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SMY God 180 Review | God Mod Vape

The SMY God 180w is built as the industry’s premier portable vape. Maker Simeiyue is no stranger to the high-wattage vape arena, with its even more powerful SMY260 on the market, but the SMY God offers a distinctive sculpted profile accented by bright polished aluminum.

In today’s SMY God Mod review, we here at BC will discover if this device can live up to its Olympian billing or be forever decried as unworthy.


  • Anodized Aluminum Body
  • Dimensions: 119mm (H) x 69mm (W) x 30mm (D)
  • Variable Voltage (5-180w)
  • Variable Wattage
  • Powered By 3 x 18650 Batteries
  • LED display

SMY God 180w Instructions

  • Install atomizer at top of unit by turning clockwise until secure.
  • Click Enter button 5 times quickly to activate SMY God 180w unit.
  • Click Enter button 3 times quickly to enter setup menu.
  • Select options with Enter button and adjust with “+” or “=”

What’s New- SMY God Mod

The SMY God 180w has a durable anodized aluminum body in one of 5 vibrant colors, red, blue, orange, silver and black.

It’s 180 watt maximum output is one of the highest on the market, and it also includes a large LED screen at the front of the unit for information at a glance.


Like many of the other high-powered mods that are entering the marketplace in early 2015, the SMY God Mod is powered by three 18650-type batteries.

These batteries must be charged externally, but offer at least a full day’s vaping on a full charge while they’re in there.

SMY God 180w Charger

NiteCore Intellicharger D3

The 180 watt output of the SMY God Mod is sure to tax any battery, so you’ll want to keep a decent supply of freshly charged and healthy cells to keep the vapor flowing.

We recommend the NiteCore Intellicharger for its independent charging system which automatically detects the type and capacity of each battery placed into one of its four slots, delivering only the charge the specific battery needs.


The SMY God Mod features two wattage setting modes, a normal mode which enables the wattage to be adjusted anywhere from 5 to 80 watts as well as a super mode that enables the full potential wattage range.

Of course, if you’re going to crank it up that high, you’ll need the proper power sources, and Simeiyue recommends batteries rated for at least 25 amps for operating the SMY God 180w at the higher end of the power scale.

Best Clearomizer

Kanger Subtank Plus

If you’re going to go after one of the most powerful devices in the pantheon of vaping, you may as well pair it with one of the finest clearomizers you can buy.

When you’re talking top tanks, the Kanger Subtank line is bound to enter the discussion.

The Subtank Plus makes special use of the SMY God’s considerable might with its large holding capacity of 7mL and its organic cotton coils that deliver flavor purity matched by few other tanks.

Aspire Atlantis Mega

If you find the Kanger Subtank bandwagon a bit full for your tastes, the Aspire Atlantis Mega is another excellent option.

The Atlantis Mega features an adjustable airflow system that allows users to customize the temperature and density of every draw as well as that legendary Aspire coil design.

We took an extended look at the Aspire Atlantis Mega here on these pages, so be sure to check it out if you’re looking for a quality clearomizer.


You might expect a mod with this much power to offer a high level of performance—and you’d be right! Quantity is a given at such high power levels.

If you’re looking for clouds, you’ll definitely find them around the SMY God.

However, unlike many other big gun mods, the SMY God 180w exhibits great flavor at uncommonly high output settings, and we were able to get plenty of deliciousness even at the 130 watt mark.

Oh, and custom builders will also enjoy the SMY God Mod because this thing will tolerate all the wire you want to put into it as well as resistance builds down to 0.3 ohms. Although the density and heat gets a bit hard to handle at the highest settings.

It also burns through juice like nobody’s business at full power, but you already knew that.

Build Quality

The overall finish of the SMY God 180w stands out for the brilliance of the colors used. We’re pretty sure the orange one we tested glows in broad daylight, but the sliver and black models are available for less ostentatious vapers.

Everything about the exterior of SMY God Mod feels durable, rugged even, and although the buttons could be slightly better fitted, they do provide a satisfying tactile click with use.

Production quality wasn’t perfect, with a few minor flaws and scratches appearing on the unit we tested, but we prefer to think of these as a deeply ironic comment on the nature of omnipotence rather than a product shortcoming.


The SMY God Mod’s standard 510 threading makes it compatible with the majority of accessories in stock in your local shop as well as those yet to come, which is good because you should support them.

An Array of Powers

The advanced internal microchip of the SMY God not only endows it with a range of operational stability measures, but grants the unit special abilities.

Such as auto-firing, manually controlled shutoff time, user output management and more. It also has a screensaver, because why not.

All these advanced settings are available in the menu, and we spent plenty of time playing around with the advanced configurations.

Sacrificing plenty of perfectly good eJuice for science and the edification you fine people. Will you ever use half of these features? Debatable. Is it cool that it has them? Not so much.

We Would Have Liked to See

Not that charging three 18650 batteried through a USB port is a particularly efficient endeavor, but it would have been nice to have the option here.

Having to pop the batteries out and charge them each and every time (not to mention avoid losing them with the increased commute frequency) is a bit of a hassle for the lazier vapers among us, but we don’t think that’ll be a huge issue.


While you kind of expect brute strength to be the focus of a unit like this with the wattage arms race raging like never before, we’re happy to report that the SMY God 180w is more than fearsome power.

It packs a pretty impressive list of features alongside that beast of an engine, and wraps it all in a pretty candy-like shell that’s ideal for children 18 and older.

With such ridiculous power and esoteric features, it’s not a product everyone will believe in, but those who choose the SMY God Mod tend to have their faith rewarded.

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