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V2 Vendor Review | Vape Vendor Review

Have you heard about the V2 Vaping Company? Do you know that it has received much appreciation in the last five years?

V2 Vaping has made an impact in the electronic cigarettes world for its unique flavor and accessibility. The brand is more popular in the USA.

Many of its users have given positive reviews about this product and usability. If you have a little idea about the V2 Vaping and the product then go through the following V2 vendor review.

In this review, you will come to know why this vaping has gathered worldwide appreciation and what the merits and demerits are.

Why should you buy V2 Vaping?

There are many features of this V2 that can insist you to prefer this brand over others.

First of all, you will get two battery options, manual and automatic and you will also be able to choose your preferred color that you might not find in many other brands.

They also have three different sizes of the batteries.

It might sound you surprising and a bit complicated. But you can choose the size and capacity depending on your requirements.

If you are a beginner and do not know what is the difference between the automatic and manual batteries consider the following tips.

For the manual battery, you need to press the button on the side to use the battery. Once you press the button, it will start to heat the e juice.

All that you need to do to take the drag and release the button. In the automatic battery, you will not see any button on the side.

It will be activated automatically after you take a drag. You can buy both of them or choose any of them depending on your requirements. The battery comes with a clean look and a small size.

You will also get a portable charging case (PCC). You can get the PCC in the Travel and Ultimate starter kits, and Standard Plus.

They are very important as they can charge the electronic cigarette battery instantly without the support of power.

You can charge them anywhere you want without a power connection. You can also purchase the PCC separately.

These batteries come with a good quality finish and anyone will be impressed both with its simplicity and quality work.


When it comes to the flavor, you will get a wide collection. Cola flavored cartridges are more popular among all these flavors.

You can get cherry carts, red carts, and the mixed flavor. In the mixed flavor, you will get coffee, vanilla, cola, peppermint, cherry, chocolate, and menthol.

You can also get three tobacco flavors Congress, Sahara, and V2 Red. All of them have 12mg strength.

Tobacco flavors give the nice taste, great vapor value, and subtle throat hit. All of the flavors are appreciated by the users.

You just need to choose the one that suits your taste more.

You will get a wide collection. Hence, you will not find any difficulty to choose your preferred one.

Another benefit is that you can also take blank cartridges and can purchase the e liquid separately.

It will be cheaper and you can also enjoy the taste of different flavors.

All the flavors and vapor volume of V2 vaping is good and you will definitely like the flavors of the menthol, V2 Red, and Cherry.

Starter Kits

The starter kits come in a variety of price ranges and utilities.

You can buy any of V2 economy kit, V2 couples kit, V2 standard kit, and V2 ultimate kit.

Research more about these kits to know which one suits you more.


• It comes with 14 days ��No Quibble’ money back guarantee offer.

• 30 days return policy for the defective product.

• Great flavors and volume, nothing artificial.

• Discount code offers ten percent off on any product.

• Two types of the batteries with an easy charging option.

• It has gone through a rigorous safety testing.


• Limited flavor option in comparison to other brands.

• The shipping process is not that convenient.

V2 vaping has got the appreciation for the battery, flavors, and volumes of the e liquids.

If you want to enhance your smoking experience then buy any of these flavors and enjoy the vaping.

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