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TsunamiTsunami RDA Review is the first RDA from the GeekVape Company, which are known for bringing Griffin RTA and Avocado RTA to the world.

In a short time, they have built a solid reputation as a company that makes high-quality atomizers at affordable price.

When you receive the Tsunami RDA, a vapor is not limited only with the RDA itself; he or she also gets 3 additional drip tips, 4 screws and an adapter for a drip tip 510.

The TSUNAMI RDA is featured in our Best RDA’s page and is one of the top RDA’s of 2016.

TSUNAMI RDA | View Lowest Price

Quality of Assembly and Machining Parts

During the first examination of the drip a very good treatment immediately of nodes rushed into the eyes.

That conjures up the thoughts of good quality of the alloy from which it was made.

The dome fits tightly enough on the base, which reduces the likelihood of leakage. A wide drip tip enables filling through the neck.

Stocking density is provided with normally fitted bore dome and base with no backlash.

Moreover, Tsunami RDA is environmental-friendly.

In general, according to the first glance at the quality of assembly and components, this drip is worth its value.

The Build

Racks on a base of Tsunami RDA have the rectangular holes with rounded edges with dimensions of 3mm x 2.1mm, which enables easy installation of any “flat” builds.

By the way, “Griffin” has the same racks.

Due to the centered location of paired air filters at the base of each bath, the installation does not require the bias of coil to the edges of a base or any other fitting.

E-Liquid Process

Tsunami e liquid flows into the drip with a depth of 6mm.

It is worth considering that air filters are in the middle, so that liquid manure won’t get into them.

Therefore, make a filling on the sides of air filters.

On average, for a comfortable hover and to avoid leaks, it takes about 10 drops of E Juice and it is enough for 5-6 drafts.

Airflow and its Adjustment

The scheme of the holes in Tsunami RDA allows accelerating the flow of air while not weighing down the thrust.

An airflow adjustment is achieved by turning the dome with the groove to a desired level of traction.

Considering that there are three holes for blowing on the dome and two on the basis, it makes possible to use only one air filter by aligning one of the holes with a hole at the base.


This drip tip does not possess any design refinements of a body or some parts.

The logo is engraved on the Tsunami’s perimeter of the base, which is hidden under the dome.

For users who like choice, the producer created two versions of the Tsunami RDA – in black and SS colors.


  1. Very light traction
  2. Good transmission of taste
  3. Made of high-quality steel
  4. Comfortable racks, which simplify installation of coils
  5. The ability to use a single coil
  6. Quite roomy bath
  7. Three drip tips in a kit


  1. The ability to overflow of the liquid manure
  2. Minor defects were detected


Tsunami RDA has all the chances of becoming one of the best drips.

It has a delightful air transfer, as well as the amount of steam generated by it with a good build.

With the release of this device there is no reason to look for another one.

The quality of assembly and materials are at a high level, along with a complete set of three different drip tips.

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