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Tugboat RDA Review

The Tugboat RDA v2 from Flawless, features everything you’ve grown to love in version one with more added features that you’ll appreciate.

This rebuildable dripping atomizer has some awesome improvements that only add to its construction and ability to give you flavor and lots of puffy white clouds.

Flawless Vape Shop makes a variety of RDA’s along with a host of other vaping accessories and put out an outstanding product that is made right here in the United States.

What’s New? Tugboat RDA v2 Has Upgrades You’ll Love

Tugboat RDA (1)The authentic Tugboat RDA comes in four separate parts that go together seamlessly.

There is the well-designed deck, the top cap, drip tip, and sleeve.

It all fits together into an RDA that performs well under pressure to give you excellent vapor production and a flavor that is both clean and smooth tasting.

There are three styles to choose from: a polished stainless steel, brushed, or matte finish. Each one looks elegant and classy.

It has the same features of the Tugboat RDA v1 such as the copper center post.

You get the most conductivity possible and the deep juice well but now you also have a doubled air flow hole and adjustable air flow control that is located on the top of the cap.

You get more air holes which means more clouds and vapor production and can increase and alter your flavor with the adjustable air flow.

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Fewer Leaks Means More Sweet Vaping

The drip tip has insulation which gives it a good performance and most importantly, keeps it cooler.

You’ll find that the bore is very easy to drip because it’s nice and wide and even with included drip tips being less than impressive on average, this one is fairly nice.

Obviously, you may have some leaks if you turn it sideways but that is true with most RDAs and is easily fixed by simply keeping it upright.

You can also add more wick to keep the leakage down if you do start to experience any but you can easily add around 15 drops of E Juice without a leakage problem.

Since it comes with the drip tip that matches it, you can use that or use any standard drip tip instead.

The other great thing is that the drip tip doesn’t get hot so it may be your favorite after you use it.

The smaller chamber has a conical top cap that gives you a myriad of smooth vapor production and the Tugboat RDA also has something new as opposed to the last build – air flow control and a deeper juice well.

You’ll like that the air flow control is set high enough not to leak as with the last version and it will work well next to your coil build.

Some people like to use both of the two air holes on each side while some only use one and still get a good cloud production and excellent taste.

Threading and Build – Features You’ll Appreciate

The threading is the typical 510 connection and a normal three post design.

The center post is copper and the posts, if you love a lower resistance, you’ll love the larger holes on the post.

It also makes it easier to choose builds if you choose and some have mentioned quad builds as well.

What Comes in the Box for the Tugboat RDA

  1. (1)Tugboat Style RDA
  2. (1) Phillips Screwdriver
  3. (2) Pre-wired Wicks
  4. (2) O-rings
  5. (3) Screws
  6. Specifications of the Tugboat RDA
  7. 22mm outer diameter
  8. Stainless Steel Construction
  9. 3 post design
  10. Huge juice well
  11. 4 Piece design
  12. AFC is now enabled on V2
  13. Flush mounted cap
  14. Dual air flow holes on each side so most likely no air hole drilling required (Tugboat V2 Only)
  15. Adjustable Air flow Control is installed for the first time in V2
  16. Comes with 1 Matching Tugboat Drip Tip ($25 Value)
  17. Heat resistant drip tip with serial and Tugboat engraving
  18. Engraved with brand new Tugboat Logo and American Flag

Similar to the Tugboat RDA

There are a few rebuildable dripping atomizers that are similar to the Tugboat RDA.

If you’ve tried the Mutation X V2 Clone by Tobeco, the Vulcan RDA by Tobeco, the Monster Cloud V2, the Doge V2 RDA, or the Hobo V2 RDA, also by Tobeco, then these are close in build and performance.

Mods That Compliment the Tugboat RDA

Tugboat RDA (2)A few of the mods that you may enjoy with the Tugboat RDA are the Nemesis, the Dominus Fecit, and of course, the Tugboat Mod.

The Tugboat Mod has plenty of features itself such as a hybrid connection, Delrin insulators, battery ventilation, and a copper contact.

It takes an 18650 Battery and is a compact size of just 22mm wide and 88.5mm long.

The Nemesis Mod actually has an 18350 battery tube but can be extended for an 18500 or 18650 battery with the extension tube – you get three that comes with the mod.

It has an adjustable air flow with the top cap ring and a copper contact so you get the optimum conductivity.

The Dominus Fecit mod houses the 18650 battery, has five air holes on the top cap, copper contact pins, and a spring loaded negative pin.

It also features a side mounted magnetic firing switch with an anti-clockwise threaded locking ring.

Safety Features of the Tugboata RDA

The Tugboat features a heat resistant drip tip but like all rebuildable dripping atomizers, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to stay safe:

You should only use a rebuildable atomizer if you are an experienced vaper. Rebuildables aren’t very newbie friendly.

Always test out the coils and wick first before you use the atomizer.

Make sure your build (wicks and coils) is done correctly so that you do not destroy your device.

Where’s the Best Deal on this RDA?

Can I get the best deal here on my new Tugboat RDA?

Tugboat RDA V2 | | Only $72.95

Choose the color you want – high polished, media blasted, brushed or the cali edition. If you’re on a budget or not sure if you want to make that investment quite yet.

It’s a relatively affordable authentic RDA, expecially compared to all the $100+ RDAs out there. I highly suggest you give the atomizer a try!

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Final Thoughts About the Tugboat RDA: We Love This RDA

Tugboat RDA (3)For this Tugboat RDA review, we feel that you’ll really like this rebuildable dripping atomizer for a few reasons.

The build is sturdy and classy looking, you have the new adjustable air flow, the larger juice well, you have a really formidable RDA that will give you the clean vapes you want, all with an amazing cloud production.

Most all of the reviews are positive for this device the only exception was that some felt that the logos were too much since they are pretty much all over the device.

However, this is an aesthetics issue and has nothing to do with the performance of the device, which seems to be quite exceptional.

It may be important to note that the logo is different from the first version. Instead of the American Flag, this version has the Tugboat logo

Again though, this is an aesthetics issue but some people like to have a nice presentation along with their investment. Then again, this isn’t by any means a deal breaker.

Tugboat RDA V2 From VaporDNA! | Only

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