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Top 10 E-Hookah Pens for 2015

Switching to one of the top 10 e-hookah pens for 2015 is something that many hookah smokers have been considering.

After hearing for a few years about the dangers of smoking and nicotine there is no question as to why you might be considering a hookah pen.

However there is a chance that you might not know for sure if this is going to be the right decision for you.

Top Reasons to Check Out an E-Hookah Pen

There are many reasons to check out your own hookah pen. The following are just some of the top ones.

No Tobacco or Tar

The biggest reason that you should be considering the switch to an e-hookah pen is that these are not going to damage your lungs with tobacco or tar.

While research is not sure if vaping is 100% safe, there is a lot of research that shows that vaping is much safer than the byproducts of smoking which can cause cancer, heart disease, and bronchitis to name a few.

Help the Environment

Since you are not using tobacco or tar when you are using an e-hookah pen, they are a safer alternative for the environment.

They do not produce carbon dioxide which is what pollutes the air when you are smoking a traditional hookah.

Get Your Nicotine Fix

One of the best things about the e-hookah pens is that they allow you to safely get your nicotine fix while not putting those around you in harm or danger’s way.

E-Liquid is Everywhere

Today it can actually be challenging to find tobacco for your hookah.

In fact it probably requires you to go to a special smoke shop.

Do not fret because when you switch you will be able to pick up e-liquid everywhere.

Save Money

You will also find that you can save money with the hookah pen. In fact it can be very affordable compared to smoking a hookah because you are not going to go through $100 of e-liquid a week like you might tobacco.

No Yellowing Teeth

That’s right, you will not have to worry about your teeth yellowing like you might with your traditional hookah.

Easier Travel

Plus you never have to worry about how you are going to take your hookah along with you when you are traveling.

The e-hookah pen can even go on planes with you so there is no fear of having to go without for a work trip or vacation.

Enjoy Your E-Hookah Indoors

There are many establishments that allow you to use your e-hookah pen while indoors.

In fact many bars allow you to use these while you are enjoying a few drinks.

Easier Clean Up

The one thing that most hookah users will tell you that they do not like about smoking a hookah is the clean up.

Thankfully with the e-hookah pen there is no longer a need to clean up after you are done.

A Look at the Top 10 E-Hookah Pens for 2015

With the popularity of hookah pens on the rise you might decide that you would like to purchase one.

If you have no idea where to start, then it is a great idea to check out one of these fine hookah pens that you can be sure that you will enjoy.

Tsunami E-Hookah

Tsunami E-HookahThe Tsunami E-Hookah is one of the best known e-hookah pens available for 2015.

This e-hookah pen offers a nice range of flavors that are enjoyed by the users.

It is offered at a very affordable price but is known for having smaller vapor clouds than some of the others on this list.

NE-where E-Hookah Pen

NE-where E-Hookah PenThe NE-where E-Hookah pen offers a sleek design that is noted for being both elegant and modern.

It is very small and lightweight which makes it a nice choice for those who are on the go or looking for an e-hookah pen to keep with them all of the time.

They come to you at a reasonable price and have a battery that can be recharged making them something that you can use for quite a bit of time.

Plus they have a 1 year warranty and are known for having a great battery life.

Smooth E-Hookah Pen

Smooth E-Hookah PenThis e-hookah pen is unlike the others that you might have seen.

In fact it is quite alluring with its LED lights that will give you a show while you are enjoying your e-hookah pen.

This pen is also known for allowing you to vape without the fear of annoying dry hits or throat hits.

There are a wide range of colors available for this pen and it is one that you will be sure to enjoy.

There are even a wide range of nicotine flavors that you can try out with this pen.

Best of all is the fact that you can actually get 250 hits from the e-hookah pen which is not the same as what you would find with traditional e-cigs that are on the market today.

Plus you will love that this one is available to you at an affordable price.

Imperial Hookah

Imperial HookahThe Imperial Hookah pen is a disposable e-hookah pen that is available to you for a very affordable price.

It features a wide range of enjoyable flavors that are going to make any user happy.

Plus it offers you all of the joys that you would have had from smoking without being dangerous or harmful to your health.

FLYTLab Fuse

FLYTLab FuseThe FLYTLab Fuse is an e-hookah pen that is really going to blow you away. This pen can actually hold two cartridges at once which makes for an easy going and long lasting vaping experience for you.

This is actually a personal favorite of mine and definitely what I would pick first to go on the top 10 best e-hookah pens for 2015.

Plus you can get creative with this choice and actually fuse your own flavors of e-liquid by using two different flavors in the two cartridges.

Fantasia E-Hookah Pen

Fantasia E-Hookah PenThe Fantasia E-Hookah offers you the widest range of flavors and colors that are available with any e-hookah pens.

The brand has been a huge hit since it first hit the market with its delicious and clean flavor and easy to use style.

The other big selling point is that this pen offers you the ability to get 800 hits per pen which is an unheard of number.

Another great thing about the Fantasia E-Hookah is that it allows you to recharge the battery.

It is a suitable choice for anyone who wants to be able to puff continuously throughout the day.

Best of all the flavors are really tailored to the hookah smoker which makes them a great choice.

Hydro Herbal

Hydro HerbalThe Hydro Herbal line of e-hookah pens is another one of the more popular choices for 2015.

This hookah pen offers you a wide range of flavors with anything from banana to sweet rose to spearmint and everything in between.

There are no chances for irritations or allergies with these pens and they are completely safe to use indoors and out.

V-2 Cigs Mini Shisha Pens

V-2 Cigs Mini Shisha PensThe V-2 Cigs Mini Shisha Pen is a great starter kit for anyone looking for an e-hookah pen that is rechargeable and refillable.

This hookah pen can be used again and again and is going to be well loved by anyone who picks it up.

Best of all are the high quality V-2 e-liquids that have been some of my favorites since I first started vaping.

Starbuzz E-House

Starbuzz E-HouseThe Starbuzz E-House comes from the Starbuzz line which is the number one line for e-hookah pens. The company’s purpose was to be able to offer an e-hookah that would give you the same feeling that you would get from smoking a traditional hookah.

The E-House offers you the large vapor clouds that you are looking for when you smoke a hookah only with the alternative of no tobacco and no tar.

So you are getting the same experience without all of the harm and damage.

There are a wide range of colors and flavors that are available to you with this pen.

Neo Senses Shisha Pen

Neo Senses Shisha PenThe Neo Senses Shisha pen is one of the best e-hookah pens available that is disposable.

It comes to you at an amazingly affordable price and is going to allow you to have a great vaping experience.

It features a sleek and classy design that you are going to be proud to carry around.

Plus it is available at a great price point for you.

You will also love that it has such a long battery life for the price.

Final Thoughts

The top ten e-hookah pens for 2015 will offer you a great way to enjoy your hookah without having to take on the devastating effects that tar and tobacco put on your body.

These are a trend that you should definitely give a chance if you are a regular hookah smoker.

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