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Smowell DPV-50 Review

The DPV-50 mod is an all-new box mod design from Chinese manufacturer Smowell that brings high performance to the value sector with retail prices around 60 cents per watt.

The Smowell DPV-50 has many of the features you want with its integrated OLED screen and floating connector pin, and also has an advanced internal processing unit for temperature control and stability management.

Clearly this small form factor box mod is designed to give bargain-hungry vapers a premium option, and this Smowell DPV-50 review aims to uncover just how well it does the job.

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  • Dimensions: 23mm x 85.9mm x 34.3mm
  • Floating 510 Center Pin
  • Micro-USB Charging Port
  • 0.66 inch OLED Display
  • Variable Wattage (6.0W-50W)
  • Operating Voltage: 3.7-4.2V
  • High/low Voltage Warning
  • Atomizer Resistance Check
  • Overheat Protection
  • Mechanical Mode

What’s New- Smowell DPV-50

Smowell DPV-50This 50 watt mod from Smowell brings convenient features such as an adjustable 510 pin at its recessed connection point. 

One distinctive feature of the DPV-50 mod is its ability to switch into mechanical mode from its standard variable wattage mode.

DPV-50 Mod Battery

The Smowell DPV-50 houses a single 18650-type battery, and can attain a full charge in a bit under 4 hours.

Once fully charged, we were fairly impressed with the DPV-50 in our rundown tests, as the battery lasted about a day and a half on average before finally tapping out.


The 18650-type battery that powers the Smowell DPV-50 can easily be charged using the USB charging port located at the bottom of the unit, although the battery is removable to support external charging and power source switching.

NiteCore Intellicharger

The Intellicharger battery charger from NiteCore is one of the finest products on the market for charging batteries like the ones in the DPV-50 mod.

With its four independently operating charging cells that automatically shut off the power supply for a battery that has achieved a full charge this is defiantly top of the line charger

Maintaining safe charge levels is the key to long term battery health, and a smart charger like this one will ensure that your DPV-50 has plenty of power partners for a while to come.

Variable Voltage

The Smowell DP-50 featured variable wattage from 6.0 to 50 watts in increments of 0.1 for the ultimate in precision control.

It also has an operating voltage between 3.7 and 4.2 volts depending on the battery and setting used.


The Smowell DPV-50 exhibits good performance right out of the box. With vapor quality, production and overall experience all rated as at or above average.

At just under 86mm in height, the DPV-50 has one of the best size-to-power ratios available at its price point. The DPV-50 is relatively easy to use as well, featuring just a few control buttons and a helpful OLED display.

That makes this mod a great choice for someone looking for their first piece of advanced vaping equipment.

A Sleek Design

One of theSmowell DPV-50 Mod selling points of the Smowell DPV-50 is its streamlined profile, which renders the familiar box mod into a curvaceous and attractive design finished in aluminum.

Other positive notes on the build quality of the DPV-50 include appreciation for the quality OLED screen and floating connector pin.

While slight marks are taken off for the mild rattle exhibited by the power and control keys.

The body of the Smowell DPV-50 is significantly lighter than other comparable mods while still providing a substantial, well balanced feel in the hand.

But with the mod being barely bigger than the battery, it’s a fairly decent candidate to get lost in a large pocket or on a cluttered desk.

It does look great with a variety of tanks, though.

Best Clearomizer

Kanger Subtank Mini

Subtank Mini ReviewWhich one, you ask? Well, when you’re asking about the best clearomizer in practically any context.

This trimmed-down version of Kanger’s flagship Subtank retains all of its elite performance as well as deluxe features.

Plus its small size makes it a great match with a mini mod like the Smowell DPV-30. Check out our full length Kanger Subtank Mini review here on BC for more on this popular tank.

Mechanical Mod Mode

The mechanical mod mode boasted by the DPV-50w enables advanced users to disable the onboard processor, taking things back to a simpler day when all a man needed was a stable high-drain battery, a food grade vegetable glycerin solution and a conduit between them to have a good time.

Not like these fancy newfangled vapes with their variable wattage and their puff counters and their mood lighting…why, in our day, we had to walk 15 miles for a fresh bottle of eJuice.

In any event, mechanical mods bring the ability to fire just about any coil build as well as unmatched reliability, as there’s essentially nothing to malfunction.

It’s usually an option sought out by advanced vapers who want cloud chasing sub-ohm setups.

To see it included on a device primarily targeted at relative beginners and the value-conscious is a nice touch.

Smowell DPV-50 | | Top Deal


The Smowell DPV-50 has an adjustable 510 connection at its recessed input point to allow compatibility with the majority of products on the market.

It’s Thinking

Along with standard safety features such as overheat protection and an atomizer resistance checking system powered by its on-board YiHi chip, the DPV-50 has a high voltage warning for power levels exceeding 4.5 volts as well as a low voltage warning for insufficient operating voltage.

We Would Have Asked For…

The Smowell DPV-50 is an overall solid device, but there are a few additions that would have taken it to the next level.

For instance, the mod lacks a dedicated on/off button or firing lock, and while this may not be a deal breaker for all of vape nation, this limitation makes it a less than ideal choice for those with small, curious or juvenile delinquent children.

The DPV-50 also could have used a battery door that was a little easier to remove, as one BC staffer continually settled for USB charging out of frustration with wrestling the tiny Allen screws of the bay cover to a stalemate.

Seriously, manufacturers: enough with the tiny screws.

It’s also a bit awkward for some to use the mod in its preferred position, as it required the index finger be used for firing instead of the thumb like many other mods.

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Smowell DPV-50wOverall, we feel confident recommending the Smowell DPV-50 to our readers despite its limited flaws. It has the power to size ratio unheard of in all but the most high-end models.

Those looking for the absolute finest product on the market or harboring an irrational hatred for tiny screws may find cause to steer clear, but most who take a chance on the Smowell DPV-50 are pleased to get much more than what they paid for.

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