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Kanger Subtank MIni V2 Review | Sub-Ohm Vape Tank Review

The Subtank Mini V2 is one of the best medium sized tanks that is available to you today. It features a full 4.5 ml tank.

Many people who had used one of the previous models of this tank, like the Kanger Subtank Mini, complained about the actual tank size. Now the tank is larger which means that you can vape for longer.

This mini offers you a tank size that is bigger than some full size tanks which is great if you want something that is small and easier to use. The original subtank did not fit as well as this subtank does.

What’s New – Subtank Mini V2

With this Subtank Mini V2 review there are many things that you need to know. First off when you put the tank beside other tanks you can easily see how it is considered to be a mini.

It is considerably smaller than most others. You will notice that this is much smaller than the larger versions of the subtank.

The larger size subtank features a 25 mm diameter instead of the Subtank Mini V2’s 22 mm diameter.

While 3 mm might not sound like a large difference you are going to really notice it when the two of these are together.

If you have a standard subtank one thing that you should note is that it is top heavy compared to the Subtank Mini V2.

This means that if you have been overwhelmed with trying to vape with the standard subtank then you are going to be very pleased with the vaping experience that you get from this mini version.

The other issue is that the standard subtank did not fit very well onto most box mods. In some cases it did not seem like it fit at all. Well with the Subtank Mini V2 that is not the case.

In fact this subtank seems to flawlessly fit with all of the mods that I have tested it out with. Not only is the Subtank Mini smaller but it is also much lighter.

This makes it easier to vape with and will not give you that top heavy feeling that you might have gotten with the original. Of course if you are like me then the size is not going to matter as much as the overall performance of the tank.

The tank is made from the high quality Pyrex glass that is known for not breaking. Plus they have included an extra glass tube that was not included in the original which is great to have laying around.

One thing that I really love about the Subtank Mini V2 is that it still has all of the power and performance that the larger version had.

For me I actually believe that it has more power and performance and that there were definitely some amazing improvements made.

So the company worked to offer you a mod that addressed the issues that you were having with size while allowing it to be smaller and lighter.

That’s right…it is a better size for you to use. Plus the 4.5 ml tank has proven to be the perfect tank in my opinion as well. You can easily have several hours of vaping without having to add e-liquid to the tank.

The Subtank Mini V2 allows you to get some amazing clouds just like the Subtank did and the flavor is unmatched by many tanks that are the same size and even those that are larger.

This is something that I personally appreciate because I love having a nice strong flavor from my favorite e-liquids. Now I did notice that the vapor seemed to be warmer than the vapor from the larger subtank.

The thing is that even though it was a little warmer, it was never uncomfortable or too hot (even for me and you all know that I prefer a nice cool vaping experience).

In addition I did note that the tank became a little warm, so it would be possible if you have sensitive lips like I do to burn yourself a bit with the tank.

However since I do not vape continuously for long, this is something that I did not notice any problems with. It actually appears that Kanger has made a smaller tank that can mimic the performance and power of a much larger tank.

Of course like everyone else when I saw that Kanger was putting the Subtank Mini V2 on the market I thought that there was no way that this could not lose at least some of its performance.

I also thought that it would not have the same quality that other tanks would have.

One thing that is awesome is that the RBA has changed and the deck build has been redone completely. Now the coil that comes in the deck is bigger than the older coils.

This makes it possible to thread the new coils onto the deck. Additionally they added extra measures for the airflow to the RBA. In fact this improvement is not one that would be expected.

The chimney is larger which allows for you to get more airflow all the way through. Also you are no longer going to have to unscrew the top of the tank like you did with the larger subtank. All in all the tank is going to be easier to use.


  • OCC to RBA 2 Different Heads
  • Japanese Organic Cotton
  • Connection with 510 Threading
  • Pyrex Glass
  • 4.5 ml Capacity
  • 22 mm Diameter
  • Structure that is Durable
  • Airflow System that has been Enhanced
  • 48 mm Height (without drip tip)
  • 63 mm Height (with drip tip)

Should You Choose to Buy The Subtank Mini V2?

There are many reasons that I believe that you should buy the Subtank Mini V2. One of these is that it offers you the same high quality performance as the larger subtank while still offering you a better style and look.

I also love that Kanger really seemed to listen to all of the complaints that their previous customers had like the awkwardness of the size, the slow airflow, hard to built deck, and heavy weight.

They made all of the improvements that you were asking for. In addition I like that this is a complete kit. You get all of the accessories and coils just like you got with the former Kanger subtank.

However you get the o-rings that are better quality and even get an additional Pyrex glass tube for your Subtank Mini V2. For many reasons I like this tank better than I liked the original Subtank which is saying a lot.

The top two reasons that I like it better are:

1. The smaller size is very convenient

2. The improved airflow is nice

Plus you will find that it is pretty easy to switch between the OCCs and the RBA.

This is something that was kind of tricky before and not something that I wanted to do.

It is my opinion that if you are looking at a Kanger Subtank that you should definitely check out the Mini V2.

Of course if you think that you need more e-liquid you might feel drawn to the original version but for me the .5 ml difference is just not enough to make that big of a difference.

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Subtank Mini
  • 1 x OCC 1.2 ohm
  • 1 x OCC Sub ohm .5
  • 4 x RBA Coils with Japanese Organic Cotton
  • 1 x RBA Base
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 2 x Screws
  • 1 x Manual

Final Thoughts – Kanger Subtank Mini V2

The Kanger Subtank Mini V2 is something that you are going to love owning. It is the type of subtank that is going to be able to offer you the vaping experience of your dreams.

You can easily get the huge clouds and preferred flavor that you are looking for. This is something that I have been striving for since trying a great tank a few years back.

In fact I have become so obsessed with chasing the flavor that I try every single new tank that I can get my hands on, comparing them all to the high level flavor that some have had.

All in all this is one tank that you are going to love. Now if you are an avid vaper and one that vapes all of the time you might notice that the tip gets hot.

This means that you could potentially burn the sensitive skin on your lips. As someone who is not an overly zealous vaper I have only noticed mine getting warm a few times and have not been burnt yet.

This does not mean at all that I would not recommend this tank but it is something that I feel you should be warned a bit about so that you can watch out for it.

I just would feel awful if someone was a heavier vaper like my husband is and they ended up with a burn that could have been avoided if they had known.

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