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Sweet Peach Tea E juice Review | Vape Juice

Sweet Peach Tea E JuiceThe Sweet peach tea from Central Vapors is a refreshing vaping juice.

It’s soothing like a rejuvenating iced tea on a hot summer day. It is smooth and tastes great with its peach flavor.

The flavor of peach comes out very well while vaping and the tea adds to the taste.

Cental Vapors specializes in selling about 150+ flavors of e-juices and 2000 customized e-liquid options that are available in dropper bottles of 3 sizes.

It uses trusted lab-tested products to make the e-liquids, all of which are resourced from notable vendors in the United States.

Specs – Sweet Peach Tea Vape Juice

  • Bottle size – 10 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml.
  • Nicotine level- 0-3-6-12-18-24 mg
  • PG/VG ratio – 100PG-0 VG
  • 70 PG- 30 VG
  • 50 PG- 50 VG
  • 30 PG- 70 VG
  • MAX VG


Normal, extra strength available.


Taste, flavor, and strength

The Sweet Peach Tea e juice from central vapors is a nice sweet tasting flavor with scintillation iced tea taste with shots of peachy taste in between.

The flavor of the tea and peach are well balanced and do not overpower each other.

The flavors are delicious and you can actually steep the e juice if you find the sweetness too overwhelming.

Steeping the juice makes it less sweet and brings out the subtle flavors to the forefront.

The fresh peaches flavor is awesome and the freshness of tea is very well blended by Central Vapors.

It is an all day vaping juice and is pleasant enough for continuous vaping.

The mixing is superb and it is a great tasting e-liquid from Central Vapors.

The e juice is available in plastic dropper bottles which carry a dropper tip.

Thus, they can be conveniently used to refill tanks for a continuous vaping experience.


The e-juice is very well priced at $4.19.

This pricing comes after a discount of 30% which is currently being offered by the company.


The Sweet Peach tea e-juice can be ordered on

The company provides domestic and international shipping and is known for its prompt deliveries.

The orders exceeding $50 are eligible for free shipping.

About Central Vapors

Central VaporsThe e-juices and e-liquids from Central Vapors are premium quality vaping juices that take the vaping experience to amazing levels.

They produce standard quality E juices that are Diacetyl free and are made with 100% kosher certified, USP grade PG and VG.

Their privileged premium liquid is delicious and the standard line liquids are good too.

These liquids are lab-tested and meticulously tested with nicotine levels to ensure safety and customer satisfaction.

Central Vapors keeps coming up with new flavors and is open to customers for novel ideas and suggestions.

Their offers and giveaways are amazing and they provide excellent service to the vaping fraternity.

Overall Review

Central vapors has emerged with a fantastic e juice yet again.

The peach and tea combination is strong yet very subtle and makes a balanced and well-blended flavor.

The flavors are neither too heavy to make the taste last for long, nor are they very mild to leave no effect.

Peach is an excellent choice for e-juice and when it is rightly mixed with the tantalizing sweet tea, the kick is amazing.

Vaping with the Sweet peach tea e-liquid is satisfying and pleasing to the senses.

It can be used as an all day vaping liquid as the flavor keeps getting better with every inhalation and the vaper wants more of it.

This vape is well priced and the customer can order multiple bottles together to avail the ongoing discounts and free shipping on bulk orders.

This e juice can be customized especially for your taste buds.

You can get the level of nicotine, PG/VG adjusted for a harsher or milder throat hit and vapor clouds.

Sample packs are available to try out the taste. Shipping is fast and payments and returns are easy.

Final Thought

The e-juice can be ordered at the site and all specifications regarding the bottle size, nicotine level, PG/VG blend quantities.

The e-juice is currently available at an offer price so now grasp this opportunity and place your orders quickly.

The most exciting part is that Central Vapors offers a free sample of e juice with every order.

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