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The Standard E Juice Review | Hand Crafted E Juice

The Standard E Juice is from a company out of California that offers hand crafted flavors and the ultimate in production quality and is easily consider one of the best e juices on the market.

Along with Black Label, Jackson Vapor Co., and Blueprint Vapor, the Standard E Juice is perfected by Saveur Vape and we have the Standard E Juice review that will give you a good idea of what to expect from this line of E Juices.

You can find the Standard E Juices on and they carry all ten of the Standard E Juice flavors which include:

  • F.U.E.S. The newest edition to The Standard family, a mystery dessert flavor. They may not tell you what it is but it’s sure to please.
  • Tater. You’d think this would be some odd combination of potatoes but don’t be fooled by the picture (or the name). Surprises come in many forms. The balance of secret flavors in this e-juice caters to the sweet tooth crowd.
  • Thumper. Another new addition to the The Standard Vape lineup. A flavorful sweet inhale beautifully blended into a lightly tart exhale. A perfect harmony of sweetness with a hint of sour.
  • Slow Mo. Take a trip down memory lane with our Orange Dreamsicle inspired flavor combination of Orange and smooth cream. Perfect for a slow and easy summer day or when you want to reminisce about this ice cream truck favorite you had when you were a kid.
  • Frankenvape. Did you think this might be a grape combination? Not at all; it’s kiwi, marshmallow and lots of goodness. This one seems like an odd mix of flavors but it has a kiwi (almost lime tasting) inhale with a creamy exhale of marshmallow. It is one of their most popular combinations and sure to please those who love their fruits and creams.
  • G-35. Love menthol? This one has a mix of coconut, pineapple, mango with a hint of menthol for a cool, crisp flavor.
  • Curious Jorge. You guessed correctly; Curious Jorge is banana and banana. Did we mention bananas? Some claim it has just a tad of a synthetic flavor but it’s close and still delicious.
  • Dead Man’s Party. This is what they call a blueberry lemonade thingamajig. It’s not too strong of a blueberry flavor and the lemonade isn’t too tart.
  • Irie Nights. This one is my favorite – it’s a Jamaican rum and brown sugar party flavor combination that is simply divine.
  • Cell Block 4. A creme brulee dessert with subtle notes of citrus tucked throughout. This one is sweet, not cloying but it is a dessert vaping juice that only the true sweet tooth aficionados might appreciate. It’s also good if you let this one steep a little first. It’s thick but not overly thick like honey and has a citrus and vanilla flavor combination.

You can also get a trio combination which includes a bottle of Blueprint Empire, a bottle of Jackson Vapor Co. Agua Dulce, and a bottle of the Standard Vape E Juice, Thumper.

This trio is a total of 90ml and sells for $64.99. Not only does it save you a little bit of money but you can try all three brands, including Thumper, by Standard Vape.

Thumper is the one that doesn’t have an exact recipe of what the flavors are but it has been liked to Sweet Tarts candy.

There are a total of 10 flavor profiles from the Standard Vape and each one is truly unique.

For instance, the Irie Nights is one I mentioned that is a favorite and for good reason.

The Jamaican rum and brown sugar is a perfect combination that isn’t too sweet and really satisfies.

I think that brown sugar adds a little something special to just about any combination so this is a great pairing.

Another favorite is the G-35 for those of you who love the crisp and cool taste of menthol.

With this blend you get the meaty coconut, juicy pineapple and mango, and of course, the menthol.

It’s like a tropical drink with a hint of mint for that cool feeling exhale that those of you who smoked menthol cigarettes will remember.

Each one is available in a variety of nicotine choices – 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.

There is not a 24mg nicotine level available so the really heavy vapers may lose out but the rest include the standard levels you’d expect.

Packaging of the Standard E Juices

When it comes to picking an E Juice brand or flavor, packaging isn’t always the first reason to try one but it is important.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the bottles have a very cool design on them.

Each flavor has a unique look and my favorite is again, Irie Nights.

The retro color and cute giraffe just makes it so different.

Another one that is really neat (not that every bottle isn’t totally cool) is the Dead Man’s Party.

This is the flavor that tastes like a blueberry lemonade. The bottle features skeletons in a saloon.

We’re not exactly sure how the name relates to the design but whatever the reason, it works.

Maybe it’s like a dark side vs whimsical side; the artwork is somewhat dark and the flavor is light and refreshing.

One thing that is a little annoying is that there is no dripper top.

The bottles are a neat square shape and are pretty heavy duty but they really need a dripper.

Otherwise you have to use a spare dripper each time and most don’t fit this bottle so you can’t just replace it.

On a side note, they’re also not childproof just in case that is something you need.

How Do They Vape?

There is no solid information on the PG/VG in these although one site does list it as a 50/50 blend.

However, one thing that is for sure is that the flavor and throat hits are really good.

You get excellent vapor production and the taste on every flavor is pretty impressive.

In fact, many reviewers felt that the Frankenvape had an especially hard throat hit so if you’re a newbie, you may want to be aware of this fact.

For those that love a huge throat hit, this is one of the flavors to check out.

Final Verdict

Other than not having a convenient dripping top, these are really good flavors from a good brand of E Juice.

The company delivers United States made E Liquid, hand mixed in a laboratory grade facility so you know you’re getting quality juices.

The price is a bit higher than some brands but it’s competitive for the most part.

A 30ml bottle will set you back $22 which is the norm for more premium brands.

The artwork stands alone in its unique and innovative look but most importantly, the flavors are what will have you coming back for more.

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