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Uwell Crown Tank Review | Vape Tank

Shenzhen Uwell Technology Company was founded sometime between New Year’s and Memorial Day. That short history hasn’t stopped them from taking direct aim at the top class of tanks on the market with its Crown Sub-ohm Tank.

The Uwell Crown tank is the debut offering from the up and coming vapesmiths featuring a top-filling profile that makes it great and easy to use.

Compatible with a relatively wide range of single and dual coils, the Uwell Crown Tank is designed for use with a variety of rigs, and although it’s not widely available in brick and mortar stores yet, our deals page could possibly show you where to get one for the best price…but first, our review of the Uwell Crown Tank is tasked with finding out if it’s worth the investment at any price.


  • Stainless Steel and Quartz Glass Construction
  • Dimensions: 73.6mm (L) x 24mm (D)
  • 510 Threading
  • Available Coil Resistance Levels- Single Coil: 0.5/1.2ohm (30-80w), Dual Coil: 0.25/0.5ohm (80-120w)
  • 4mL Capacity
  • Weight: 86.5g

What’s New- Uwell Crown Tank

The Uwell Crown Tank joins the Aspire Triton and UD Zephyrus as the first modern top-filling tanks to arrive on these shores.

This top-fill profile is specially designed to eliminate leakage, and the 4mL capacity is an upgrade over the 3.5mL offered by the Aspire Triton.

Compatible Mods

Smok xCube II

The Smok xCube II is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding mods we’ve ever tested, and we feel pretty comfortable nominating it for any pairing, including with the Uwell Crown Tank.

The xCube has all the latest safety features as well as a top-mounted over-sized OLED screen, but you don’t care about that.

No, it’s all about the integrated smartphone app, which allows advanced control of everything from wattage level to settings profiles to the color of the eye-catching LED strip that outlines the unique firing bar that stands in place of the traditional trigger.

If you’d like to hear us heap more lavish praise on the xCube II, our review of the mod goes on like that for 1500 words or so…it’s all true though.  

IPV3 Li 165w

The IPV3 Li 165w is the final form of the original Pioneer4you IPV3 mod, bringing 165 watts of power and an advanced internal microchip to its pocket-sized form factor.

This optimized version of the IPV3 isn’t without its own cool trick, as the unit includes a touch sensor firing button as well as a physical button.

We had a hands-on look at the IPV3 Li 165w here at BC, so if you’re the touchy type, click on to our review of this mod to find out more.


Sometimes you get a product from an emerging manufacturer and have your expectations that the bugs might not quite be worked out of the functional phase.

We were fully prepared to treat the Uwell Crown Tank with kid gloves, expressing its shortcomings as gently as possible while firmly reminding our loyal readers that there’s always a next time for a new company and that they should wait for it.

That turned out not to be necessary with the Uwell Crown Tank.

Although this tank is definitely meant for mods with more muscle, the design of the unit means smooth operation at a variety of power levels, from cool, mellow vapor at 30w to massive clouds of dense flavor up around 80 watts with the 0.5ohm dual coil build we tested.

A 0.25 ohm build really let us open it up and we were able to take it all the way to the specified limit of 120w with potent flavor and plumes of vapor. Yes, plumes.

Build Quality

Build quality on the Uwell Crown Tank is equally impressive, with a good level of polish at the exterior as well as the impeccable machining it takes to provide simple disassembly.

Many among us know the frustration of wrestling with stuck tank parts (and often losing via disqualification), so it’s great to be able to easily take the unit apart for cleaning and maintenance.

Of course, the most exciting removable part is the top-filling mechanism, and we’re happy to report that it works very well. Access is easy, leakage is practically nonexistent, and filling from the top is an objectively superior experience.

We feel good about this one sticking the way bottom coils did. Another positive in the build quality column regards the drip tip, which has a wide bore and a secure fit.

The Crown also features full food-grade stainless steel coils, which is a premium touch that lends to its huge cloud making potential. Oh, and the retail bundle also includes 3 coils as opposed to the standard 2 (or sometimes just 1), so it’s a pretty decent value for parts too.

The Uwell Crown Tank is a well-built piece overall, representing an excellent first effort from the Chinese manufacturer.


Standard 510 threading is the order of the day with the Uwell Crown Tank. Along with the mods we’ve spotlighted earlier, the Crown should rest easily at the top of any suitable mod.

Compare With

Aspire Triton

The Aspire Triton is another option available for those seeking a top-filling tank, and there are certainly worse.

The most visible improvement for the Triton over its ancestors in the Atlantis line are its dual points of airflow control at the top and base of the unit, as well as a heat dissipation system that tames even the hottest mod.

For more on the Aspire Triton, check out our full review here on BC.

Kanger Subtank

The Kanger Subtank arguably started it all in the mainstream sub-ohm game, and so any new contenders automatically take aim at the lineage by mere virtue of their production.

The original Kanger Subtank remains a standard in sub-ohm vaping, featuring a precision airflow control system as well as an optional RDA building deck to accommodate custom builds.

We were one of the first to take an in-depth view of the Kanger Subtank, and we keep it around for your edification and reading pleasure.

We Would Have Liked to See…

While the Uwell Crown Tank is almost perfect as a tank, some might detract points for lack of versatility based on the fact that it lacks the RBA mode present in many other top-end tanks.

It’s also virtually nonexistent in vape stores for now, but availability is sure to improve as distribution of this standout tank inevitably rises.


The Uwell Crown might be the best debut we’ve ever seen in the vaping industry for the simple fact that manufacturers rarely, if ever, nail it this accurately with an established product their first foray into the arena.

The Crown is close to ideal as a tank, delivering easy refilling, peerless vapor density and quality while allowing use with a variety of coils.

If you’re looking for a hybrid tank, this ain’t it, but for devotees to fill-and-go vaping, the Uwell Crown is a true game-changer.

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