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The Best Travel Destinations for Vapers

When you’re traveling for business, pleasure, or both, it’s nice to know ahead of time whether some of your favorite pastimes are socially acceptable or frowned upon at your destination.

For vape lovers, this can be a tricky subject.

Laws are popping up banning or limiting vaping in places around the world, but some cities are especially vape-friendly.

Check out our list of some of the best travel destinations for vapers.

London, United Kingdom

1In 2015, House of Commons officials began allowing MPs to vape in certain areas of parliament!

The rest of the city is similarly welcoming to vapers, and many restaurants allow vaporizer use indoors.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

thumbnail_thumbnail_VirginiaBeach (1)If you’re hoping to enjoy your vape by a beautiful beach, look no further.

Virginia Beach has no bans on vaping, and there are plenty of cozy tourist spots, bars, and restaurants where you can vape worry-free by the picturesque seaside.

Amsterdam, North Holland

thumbnail_thumbnail_AmsterdamLike many other vices, vaping is completely acceptable in Amsterdam.

Just don’t ask to bum from a stranger’s vape – you might not know what’s in the tank!

Seattle, Washington

thumbnail_thumbnail_Seattle (1)Seattle is one of America’s greenest cities and has earned a spot on our list of vaping-friendly destinations. Seattle encourages outdoor vaping, so you can enjoy walking around Pike Place Market or the outdoor Chihuly Garden with your favorite box mod.

The Seattle-Tacoma International airport is pretty vape friendly, too.

Dublin, Ireland

thumbnail_thumbnail_DublinYou can travel just about anywhere in Ireland and feel free to whip out your vape.

What could be better than enjoying a fresh pint of Guinness while puffing on your favorite ejuice?

The Vanilla Creme Pie e liquid flavor from VapeRanger would be a delightful pairing.

Tampa, Florida

thumbnail_thumbnail_TampaHome to an annual vaping expo, Tampa is full of vaporization advocates.

In Tampa, you can vape on the beach as well as in many parks, malls, restaurants, and bars.

Tampa International is one of the most well-known vaper-friendly airport, so you won’t have to wait until you leave the airport to start vaping.

Vienna, Austria

thumbnail_thumbnail_Vienna (1)If you accidentally forget your vape at home, don’t worry  vapes and e cigarettes are commonly sold in Austrian shops and pharmacies.

You can enjoy the city’s rich history and beautiful architecture without worrying about vaping bans

Denver, Colorado

thumbnail_thumbnail_DenverIn the Mile High City, many private businesses in Denver cater to the vaping community.

There are a ton of vape shops that carry the latest and greatest vapes, box mods, tanks, and eliquid.

Denver has been vaping since long before the rest of the country, so you can expect to see new vapor products in this city that you may not find elsewhere just yet.

Final Thought

If you’re a vape lover preparing for travel, we recommend checking out the vaporization laws in your destination.

As always, be thoughtful to those around you. It’s better to ask permission than to have to ask forgiveness. Bon voyage!

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