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Tesla Wood 160W TC Review

On the heels of the well-received Tesla 120w box mod comes this beautifully crafted piece, the Tesla Wood 160W TC. Not only does this updated model bring a rich wood grain finish and 40 added watts of vaping power to the table, this newcomer also gets a temperature control feature for use with premium clearomizers and dry herb tanks. This handsome box mod may qualify as a work of art, but is it all form and no function? Find out in today’s Tesla Wood 160w TC review

Tesla Wood 160w Specs

  • Accepts two 18650 high-drain batteries (not included)
  • Lowest Resistance: 0.18-3.0 Ohm (ordinary atomizer), 0.18-1.0 Ohm (Nickel coil)
  • Wattage Range: 7-160W
  • Temp Control Range: 200-600 F
  • Max output voltage: 11V
  • Max output current: 29.8A
  • Screen flip feature for left handed vapers
  • Dual removable cover plates for easy battery installation
  • Copper spring loaded 510 connection

What’s New- Tesla Wood 160w TC

While the most obvious upgrade to the new Tesla mod is its slick wooden chassis, the improvements only begin on the outside. The Tesla Wood 160w TC sports a new internal chip for a faster startup time and no firing delay like with the older model. The battery bay has also been redesigned with a magnetic sliding door for easier installation, so those who complained about peeling battery wraps last time around were heard loud and clear up at Tesla headquarters.

Variable Wattage and Temperature Control

The Tesla Wood 160w features variable wattage that can be adjusted from a base level of 7w to its operational max of 160w, and also features a temperature control mode for added versatility.


The vaping experience with the Tesla Wood 160w TC was nothing short of incredible during the testing phase. Warm and flavorful vapor were easy to achieve even at lower power levels, and higher settings approaching 100w were extremely dense at times. Of course, you’ll need a suitable tank to push the Tesla mod to its limits, so don’t go trying to fire a gas station special at full power with this thing.

Tesla Wood 160w Build Quality

Straight out of the box, the Tesla Wood 160w mod looks like a device that champions build quality, and we’re pleased to report looks are not deceiving in this case. The Tesla exhibits outstanding build quality, with the wood grain showing off deep and textural engravings and general machining done to a very high standard. The buttons of the Tesla provide a satisfying tactile click and the simplified screen makes gathering information at a glance easy, although with these praises of its build quality we will say that the Tesla might be shade lighter than you expect in the hand.

Tesla Wood 160w Threading

The Tesla Wood 160w TC mod features a standard 510 connection with a copper contact pin for high conductivity and versatility.

Best Clearomizer for Tesla Wood 160w TC Mod

Kanger Subtank

The Kanger Subtank has been clearomizer royalty since its release to market, and its performance level continues to keep it near the top of the heap even months after hitting shelves. The Subtank features organic cotton coils for peerless clean flavors puff after puff, and its optional RDA mode gives hybrid vapers the best of both worlds with this top flight tank. We ran a full review of the Kanger Subtank here on BC, so check it out to learn more about this premium clearomizer.

Aspire Triton

The Aspire Triton doesn’t just rest on the DNA of one of vaping’s most celebrated product lines, it revolutionizes the entire package. The Triton takes the familiar profile and performance of the Atlantis and adds a new dynamic airflow control system with multiple points of adjustment as well as a top-filling design that makes a lot more sense than filling from the bottom if you even think about it a little. We also took a longer look at the Aspire Atlantis Triton on BC, and it’s available for your review as well.

Compare With:

Sigelei 150 Watt

This Sigelei box mod was one of the first devices on the market to break the 150 watt barrier, making it a formidable opponent for the Tesla. While the wooden mod comes with 10 more watts and a wider power range than the Sigelei product, its temperature control feature and overall similar performance level make it a more than capable alternative. For more on the Sigelei 150 Watt Box Mod, feel free to read the full BC review.

Cloupour T8

The Cloupour T8 is another spiritual cousin to the Tesla Wood 160w TC mod, cranking out a nearly identical maximum wattage level and housing a pair of 18650 type batteries. However, the Cloupour T8 has a USB charging port to allow on-board juicing, so it might be a bit more convenient on the go. Find out more on how the Cloupour T8 matches up with the Tesla and other popular box mods in the full BC review.

We Would Have Liked to See…

The Tesla Wood 160w TC Mod is a well-considered device overall, but we feel a single aspect of its design may not do this sharp looking unit the justice it deserves. While it’s probably only important to people who shake box mods for a living, the Tesla did let out a faint rattling sound during our highly scientific box mod button integrity test. Although the buttons certainly function well enough, it’s a nit we feel is fair to pick with a device that presents itself with the level of polish this mod does.

Tesla Wood 160w TC Overview

All told, the Tesla Wood 160w TC mod is an excellent piece of equipment inside and out. The performance level far outpaces many similarly-priced mods, and the well executed wooden finish gives it a certain charm that many a vaper will find irresistible. Perfectionists may make note of the slightly rattly buttons, but most of those who judge the Tesla 160w by its cover tend to make an accurate evaluation of its quality.

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