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Stoner Re-imagined: Today’s Young Professionals on Redefining the Term

Just because you smoke weed, it doesn’t mean you are an unproductive member of society.

Take a moment and consider:

What is a stoner to you?

You probably think of someone who simply sits on their couch, surrounded on all sides by junk food, and high as a kite right – 24/7? Sadly, this is a common misconception that many, including those who are against the use of marijuana have.

There are many stereotypes that have circulated over the decades about marijuana users and in today’s day and age, those views are slowly starting to change – making being a “stoner” not so bad.

This “movement” of sorts has also sparked the rise of vaporizers meant for marijuana use, advocating for a “cleaner” high and overall more enjoyable way to get your high. To learn more about vaping weed, check out this helpful guide at TheVape.Guide.

You can also take a look at their best vapes list which they have for dry herb and concentrates.

In a moment, we will take a look at what exactly is a “stoner”, the term to be exact, and the common stereotypes about stoners. Then, we will explore how this term is being redefined and how vaping is only aiding this transformation.

What Is A “Stoner”?

According to, the slang term for stoner is a “person who is habitually high on drugs, especially marijuana, or alcohol”.

While this is the “textbook” term for stoner, so to speak, there are many interpretations of this label.

While the majority of people associate the word stoner with someone who frequently uses weed, perhaps on the daily, there are others (especially anti-weed advocates) that might even call someone a stoner even if they used only a couple of times.

Even further, there are some who use it to define a person’s lifestyle even on the extreme sides of the spectrum – from our vision above of a lazy person whose sole agenda is to use marijuana and avoid the responsibilities of life to a hard-working, ambitious individual who uses regularly.

There are other terms that one can use to describe a stoner like “hippie” but clearly, there is a difference. Actually, there are many weed users who prefer the term “marijuana enthusiast” which is frequently heard in today’s society.

Stoner Stereotypes

Stoners are frequently compared to being unmotivated, uneducated, and only living for their next high.

The reason why marijuana users are viewed in such a negative light is because of the stereotypes that are pinned to stoners. Some common stereotypes and their flaws include:

  1. Stoners lack education – Many people associate stoners with being dumb, uneducated people. However, this is far from the case as many individuals who are successful or have a secondary education are also marijuana users – including individuals like Bill Gates and Maya Angelou.
  2. They lack motivation – While there are a few who truly lack motivation in the world, this isn’t influenced by marijuana use but rather laziness from the person themselves. There are plenty of examples, like the ones above, of successful people including major CEOs and past presidents who have used marijuana. Enough said.
  3. All they care about is weed – Life doesn’t center around the next hit. The reasons that many people use vary but it doesn’t circumvent their lives. They still go to work, raise their children, and enjoy the other pleasures of life without worrying about when they will get high next.
  4. They are lazy – While some strains can make a person very mellow and “lazy”, there are many athletes who use marijuana and still get up to work out and perform. In all actuality, there are people who use weed and remain more active than others who don’t like, for instance, LeBron James.
  5. Stoners only use weed to get high – This stereotype can clearly be debunked by the thousands of medicinal marijuana users who use it to cope with their debilitating and painful medical conditions. Cannabis helps people cope with pain, deal with stress, and provide a better quality of life overall.

Redefining Marijuana Use

For a long time, people who use weed have been stereotyped as stoners. This term was to be perceived as a negative term and has been reinforced by many generations.

“Stoners” have appeared in movies, books, tv shows, and more – including propaganda. There are anti-marijuana groups that reinforce the “stoner” mentality and governments who have pushed against its legalization.

Fast forward to today and things are changing…and fast. There has been a rise in the pro-marijuana movement – advocating for the legalization of recreational marijuana and for medicinal marijuana.

Many people have even had positive results from using weed for their chronic illnesses including epilepsy.

Today’s young adults are taking a stand for the universal freedom to use weed and are slowly redefining the term “stoner” so that instead of referring to a lazy, unmotivated good-for-nothing, it just simply means “a person who enjoys marijuana”.

It would seem that they have been having success considering the amount of states already that have legalized recreational use of weed and its positive effects on those states – financial and otherwise.

What Does Vaping Have To Do With It?

We mentioned it briefly earlier but there was indeed a purpose for that. With the slow legalization of recreational marijuana, vaporizers (for dry herb and concentrates) have slowly risen to popularity over the years.

They not only provide a more inconspicuous method of getting high in public places but a person can avoid the harmful effects that would otherwise be present if they smoked it instead – hence a “cleaner” high.

The types of vapes, colors, brands, and sizes have greatly increased with so many to choose from.

You might be asking:

Well, what does that have to do with redefining stoners?

The vaporizer market has ushered in a generation of people who have gathered around the vaping lifestyle – whether they use weed or nicotine-based liquids – and this has essentially strengthened the community of “marijuana enthusiasts”.

There is indeed strength in numbers and the more people who have rallied behind a cause, the better accepted it will be. This will eventually reach the right people and laws will be passed, like in Colorado and California.

Final Thoughts

There is strength in numbers especially among the vaping community.

The term “stoner” has been associated with marijuana users for a very long time and to sum it up – makes them seem like lazy degenerates that will do nothing with their lives.

There are even stereotypes that have stuck with weed users including that their only motivation is to get high, they only use to get high, and that they are uneducated.

However, today’s generation has clearly veered many doubters away from this misconception. Many successful and ambitious people use marijuana and are strong advocates for it.

Today’s generation has become marijuana advocates as well and this has sparked a movement towards the legalization of recreational marijuana which has seen some major progress with many states already legal.

There is definitely strength in numbers which you can see from the vaping community.

Weed users have switched to the vape not only for privacy but for the “cleaner” high as well. We can only say that this movement will reach new heights in the coming future.

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