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SX Mini 60W Mod Review

The SX Mini 60W mod is a mini box mod that has the power that you’d expect from a much larger box mod.

In fact, in some cases it actually packs more power than box mods that are more than twice its size.

What’s New – SX Mini 60W Mod?

SX Mini 60WAny SX Mini 60W review that you read is going to mention the new changes in the batteries that allow for the mod to have such a small and compact size.

There are three different modes that you can vape with which will help to preserve your battery life for as long as possible. 

Plus this box mod is going to allow for you to have maximum control of your personal vaping needs.

There are three separate battery modes.

You can choose between having the soft, powerful, and standard setting. This actually allows you to monitor the power of the vaping and not just the temperature.

The great thing about being able to change the battery mode is that it affects more than the flavor.

In fact you can actually get better flavor and stronger throat hits with the different settings.

The SX Mini 60W mod is one of the smallest box mods on the market. It can easily fit into the palm of your own hand.

Many people are shocked when they write a SX Mini mod review about how much power can be produced from this very small box mod.

The mod can offer you a wattage of between 5W and 60W.

One of the best things about the SX mini 60W mod is that it is the same size as many mods that only offer half of the power.

This is a huge benefit to someone who does not want a huge mod but wants more power. You will also be able to choose between different voltages.

You can pick a voltage of anywhere from 1 to 9.5. The mod also allows you to adjust the resistance down to as low as .15 ohms.

OLED Screen

The OLED screen is very tiny and is less than 1” in width. This does not mean that it is hard to see though as you might imagine.

Even though the screen is really small it is clear and easy to read. The OLED screen is being praised for its ability to be clear and bright.

This means that you are going to be able to see it regardless of what is going on.

The OLED screen also changes direction of the reading depending on how you are holding the mod in your hand.

This will help to ensure that things are done well and right. The smart screen flips and uses gravity sensors.

More about the SX Mini

SX Mini 60wThe microscopic computer chip that is in this mod helps to make sure that things are used in the right way.

While the mod might appear as though 60W would be the maximum level of power that you have, that is not the case.

In fact with this mod you can actually make adjustments that allow for the mod to have 85W of power.

Using a mechanical device for advanced vapers is something that is going to allow them to have the most power possible.

Additionally it is possible to have a variable watt mod. Upgrades to the firmware will also be available.

Users also love that the box mod is built to last and is not something that can be easily damaged. They also love how comfortable it is to hold onto the box mod.

It is not something that you will easily tire of holding or really not feel comfortable holding. The box mod is also safe. There are internal features that allow for you to have a safe vaping experience.

They protect you against shortages and issues that come from high temperatures.

Protective Features

Even if you are a new vaper, chances are that you have heard horror stories about box mods overheating or short circuiting.

You might even have heard about serious injuries that were sustained when this happened.

What you probably didn’t realize is that these are things that can be prevented with the right safeguards in place.

The SX Mini 60W has internal options that will keep you safe if you are vaping for too long or if something were to happen to the mod internally.

There is a smart switch that can turn off the device prior to it short circuiting if you do something wrong with the spring which can affect the ohms.

If a battery is installed wrong instead of causing problems a switch will keep it from working and will leave a message.

The switch will shut the mod off if the unit is overheating or if the voltage is too low.


  • Made Out of Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Lightweight at just 360 g
  • .15 ohm – 3.0 ohm
  • An Easily Noticed Difference

One of the things that many people do not like about box mods is their large and chunky shape. Additionally many people do not like the colors that are available or the overall appearance.

The SX Mini 60W is completely different and you notice that right from the start.

One of the things that makes you notice it is that it is smaller than nearly every mod of similar wattage on the market.

Another thing is that it is a sleek design that is made from aluminum.

Plus there is some texture added to the aluminum to make sure that it is easy for you to hold on to.

Features of the SX Mini 60W

  • Direct Connection Available
  • Uses Special SX 350 Mini Chip
  • Takes 1 18650 Battery (Upgradable to 2 x 18650 with aftermarket extension tube)
  • Stainless Steel Button
  • Aluminum Body
  • Charges with USB
  • Fits In Palm of Your Hand
  • Smallest Available 60W Mod
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Most Efficient Chip Available On the Market
  • Future Upgrades Will be Available
  • Able to Fire as Low as .15 ohms
  • 40A Output Current
  • 5W – 60W Output Power
  • 1.0V – 9.5V Output Voltage
  • .15 ohm – 3 ohms Atomizer Resistance Range
  • 3.2V – 4.5V Input Voltage
  • 1.5A – 30A Input Current
  • 93% Efficient
  • OLED Screen is under 1” in size

Tips for Using with an Atomizer or Tank

There are a few things that you might want to know before you try to use an atomizer.

One thing that should be noted is that the spring loaded pin is not adjustable, but the threading is done well.

You will have to pick up an atomizer that has the popular 510 threading so that you can use it with this mod.

You can pick between a sub ohm tank, RBA, or RDA. With a mod that is as powerful as the SX Mini 60W mod, you will want to choose a tank or atomizer that is also high in quality.

What’s Included?

  1. USB Cable
  2. SX Mini Device
  3. User Manual
  4. Gift Box
  5. Warranty Card
  6. Bag

Best Atomizers and Tanks for the SX Mini 60W

Kanger Subtank

Kanger SubtankThe Kanger Subtank is one of the most powerful tanks on the market today. It is also perfect for those who enjoy dripping.

The Kanger Subtank is affordable and offered at a price that is unmatched when you are looking at overall quality.

Aspire Atlantis Sub-Ohm Tank

Aspire AtlantisThe Aspire Atlantis Sub-Ohm Tank is another choice that is known for being affordable without giving up overall quality.

One of the best features with this tank is that it offers a special cooling system that allows vaping at more comfortable temperatures.

Final Thoughts

SX Mini 60WThe SX Mini 60W mod is one of the most popular choices for a mini mod today. There are many reasons for this.

Perhaps the biggest is that it offers a full 60W of power in a mod that is the same size as mods that typically only offer under 10W of power. So it really packs a lot of power into a small case.

This mod is also known for its high quality and light weight. It is made from aluminum and stainless steel.

Users will like the fact that they can replace the battery without worrying about accidentally installing it the wrong way.

In fact this is made possible by special microchip technology that senses when the battery is installed wrong. It displays that there is a problem on the OLED screen.

The OLED screen is another great feature on this box mod. Even though it is smaller than most screens there are no user complaints about it.

There are so many different types of mods that have screens that are larger but can not be read.

This is something that users will really appreciate because they can always tell if there is something wrong with their mod.

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