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The Troll V2 RDA Review | RDA Vape

Troll 2 RDAThe Troll V2 RDA has been launched recently following its predecessor the Troll RDA.

It is equipped with a velocity-style deck, a huge juice well, and two different types of airflow configurations.

The features are an up gradation to the Troll and the deck as been improvised over the split center post.

This kit has been designed to provide the vape lovers with massive clouds and great flavor.

Features of the Troll V2 RDA

  • 22mm diameter
  • Reverse adjustable 510 pin
  • 33.5 mm tall with the standard drip tip
  • 6.5 mm x 1.5 mm diagonal airflow slots
  • 6.25 mm x 1.25 mm horizontal airflow slots
  • 37 mm tall with the chuff cap
  • Peek insulator made in Germany
  • Gold Plated 510 Connection
  • Bigger wire holes in 2.7 mm
  • Deeper deck in 10mm
  • Two AFC option
  • AFC adjustable in chuff cap set

Characteristics of the Troll V2 RDA

  1. The Troll RDA kit contains:
  2. Standard stainless steel drip
  3. 3 twisted coils
  4. Delrin chuff cap
  5. Multi-purpose screwdriver
  6. 4 extra post screws
  7. Muji cotton pad
  8. Several extra o-rings

Body and Finish

The Troll V2 has a stainless steel body and is available in two colors of gray and black.

The device is tall and the stainless steel drip is well proportioned.

The image of a troll is engraved on one side of the vape.

There are two diamond-shaped cut outs and horizontal and diagonal slots for airflow control.

The piece is simple and elegant with a durable body.

Deck Style

The deck of the Vape is spacious and has large holes and the velocity posts.

The posts are vertical and neatly manufactured.

The drip tips are wide and the velocity posts can accommodate wide wires.

The negative post is fixed into the deck, while the positive post is fitted on a peak insulator attached to a non-adjustable 510 screw.

Juice Well

The well is 100 mm deep and is massive. The wide bore drip tips allow easy refilling.

The user has to add the juice into the juice well when it becomes dry.

Airflow of this RDA

The airflow can be adjusted by twisting the top cap section which in turn, rotates the inner sleeve.

You can close the diagonal or the horizontal air slots and adjust them for airflow.

The airflow can be totally opened for an unrestricted drag.

It can be partially closed and controlled for restricting a direct lung hit.


The finishing of the device is sturdy and nice.

The device has been upgraded to a velocity-style deck, which is a major improvement from the Troll RDA’s split center-post deck.

The o-ring tolerances provide an airtight and leak-proof connection but are a little tight and are difficult to open for re-dripping.

Overall the appearance is decent, although it does not match up with the stylish looking pieces in the market.

The velocity posts have wide holes which make it easy to build in the wires.

The two posts add to the ease of building and do not require lead bending.

The juice well is large and does not require re-dripping frequently.

Two times in one session is enough.

They are however prone to leaking when the refilling mechanism is done.

The dripping can be done from the chuff cap.

The airflow system has two types of slots and allows excellent airflow control.

For heavy vapers, the wide open slots will be an amazing experience.

The flavors come out strong with phenomenal clouds of smoke.

The horizontal slots give out more vapor and the diagonal slots produce better clouds.

The air slots can be fully opened for a massive vaping experience or the airflow can be reduced for a lesser lung hit effect.

The user can adjust the coil, the airflow, wattage and power settings as per his preferences.

Final Thought

The WOTOFO TROLL V2 RDA is a huge improvisation from its predecessor.

All the drawbacks have been worked upon and improved.

The bigger wire holes, deeper well, velocity posts, and dual airflow configuration are great features that make the vaping experience a delight.

The o-ring tolerance is a little tight but prevents leakages.

The stainless steel body adds to the strength of the mod which is easy to build and gives out wonderful flavors.

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