

What Comes in the Box

  • (1) Smoktech VCT A1 Sub-Ohm Vapor Chaser Tank
  • (1) Spare Pyrex Glass Tube
  • (1) SS Wide Bore Drip Tip
  • (2) Organic Cotton Coil: 0.5 Sub-Ohm
  • (1) Smoktech Gift Box
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How to Use the Smoktech Vapor Chaser Tank Sub ohm

  • Screw the base part of the atomizer in a clockwise motion
  • Use a counterclockwise motion to remove the atomizer head from the base
  • Put in your new atomizer head into the base part and screw it back in as well as the rest of your tank

To fill the tank:

  1. Unscrew the base off of the atomizer
  2. If you are using a new atomizer, drip a small amount (approximately 0.3 – 0.5ml) onto the top of the coil head
  3. Let the organic cotton soak it in completely
  4. Hold your tank upside down and fill it with E Juice into the tank tube
  5. Make sure that you do not accidentally drip juice into the central airflow tube

Suggested Mods for the Smoktech VCT

Eleaf iStick 50 The iStick 50W is an excellent mod to use with the Smoktech VCT and paired with the A1 0.5 coil, you get awesome cloud production with a taste that is smooth and full of flavor.

With this coil you get better juice control than with the X1 or X2 coils although all provide great flavor and clouds.

It’s just that with the A1 you get to use the juice flow control system and if you want to take advantage of this handy feature, then this is the one you’ll like best.

The Smok Rocket VV/VW mod is another mod that works well with the Smoktech Vapor Chaser Sub ohm Tank.

Similar Sub Ohm Tanks

Smoktech VCTDid you enjoy the Joyetech Delta II, Aspire Atlantis, Eleaf Melo, or Kanger Subtank Mini?

If these are what you liked as far as a great tank, then you’ll enjoy the Smok VCT as well since all are a bit similar in nature.

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Our Thoughts on the Smoktech VCT

For the price of this sub ohm tank, we think you’ll love it.

Another great thing is that the versatility is perfect for those who don’t always have time to rebuild a deck or re-wick their device.

The four replaceable atomizers ensure that you’ll find something for most all users.

Though it does have the option of a rebuildable deck that you can get, if that’s what you prefer.

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Gripes & Concerns

It has a few things to be aware of, like the fact that certain coils may cause a little bit of extra heat.

For instance, the X2 coils set at 30W allows the drip tip and the vape to be warm.

Another issue is that the capacity is 3.8ml but it does not fill all the way to the top.

You can fill it around 3.2ml, which isn’t a deal breaker, just a minor issue.

Now this is only if you fill the tank with E Juice the normal way by removing the chimney.

A workaround for that is to leave the chimney attached to the coil and this way doesn’t really seem to make it leak more, perhaps just a tad if you’re not careful.

Final Thoughts

Smoktech VCTThey don’t call it a Vapor Chaser Tank for nothing.

You’ll be able to “chase the vapor” and enjoy puffy clouds that are full of taste and flavor.

It cannot be rebuilt such as the Subtank for instance or even the Delta II but honestly, you get the liquid feed system and adjustable airflow so that is pretty awesome.

It’s a very affordable tank with great qualities, and I highly suggest you pick one up to try out!

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