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Tesla 120W Review

The Tesla 120w Variable Wattage Box Mod is an awesome box mod that has excellent functionality, a super cool aesthetic, and a design that stands out in the crowd.

Its slick design and attention to detail make this a formidable box mod that will give you powerful hits and all of the vapor clouds you could ever want.

The Tesla 120W is manufactured by Kingzone and you get clean construction with attention to every detail.

Along with the Tesla technology – it’s a perfect combination.

In this Tesla 120W review, we’ll look at everything this device has to offer.

  • Mod Type: Variable wattage
  • Thread Type: 510
  • Compatible Batteries: (2) 18650 batteries
  • Material: Aluminum

Specs and Features

  • 0.9 inch OLED display screen show battery level, voltage, resistance, wattage
  • Variable wattage: Can be adjustable from 7-120W (in 1W increment)
  • 510 threading connection
  • Chromed copper center pin (adjustable)
  • Powered by two 18650 batteries (batteries sold separately)
  • Max. output voltage: 11V
  • Max. output current: 24A
  • Min. support resistance: 0.2ohm
  • Low voltage protection, reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection
  • With screen inversion function, convenient for being used by left hand people (press the “+” and “-” buttons at the same time)
  • Engraved logo
  • Magnet back cover

What’s in the Box

  • (1) Metal 120W Box Mod


There are quite a few protection features in the Tesla 120w, including:

  • Low voltage protection
  • Reverse connection protection
  • Short protection
  • 10 second cutoff
  • Lock/Unlock

Many of you already know this but box mods aren’t for beginners so have a good working knowledge of electronics or at least some experience.

This box mod has quite a few safety features but it is important to know what you’re doing.

Voltage and Wattage

  • Max. output voltage: 11V
  • Max. output current: 24A
  • Min. support resistance: 0.2ohm


The Tesla 120w mod comes in a few different styles – there is wood in brown and red and then your aluminum versions which come in black and silver.


Tesla 120WThe wood versions are slightly larger than the metal ones.

The wood version also has a grip carved into it whereas the aluminum versions do not. Both have the “High Power Tesla” logo with the winged insignia.

On the wood version it is much more subtle but looks nice on both versions and isn’t too “in your face” or blatantly commercialized.

However, on the backside you’ll find more engravings with the dragon insignia.

If you like your box mods plain, it probably won’t make you choose not to buy it but it does have a bit of engraving on it. So keep that in mind if you don’t want a lot of stuff cluttering up the look.


Tesla 120WOn the aluminum version, it has a magnetic battery door that snaps back on seamlessly. No screws are needed, which is more convenient.

The wood device also has a magnetic door, but the magnetic buttons are not quite as strong as in the aluminum one.

This doesn’t mean that the door slides open on its own but it does slide off more easily and isn’t quite as secure. It is not wobbly at all though.

The wood version has smaller buttons too. It has the same functionality but the buttons just look smaller than on the aluminum one.

If you like a larger mod, this is the one for you. In a side by side comparison to the Sigelei, this one is much beefier.

It makes for a nice sized box but if you have small hands, that may be something to consider.

How to Use the Tesla 120w

  1. To turn the device on, it is a simple five clicks. The buttons are really clicky for those who like that type of feel to the buttons.
  2. It displays the welcome screen and then your battery power, wattage, etc. You click through one watt increments and it does go fast.
  3. You can lock the power by holding down the fire button and the minus button. It will display the power lock mode on the display screen.
  4. To unlock it, just repeat the same process and the display will read that you are in the power unlock mode.
  5. To go into stealth mode, just click the fire button and the plus button to save on power. To turn the display back on, repeat the same process.


As with similar box mods, the Tesla 120w comes with a 510 threading connection.

It is not a spring loaded connection but works great with most clearomizers so that you can use your favorite.


The batteries in the Tesla 120 watt box mod are also no surprise.

It takes two 18650 batteries and you may like the Sony 30A VTC4 18650 Battery 2100 mAh two pack or the Efest IMR 3.7V 18650 Flat Top Battery 2250 mAh two pack.

You can also use the MXJO 35A batteries or your own personal preference.

On the metal Tesla, there are spring loaded contacts and a ribbon which makes it easy to insert batteries or remove them.

There is a lot of recessing in the design on the top and bottom and vent holes.

On the wood device, it has the same magnetic door but it slides off to the side, which is a nice effect.

On this one, there is only the spring loaded contacts at the bottom, not at the top like with the aluminum device.

Best Clearomizers for Tesla 120w

With the 510 threading, you can use most any clearomizer.

Kanger Subtank

Kanger SubtankFor years, one of the hottest debates in the vape community was “RBA or Clearomizer”

Both sides swore by the merits of their own chosen setup, the Clearomizer contingent praising their tool’s ease of use while the RBA assembly touted their re-buildable atomizers.

Aspire Atlantis

Aspire AtlantisThe Aspire Atlantis tank is a high performance sub ohm clearomizer that offers a range of advanced features appreciated by more experienced vaper.

Otherwise, I know you’re excited to see what’s under the hood with the Atlantis.

Similar Mods to the Tesla 120w


IPV3 150wWhen it comes to mod manufacturers the latest entry onto the high-power battlefield is the IPV3 150 watt mod.

It’s a dual-battery powered horsepower specialist designed for experienced and genre-savvy vapers.

Clouper T8

cloupor t8This powerhouse box mod is touted as delivering up to 150 watts of vaporizing force in every draw.

If you’re in the market for juice, no doubt you’ve taken a look at the Cloupor T8.

Best Deal on the Tesla Box Mod

The Tesla is available at and you can get the code for free shipping along with the Box Mod for only $73.95. Get the Free Shipping code here.

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Final Thoughts

Tesla 120WThis is an excellent box mod for a number of reasons. For one thing, they’re simple to use.

It’s not overly complicated and even the owner’s manual is small and simplistic yet has everything you need.

It comes in a gift box and has a well-made construction. In fact, right out the box it has no factory dust or machine oil.

This means that the manufacturer spent time on the smaller details to deliver a product that has been taken care of before it even reaches your hands.

The choices in styles are not too limited since you can choose the aluminum or the wooden one and both come in two color choices.

Now the real question is how well it works. It fires fast and produces beautiful clouds, even at 50 watts.

Obviously, the tank has something to do with that as well but this device really helps with producing excellent cloud vapors.

The one watt steps may annoy some but really, if you’re vaping at higher wattages anyway, does that really make a huge difference?

One small thing is that while vaping on the wooden box, the battery door can slide open.

Is that a deal breaker? Probably not, but stronger magnets would make a world of difference.

Overall, this is a pretty cool device that you can get at a good price and have an awesomely sweet box mod.

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