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SMY 60W TC Mod Review

The SMY 60W TC mod is the newest temperature control mod to hit the market. It is a mod that you will find many things to love and a few that you might not be as happy with. I appreciate the details and the features of this mod, but I will admit that it is not one of my favorites as there are a few temperature control mods that seem to just be better suited to my personal needs. What’s New – SMY 60W TC Mod As with any SMY 60W TC mod review I wanted to go over some of the special details and information that you should know before you purchase this mod. This mod features some of the most advanced vaping technology that is available on the market today. It also features a high temperature protection which you are going to love if you prefer to vape at higher temperatures. Since I am one who appreciates vaping at lower temperatures this mod really has more power than what I need. This is the simple reason that I do not reach for it as much as some of the others that I have written reviews about. The body of the 60W TC is made from carbon fiber and aluminum. As someone who chooses to avoid aluminum I am not sure how I feel about this one. I have a few tiny fears after reading some research reports that draw me to models that are made from stainless steel. I do know that I am a bit irrational in those fears and this is one mod that I notice my husband grabbing quite often. When I asked him about it he said that there are some features that are just the best on this mod and that is why he uses it. I will get into more details about those specific features so that you will understand what he is talking about. A few of these I personally agree with very strongly, as there are a few features that seem to be the best on this mod. Many people are attracted to the elegant design of this mod. It is sleek and fairly small although it does have to be a little bigger than some to offer you the full 60W of power. It features rounded corners which is something that users had complained about with previous models from the SMY brand. The SMY 60W TC mod just needs one 18650 battery to be able to produce between 3W and 60W for your vaping preference. Thanks to the wide wattage range vapers who prefer less power and those who are looking for more power will be pleased when using this mod. My husband loves the advanced USB port technology. He is often working at a computer so charging at the computer is what he usually does. However when we are traveling or doing something else, he loves that he can charge this one at a wall. Many mods do not come with USB chargers for the wall and it is often recommended that you only charge them through the computer. Another thing that he loves is that the SMY 60W TC features enough ventilation. My husband likes to vape at higher temperatures and wattage then me. So he often experiences things with mods that I would not experience. With this one he said that he can tell that there is enough ventilation through the 9 hole design that the mod actually cools. This is a HUGE advantage for him and one that I also enjoy. The size of the SMY 60W mod is something that I find a bit debatable. It is smaller than an iPhone but to me it is still pretty big. As a girl, I find that it is not easily able to fit into my pockets and that it is a bit bulkier in my hands. This is fine for short periods of vaping but if I were to be carrying it around for a long time then I would personally like something that is smaller and more ergonomic. The SMY 60W TC mod measures 98.5 mm x 56 mm x 26 mm (for reference the iPhone measures 123 mm x 58 mm). My favorite feature on the SMY 60W TC mod is the OLED screen. This screen is awesome and looks so much better than any other screen that I have seen. In fact I might even have to give it props as being one of the best screens that is available on a mod. It is easy to read and is multi-colored which is fun. It also is large enough to give you all of the information that you want from your mod. The screen shows you the battery life, puff counts, coil icon, wattage, resistance, date, smoking timer, time, voltage output, and current output. It also has icons that show you if the screen is locked, the power, and even one for questions or problems. This special screen makes the mod so much easier to use then it would be without it and I wish that every single mod that I owned had an OLED screen as nice as this one. One thing to remember is that when you are using a temperature controlled mod, you need to us nickel wire (Ni200) or titanium wire to take advantage of the temperature control feature. Never use nickel in regular VW/VV mode, and don’t use kanthal in temperature control mode. Features

  • Colorful OLED Display Screen
  • Made From Carbon Fiber
  • Connection 510 Threading
  • Center Pin That is Spring Loaded
  • 3W – 60W Variable Wattage
  • 90 – 315 Degrees C Temperature Control
  • 3V – 4.2V DC Voltage Input
  • .1 ohm – 3 ohm Normal VW Mode Resistance
  • .1 ohm – 1 ohm Temperature Control Mode Resistance
  • 1A Charging Current
  • Charging Port Micro USB
  • Holds One Single 18650 Battery
  • Protection Against Short Circuits
  • Protection for Meters
  • Protection Against Over Temperature
  • Voltage Under 3V Low Voltage Protection
  • Protection Against Over Charging
  • Protection Against High Currents

The SMY 60W TC Mod – A Mod With Your Safety In Mind One of the things that I really appreciate about the SMY 60W TC is that it has so many safety precautions and features. In fact there are six different safety features that I feel need mentioned. 1. Short Circuit Protection – There is actually technology featured in the SMY 60W TC mod that does not allow for it to short circuit. The way that this works is that when the mod reaches 30A there is an automatic interruption that makes it possible. 2. Reverse Electrode Connection Protection – Do you worry about ruining your mod by accidentally installing the battery the wrong way? Does the process of changing the battery make you so nervous that you HATE changing batteries? If so then this is a special protection that you are going to love. This actually makes it impossible for you to fire the mod if the battery has been installed in the wrong way. If the battery is installed the wrong way then no watts are put out. 3. Temperature Control Protection – This is one of my favorite new types of technology in mods. I love temperature control for a number of reasons but the biggest one is that I feel safer when vaping with a mod that features temp control. It is possible with this mod to fully monitor temperature and changes so that you never have to worry about the mod getting too hot. 4. Low Voltage Protection – When your batteries start to run low it can cause problems with your mods. In fact there are some people who have reported ruining mods by trying to use them when the battery is lower than the limitation. If this happens with this mod you do not have to worry because it will automatically shut off. 5. Overcharge Protection – Another thing that is really great about this mod is that it offers you battery voltage protection. In fact it will stop charging when the voltage reaches 4.2V and won’t charge any further. 6. High Current Protection – The final protection that this mod has is the high current protection. This works by helping to make sure that the mod is not going to allow a current that is higher than normal. The system actually shuts down on its own if there are issues. This means that the output is automatically stopped before the currents can get too high. Final Thoughts – SMY 60W TC Mod The SMY 60W TC mod is a great choice for a temperature controlled mod. This mod features so many additional protections that are going to be able to help you to have a safe vaping experience. The mod also has the nicest OLED screen that I have ever used. The OLED screen has enough space to clearly show you everything that you could want to know. Additionally it can offer you the chance to set up your vaping so that you get the exact experience that you are looking for. So there are many different choices that you can have with your own experience. I also love the fact that they rounded the edges which I think look better and that this is still reasonably sized even though it is quite large compared to some mods.

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