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The Vapor Factory E-Liquid Review | Vape Juice

It’s hard to decide what vape juice is right for you when you’ve never tried a certain vendor or flavor.

Especially with the countless e juice makers out there, with more popping up every day!

Hopefully these brutally honest vape juice reviews of The Vapor Factory e liquids from Joe’s Vapor Shop will help you make a decision!

A Variety of E Juice Flavors

The Vapor Factory offers up 61 different flavors of e liquid of all different categories like tobaccos, fruits, desserts, drinks, and menthol flavors.

I’m not going to list them all here as it would take quite some time. They all come in 24mg, 18mg, 9mg, and 0mg.

The only size available is 15ml. I don’t know what the propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin ratio is as it is not listed on the bottles or the website.

You can purchase this e liquid for $9.99 per 15ml bottle.

You can also choose between three different collections: Signature Flavors, Menthol Collection, and PG Free Collection.

As you may have guessed, the PG Free Collection doesn’t contain any Propylene Glycol.

This is a good option for those who have an allergy to propylene glycol.

The PG Free Collection comes in the same nicotine levels as the other flavors.

That’s 24mg, 18mg, 9mg, and 0mg. Plus, all their e liquids are made in the good ol’ USA.

Full disclosure: Taste is subjective.

What I like, you may not and vice versa.

Here are a few of the options they offer and I’m here to help you decide if these are what you want or not!

Maximum Tobacco

This tastes exactly how you might expect: like you chewed on a cigarette and then licked an ashtray. It has a very strong flavor.

The downside is that flavor is not good. It is a very earthy slightly sweet ashtray flavor.

Though, if you like tobacco flavors you might very well enjoy this one.

Berry Pomegranate

It tastes like berry flavored candy. It’s very bright and sweet.

It also has strong flavor, but at least it’s actually pretty good.

It tastes like a generic berry flavor that you can’t quite pin point the exact berries that are in it. 

The juice itself is also very pink, which leads me to believe it contains some food coloring.

If you like candy/sweet fruity flavors this is for you.


This juice tastes just like anything else that is cherry flavored, in that it tastes like cough syrup.

It’s sweet, medicine-y and leaves a bit of a film in my mouth. It’s not pleasant.

This one is also quite pink. It looks exactly like the Berry Pomegranate.

I know some people like cherry flavored stuff (for some reason) so they would probably enjoy this as well.

Menthol Berry Blast

It tastes like they took the Berry Pomegranate and added some menthol to it. It’s ok, it’s just not that great.

When I used to smoke I smoked menthol cigarettes, but I just don’t think fruity flavors and menthol go good together.

I know some people like to combine menthol with fruit flavors, it’s just not for me.

Maximum Menthol

It tastes like a highly mentholated Maximum Tobacco.

The menthol is very strong in it, but not so strong that it completely covers up the ashtray taste that Maximum Tobacco provides.

It is too reminiscent of the cigarettes I used to smoke. The ones I have tried to distance myself from since I quit smoking.

Though, if you are looking to get off the cigarettes and smoked menthol cigarettes, this is likely right up your alley.


One wouldn’t think that menthol could get anymore intense than Maximum, but this is a ridiculously strong menthol.

I could only take one or two small hits and had to switch to some other flavor. It definitely clears out your sinuses, though.

It’s like vaping VapoRub. It’s pretty intense.

It might be good to add menthol to other juices, but it’s way too strong to vape as is, in my humble opinion.

Final Thoughts

These e liquids offerings from The Vapor Factory aren’t that special or that great.

They are almost like that cheaply made juice you would get from a gas station or tobacco store.

These were just not very impressive and there are better quality e liquids at better prices available out there.

The ingredients on the website don’t list any food coloring, but they certainly look like they contain it, especially the pink ones.

I don’t really think e liquids should contain food coloring, as it is just another unneeded ingredient or chemical.

Taste is Subjective

Like I said before, taste is completely subjective.

You will ultimately have to be your own judge when it comes to flavors.

They offer a huge selection of 61 different flavors.

Some of these sound like they might be pretty good, so there are likely going to be some flavors everyone will enjoy.

Where to buy?

If you would like to give The Vapor Factory e liquids a shot you can find them at Joe’s Vapor Shop for $9.99 per 15ml bottle.

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