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Suicide Bunny E Juice Review

Everyone has their favorite E Juice and what makes it unique to them so this week we are looking at one of our favorite companies, VaporDNA.

You can find a wide selection of eliquids, as well as E Cigarettes, tanks, kits, and more.

VaporDNA has been around since 2013 and is committed to providing excellent customer service as well as authentic and pure products.

Shipping is free for orders over $49 and all of their E Juice inventory is stored in a temperature controlled warehouse so you get the freshest product possible.

What we especially love is that in that controlled temperature warehouse houses one of our favorites, Suicide Bunny E Liquid.

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Suicide Bunny was created by Pip Gresham who had the idea of helping her husband quit smoking as much as he was – three packs a day.

However, she wanted something more than the usual, something different.

She took her creativity and made it something of a science research product to create the Suicide Bunny line of E Juice and it has become a best seller among those who vape.

One reason is the attention to quality. Suicide Bunny only uses American ingredients and each liquid goes through a strenuous process before it is allowed to get the Suicide Bunny label.

They also only allow up to 18mg of nicotine in any of their products so when you choose the nicotine level, you know you are getting that exact amount and no more or less.

There were even rumors at one time that the line was using diacetyl, which is a component that some brands may use to give their liquid a buttery flavor.

Suicide Bunny E Liquids | Get Yours Today!

This ingredient can cause issues with long-term use and can be hazardous to the health of the user.

suicide-bunny-usa-eliquid-03However, the lab tests proved what the company had stated – they do not use this product in their E Liquid and never have.

Pip not only stays educated on health studies and industry standards, but she also ensures that her company is safe and the product is fresh and of the highest quality. This is one of the reasons that the product is so popular – along with a wonderful taste and vape quality.

Suicide Bunny Flavors

Suicide Bunny Eliquid is a best seller from VaporDNA. Since you can shop by brand, you can find a huge variety of different E Liquid brands including Suicide Bunny.

Suicide Bunny E Juice comes in five different flavors as well as a limited edition set on the VaporDNA site.


Pip loves to create and mix flavors so while there are only five available right now, you can probably count on future flavors out of Suicide Bunny.

The company also makes the King’s Crown E Liquid as well, which can be found at VaporDNA as well.

What are the Flavors?

Suicide Bunny Madrina

sb MadrinaThis one has a hint of melon flavor with a custard base. This one happens to be the creator Pip Gresham’s favorite.

The notes of melon give you layers and layers of flavor.

Reviewers stated that it wasn’t too sweet and some even mentioned that it was similar to a Jolly Rancher and melon combined.

Suicide Bunny E Juice Madrina | VaporDNA – $22.00

Suicide Bunny Derailed

Derailed1dIf you love a sweet flavor, Derailed is a combination of a freshly baked Snickerdoodle cookie with an exhale of cinnamon, sweet, and banana. This one allows you to inhale the cookie flavor and exhale the other notes for a decadent flavor combination.

Many people said that tastes more like banana nut bread with the cinammon and sweetness but all of them said that it was one of their favorites.

Suicide Bunny E Juice Derailed | VaporDNA – $22.00

Suicide Bunny Sucker Punch

141023181417_Suicide Bunny Sucker Punch_fullSucker Punch is a mixed fruit and cream based vaping liquid. What kind of fruit is in this? A favorite among vapors – dragon fruit.

It’s smooth, creamy, and alluring with this mixture. Another Suicide Bunny flavor with positive reviews. It’s not too sweet to use all day because the cream base evens out the flavor so it’s smooth and perfectly blended.

Suicide Bunny E Juice Sucker Punch | VaporDNA – $22.00

Suicide Bunny the O.B.

OB1This flavor is Suicide Bunny’s original and has cream flavors that are similar to a sweet cream and perhaps a little of cake flavoring. 

Some say it tastes like coconut and some say it’s more like butterscotch, but most everyone says that this is a wonderful E Juice packed with rich, smooth flavors with just the right amount of sweet without being overpowering.

Suicide Bunny E Juice The O.B. | VaporDNA – $22.00

Suicide Bunny Mother’s Milk

MothersMilk1eThis is most everyone’s favorite E Juice from Suicide BunnyIt is a creamy, rich dessert combination that mixes a cream base with a touch of strawberry exhale.

Fans voted it their favorite and you’ll see why once you try it.

Creamy, smooth, fresh, and clean are just a few of the positive thoughts on Mother’s Milk. It’s strawberry sweet with a pronounced flavor that runs clean in your E Cigarette.

Suicide Bunny E Juice Mother’s Milk | VaporDNA – $22.00


The prices at VaporDNA vary depending on the brand but for the Suicide Bunny E Liquid, the prices start at $22 and this is for the 30ml bottle.

Strengths are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. You can also get the Limited Edition Mother’s Milk Obsidian Edition for the $99 price talked about below in the Special Deals section.

This is more towards the upper end of the spectrum but for the quality and flavor, it’s a great deal for a premium E Liquid.



Final Thoughts

VaporDNA has a lot of choices in E Liquid and you can find everything you need in one spot, especially the Suicide Bunny brand.

From tanks to liquids, the prices are good and we love the free shipping with orders over $49.

You can even get expedited shipping for a nominal fee if you have to have your juice faster. Here’s another good thing – you get a free bottle of Millenium Potion E Juice with every single order.

suicidebunny4This is a 10ml bottle and there are 20 flavors to choose from with nicotine levels from 0mg up to 12mg.

You do have to specify the flavor and nicotine level in order to receive the free juice.

If not, you won’t get it so don’t miss out on this freebie – go pick your favorite when you place an order and VaporDNA will give you a little something extra.

Suicide Bunny seems to have it all – rich flavor, smooth vaping, and quality like no other.

While there are just five choices in flavors, if you like your sweet vapes without too much of an overpowering taste then these smooth choices are exactly what you’ll love and you won’t have the need for other brands ever again.

Don’t forget to get your Suicide Bunny E Juice Today!

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