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Turbo v2 RDA Review

The original Turbo RDA literally made noise with its introduction to the industry a few months ago. It became popular for the whizzing sound its internal turbine could generate under the wrong conditions (or the right conditions, depending on the type of person you are) as the high level of performance it delivered for those whimsical enough to add it to their collection.

The newest version of this propeller powered RDA is the Turbo v2, and while it has toned down the whistling, the folks at Tobeco still hopes it can get plenty of buzz. The Turbo v2 has a number of upgrades compared with its predecessor. These include an adjustable airflow system and a new, deeper juice well. The vaping community as a whole couldn’t decide quite what to make of the original Turbo, and today’s Turbo v2 RDA review is aimed at finding out just what type of instrument this RDA is.

Turbo v2 RDA Specs

  • PC Grade Plastic Turbine Wheel
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Deep 4mm Juice Well
  • New Square Post Prevents Spinning
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Milled Negative Posts
  • Available in 5 colors (Silver, Black, White, Green, Blue)
  • Interchangeable Turbine
  • Glass tip and Delrin Tips Included
  • Splash Proof Mesh Net

What’s New- Turbo v2 RDA

The internal fan of the first Turbo was its star feature, and so it’s only fitting that it was the focus of upgrades in version 2. Where the original turbo had a fan that was fixed in place, the Turbo V2 is equipped with a smaller, replaceable fan. It also features an upgraded building deck with a square center post for added stability and negative posts milled directly to the deck.

Compatible Mods- Turbo v2 RDA

iTaste MVP 3.0

The iTaste line from Innokin is one of the most popular vapes on the market, and a perfect choice for pairing with the Turbo RDA. This pocket sized box mod packs big power, with a 50w maximum output and the long-lasting battery that has made the MVP line legendary in the vaping community. As an added bonus, you can even share this generous battery life with your other devices using the MVP’s mobile power source mode. We took a longer look at the MVP 3.0 here on BC, so check it out to learn more about this versatile vape.

Sigelei 150w Mod

Perhaps you’re a pure cloud chaser and raw juice is more your aim. In that case, the Sigelei 150w box mod is a great choice. Its slick, polished looks belie the monster power it wields, as this mod features adjustable wattage all the way up to the advertised level for huge, room filling clouds. Check out our full review of the Sigelei 150w Mod here on BC to find out more about its’ big time power.


Performance on the Turbo v2 is great, with the unit delivering nice flavor at most wattage settings. We tried the Turbo v2 with a few different mods around the office, and the results were consistent every time: big, flavorful clouds. The turbine definitely works to add air to the vapor, increasing the volume to impressive levels, and has the pleasant side effect of cooling the vapor as well for a nice smooth draw every time.

Another feature we liked was the internal mesh net, and the Turbo v2 experiences none of the juice spitting issues some RDAs can have. The deeper juice well was another welcome upgrade. Oh, and since we know we’ll get killed for it in the comments if we fail to mention it, indeed you can still make that distinctive sound with a firm draw while the airflow is wide open. Of course, that’s not what the turbine is for, we’re just interested in full disclosure here.

Build Quality

The upgrades to the Turbo v2 from the previous versions are apparent at a glance. Its paint job is very vibrant, particularly in the Tiffany blue model we tested, and machining on the unit is clean with all logos and other etchings executed perfectly. Both the glass and delrin drip tips for the Turbo v2 seem to be well-made. Though the o-rings near the base could be stronger to better secure the top cap.

As for the turbine of the unit, making it removable was a great choice, as it’s never good to have the entire function of a device be dependent on the indefinite good function of such an obvious point of failure. We’ll count the ability to silence the infamous noise on this edition of the Turbo as a good thing, since it was likely a deal-breaker for vaping enthusiasts who prefer to be less consistently audible.


The Turbo v2 RDA features standard 510 threading for compatibility with the majority of common mod types.


We Would Have Liked to See…

When you’re talking about a piece of equipment as polarizing as a noise making nicotine blaster can be, there’s only so much that can stand as an objective complaint. That said, we feel the Turbo v2 can feel a bit tight for those who really like to rip on their juice, and word is that the original Turbo was a bit better in that department. Never good to downgrade with a new model, so the Turbo v2 does lose a few points here.


Overall, the Turbo v2 is more than just a compelling little gimmick and a flavorful way to drive small animals berserk. It’s also a quality RDA that exhibits good performance, a true upgrade from the fun but flawed original Turbo RDA.

Where version 1 of the Turbo RDA represented good innovation and outside-the-box thinking by introducing turbines to the RDA world, the new model shows off better implementation and a more thoughtfully designed piece of equipment. A couple of minor quirks mean it’s not the perfect choice for everybody, but most people who decide to add it to their collection should find plenty to like about their new RDA. If you were ever interested in the first Turbo RDA, version 2 is built for you.

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